Africa Crisis Update

In less than a week the South African Food & Supplies Outreach has collected so much food it could fill up half the stadium that has been offered as storage space for distribution.  The volunteer distribution staff has had to quadruple and they currently have enough food to feed a million people. Below is a testimony I was sent by one those who live in SA and is administering this effort by Boulder Foundation: 

Anyone Who Wants to be Part of the Most Awesome Time Ever

The last 18 months in worldly terms was terrible but I want to tell you of the Greatness of our God.  Yes these reports are true but why do some trusting with fullness in God experience this totally different.

We have a property in the Heart of Durban (we call it God’s flowerbed in the heart of Durban City) where we support a pastor and his family from DRC for the past 8 years. We know God has a plan for Durban City and not a week goes past that we don’t pray for that city and Oscar (The Pastor). When this unrest started I called Oscar not concerned but with a heart how can we help.  Obviously with a bottle store and a supermarket TENANTS in the building we should have been looted and part of this destruction story. BUT God protected us and not only protected us but enabled us as group to use this building as a distribution place for food to these poor people.

A week ago on a prayer call we prayed for three of the group’s friends we knew in this area. We did not get into this due to despair and hopelessness but because God gave the body a means to THE SOLUTION in every place where the physical human nature says different. Within less than a day God made it possible to fly in food to help. This small act of help was the beginning of many testimonies that is still unfolding.

Yesterday after ness than a week I received a cash Offer for my Small farm less that 10 km from one of the major areas of destruction in Johannesburg. The world says no, no, no GOD says this my child is another opportunity to proof my love to people, and another opportunity for ME  to love people. What the world deemed as disruptive, destructive and harmful God ordained to be another opportunity.
Be encouraged Family

Please continue to pray for this effort
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