Aid for South Africa

Certain areas of South Africa are in anarchy and citizens are under strict stay at home lockdown and many are threatening to be shot by both government and the anarchists, if they leave their homes. People can’t go out and buy food or any other provisions. Zuma the former president who was very corrupt and stole from everyone while in office was put into jail and that ignited the demonstrations and its escalating. The crisis in South Africa is very severe, even if people could manage to get to a store, there no food or provisions on the shelves.

Currently an effort is being put together to assist South African citizens to get them food and supplies. They are putting together a plan that is mobilizing private planes, private pilots, trucks, businesses, ministries, and people in a matter of hours. They have secured 18,000 meals that are in the process of being delivered and they would likely increase that amount as much as possible.
This literally is happening now as we speak, and we can be a part of it in both in prayer and donations. I have forwarded this information to Rick, both by text and email and he can put it on the sight tomorrow. The donation can be made to the Boulder Foundation and it will be the first option listed as Emergency Relief for South Africa link on their website.

Boulder Foundation:

South Africa Deploys Army to Contain Unrest Over Former President’s Arrest (7.12.21) WSJ

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