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Latest Election Update 12-16-2020

Evidence, sworn testimony and concrete proof of US election compromise, manipulation, corruption and massive fraud continue to mount,  and Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube continue to censor information that disputes their desired narratives. Alternative news platforms that respect freedom of speech are: News: (Epoch Times, The Blaze, NewsMax, OAN) YouTube & Streaming: (BitChute: , Rumble , d.Tube ) FaceBook: Parlor

On Dec 14th, Electors across the nation cast their electoral votes, but 7 states (Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada and Arizona) cast two sets of electoral votes, one for Biden and one for Trump.  This means that the election is still not over and is still in contention.  Fraud Investigations and testimonies continue in state legislatures, court cases are being decided, forensic audits are being performed on a daily basis, and more fraud continues to be revealed.   MI, Judge Kevin Elsenheimer also released the forensic audit results from Antrim, MI to the public, which reveal unexplained discrepancies in the Dominion system.  These findings will likely influence other states to perform their own forensic audits. On Dec 14th, Attorney General Barr also announced that he is stepping down as AG, he more likely was fired by Trump for his lack of performance over the last year; this should have happened 9 months ago.

In addition to Dominion Voting machine voting data being placed on the internet and data being sent to foreign nations, many other forms of fraud and voter manipulation have been alleged in affidavits and sworn testimony.  Hundreds of certified poll watchers and election workers were denied the ability to observe the ballots being counted and have testified that many irregular and illegal actions were committed.

While full and partial audits and recounts have already proved enough illegal votes were counted in violation of state laws to overturn election results in states such as Nevada where one audit (testified to by Jesse Binnall in Wednesday’s US Senate hearing) showed over 42,000 people voted more than once, over 15,000 dead people voted, over 19,000 people voted who did not live in the state (not including students or military members) over 8,000 votes came from voters with non-existent addresses, over 15,000 votes were cast from vacant or commercial addresses, nearly 4,000 non-citizens voted.  Over 130,000 fraudulent votes were found and verified; Biden (allegedly) won Nevada by 33,596 votes.  Simply recounting votes does not address the issues at hand, as they would simply be recounting the same fraudulent/illegal ballots again, without an audit of the mail-in envelopes, voter information and signatures.  Thus, the only real answer for any state in which the results are in contention is a full forensic audit or revote, not a recount.

Many cases have been dismissed primarily based on the party bringing the suit not having “standing”.  In order to bring a suit the party bringing the suit must prove they directly suffered damage, indirect damage is not enough, this has nothing to do with the evidence or merits of the case, and in fact in most cases the evidence was not even reviewed.

Here are the remaining official dates that have bearing on the election:

  • Jan 5: Congress votes on approval of the electoral votes cast
  • Jan 15: If no decision has been made, the election is decided in the U.S. legislature with each state legislature casting one vote per state
  • Jan 21: The President is inaugurated

Where Do Things Stand?

  • Recounts, revotes, forensic audits, state legislative investigations & hearings are still occurring
  • Multiple suits remain in multiple states have been filed by multiple parties, but the court process has to run its course in each state before decisions can be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • If no decision is reached by Jan 15 and the vote goes to the U.S. Legislature, each state legislature gets one vote; Republican’s control 30 state legislatures and Democrats control 20, making this outcome a likely victory for Trump.
  • If Dominion voting machines are found to have been tampered with, hacked, voting data went over the internet or exposed to foreign influence, this could not only void the election in the contested states and/or voting districts, but could potentially void the entire election.


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