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What’s Next

Things are about to radically change in the state of MI and we need to think through, pray through, strategize and be ready for the changes that are coming. We need to clearly understand where we are, shift our focus and change what we were doing before to deal with the conditions we now live in.

Q-3 Economic & Political Update

At the end of September, I was sitting in a hotel breakfast room at 6:00 AM watching the Bloomberg channel.  The focus was on the current conditions of the US economy and markets and their analysis of those numbers – numbers are the one thing that they are forced to report accurately.  The analysis was completely negative with an outlook for worsening conditions. The US economy and markets are about to topple over that looming economic cliff, while many other nations have already begun their descent… but the mainstream US media is not reporting on it.  The tangible ramifications of these numbers and conditions on people’s lives is completely absent and disconnected from the media’s analysis.  The elite parties who are largely driving markets and economic activity do not want the world to know that their agendas, packaged as the friendly and just social and economic movements that will save the world, are actually causing this destruction and over-burdening struggling families by causing the cost of food, utilities, and other necessities to inflate. The world’s experts and analysis are lacking, because they lack spiritual understanding and discernment, and are guided by the information (or misinformation) fed to them by controlling interests, thus they can provide no answers or guidance.  So, financial planners and brokers simply repeat the mantra: “Don’t do anything, markets go up and down and if you just ride it out, you’ll be fine.”

In the 2008 crisis, the average person lost 57.5% of market invested funds, and it took most about seven years to get back to where they were.  Why would anyone choose that course?   All signs and sources are telling us that world economies and markets are not doing well and are expected to worsen.  Both sides of the continuum, Goldman Sachs, Chase Bank, Bloomberg and the WSJ, as well as Glenn Beck, the Epoch Times and other conservative and liberal economists are predicting a severe down turn on the horizon.  If you haven’t made a move based on what you believe is going to happen, you may want to act soon, as the markets are already down over 20% since January.

The Epoch Times reported: “In a dialogue kicking off the first in-person meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) since the pandemic, the chiefs of the two institutions warned of a series of compounding crises threatening livelihoods, including persistent inflation and a growing risk of a global recession.” 

Inflation in the US is at a four-decade high, mortgage rates are now over 7%, and home sales are tanking along with the financial markets.  The US and other world economies are being destroyed by irrational climate agendas and regulation, forced electric car buying, closed pipelines, banned oil drilling, and refusal to utilize environmentally clean, safe and cost-effective nuclear power.  Diesel fuel reserves are at the lowest point they have been in 71 years. Europe is already experiencing utility shortages and sky-rocketing prices, and the outlook for the rest of the world is not good; you may want to ensure you have some extra provisions on hand in the days ahead.

The Federal government’s mismanagement is glaring for everyone to see and is reflecting in the polls as we approach mid-term elections.   There are some states, however, like Florida and Texas that are bucking downward economic trends, while others like California and New York seem to be driving their economies off the proverbial cliff faster than the Federal government.  In fact, there is a striking difference between most red states and blue states in both current and future economic outlooks.  CA and NY have been the greatest exit states by individual and businesses for the last four years, as people flow into more economically friendly and stable states like TX.

Goldman, BofA See Worst Year Since 2008 For European Equities (10.24.22)–bofa-see-worst-year-since-2008-for-european-equities-70265.html

Fuel Company Issues Diesel Shortage Warning Says US Rapidly Devolving (10.30.22)

With Diesel Reserves At 71-Year Low, Lincoln Trucking Company is at Wit’s End (11.1.22)

US Has Only 25 Days of Diesel Supply; Shortage Could Cripple Economy (10.22.22)

Diesel Market to Stay Tight Into Winter Says Chevron Chairman (10.29.22)

Tucker Carlson the US is About to Run Out of Diesel Fuel (10.28.22)

IMF, World Bank Chiefs Issue Dire Warnings on Recession, Inflation (10.10.22)

Inflation Sits at 8.2% as Core Prices Hit Four-Decade High (1013.22) WSJ

Mortgage Rates Near an Astonishing 7% (9.28.22)

Fed Raises Interest Rates by 0.75 Percentage Point for Third Straight Meeting (9.21.22) WSJ

US Home Sales Tanking: Industry Leaders Weigh in on What’s Next (10.9.22)

Home Values Plunge in Some U.S. Cities as Mortgage Rates Rise (9.21.22)

Existing Home Sales Fall To A 10-Year Low In September, As Mortgage Rates Soar (10.20.22) CNBC

Dems’ Climate Bill Overrules Supreme Court, Expands EPA’s Control Over Energy Industry (8.24.22)

Red States Are Building a Nation Within a Nation (7.26.22)

Florida Has Recovered Over 960,000 of 1.3 Million Jobs Lost in Pandemic (8.25.21)

Florida’s Unemployment Rate Drops to Historic Low of 2.7% (8.22.22)

California Governor Signs ‘Most Aggressive’ Package of Green Laws (9.17.22)

Why Leaving California Is Rapidly Growing in Popularity (9.17.22)

California State Water Board Tells Ranchers to Stop Taking Water For Agriculture (8.24.22)

California Will Ban Sales of New Gas-Powered Cars by 2035 (8.24.22)


In September, the Epoch Times wrote: “The Bank of England (BOE) was forced to enact, de facto, a bailout of the pension funds of the United Kingdom.  On Sept. 28, around noon, the Bank of England stepped (back) into the gilt markets and started buying government bonds with longer maturities to stop the collapse in their value, which could have caused the financial system to become unhinged. Pension funds were faced with major margin calls, which threatened to cause a rapidly cascading run on their liabilities, as trust in their liquidity and solvency would have become questioned by a widening circle of investors and customers. In October, CNBC reported, “The Bank of England on Tuesday announced an expansion of its emergency bond-buying operation as it looks to restore order to the country’s chaotic bond market.  The central bank said it will widen its purchases of U.K. government bonds…  The move marks the second expansion of the Bank’s extraordinary rescue package in as many days, after it increased the limit for its daily gilt purchases on Monday ahead of the planned end of the purchase scheme on Friday.”

Central banks across the board have been intervening in the economies of their nations in an attempt to keep things afloat.  Unfortunately, most are coming up short, because they have printed too much money and taken on too much debt, and their currencies, along with national economies, are in a downward spiral.  Argentina’s central bank raised its interest rate to 75% in an attempt to curb its inflation which is nearing 100%.  Large international banks, the EU’s Deutche Bank, and China’s Evergrande Bank are teetering on insolvencies.  The UN demanded that central banks switch to price controls, which have never worked in any country that has enacted them.  IMF officials think governments should all have a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) to control what people spend their money on.  However, Central Banks, knowing what happens next in these conditions, are buying billions of pounds of gold and manipulating gold prices.  

The UN Demands All Central Banks Stop Rate Hikes And Switch To Price Controls Instead (10.5.22)

Central Bank Digital Currencies Would Let Governments Control What People Spend Money On Says IMF Official (10.1.22)

Central Bankers Are Secretly Hoarding Billions of Pounds of Gold; Bankers Caught Manipulating Price (9.15.22) Facts Matter

Bank of England intervenes in bond markets again, warns of ‘material risk’ to UK financial stability (10.11.22)

A Banking Crisis Looms (10.4.22)

Argentina to Hike Interest Rates to 75% as Inflation Nears 100% (9.15.22)

Reserve Bank of Australia Goes Bust After Losing A$44.9 Billion – Now It Has No Choice But to Print More Money

India’s Central Bank Calls Aggressive Monetary Policy a Shock to Global Economy (9.30.22)

Moody’s Drops China Evergrande Rating on Lack of Information (10.11.22)

China Evergrande’s Debt-Crisis Fallout: Losses, Layoffs and More Defaults(10.13.22) WSJ


ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) is a system used by authoritarian governments, multinational corporations, and global elites attempting to control the behaviors of their citizens, by rewarding or penalizing them for their actions.  China has fully integrated the ESG system and the people that follow their rules go to the best schools, get the best jobs, live in the nicest places, get the best vacations, etc.  Those who don’t follow the rules, don’t get home loans, can’t go to better schools, get better jobs, or have the same privileges and freedoms as compliant citizens for as long as they resist.  The UN, WEF, Facebook, Google, Bill Gates, George Soros, and unfortunately some US banks, insurance companies, financial institutions, and other large US companies are incorporating factors like climate change, vaccination, religious affiliation, race, and sexual preference, into their decision making.  This goes against the US Constitution and the freedom and equality America and many other nations desire to stand for. 

Lifesite News reported: “The Federal Reserve has taken a major step in the direction of facilitating an ESG compliant monetary network that effectively acts as a parallel system to that of the Chinese Communist Party’s infamous social credit scoring system.  The Fed said in a statement Thursday: Six of the nation’s largest banks will participate in a pilot climate scenario analysis exercise designed to enhance the ability of supervisors and firms to measure and manage climate-related financial risks. Scenario analysis—in which the resilience of financial institutions is assessed under different hypothetical climate scenarios—is an emerging tool to assess climate-related financial risks, and there will be no capital or supervisory implications from the pilot.  In other words, The Fed is working with the big banks to monitor their ability to comply with the ruling class’s preferred enviro statist technocratic tyranny.” 

The push for ESG scoring is starting to lose ground as individuals and states push back.  Attorney generals from 19 states have launched an investigation of major financial institutions and their attempt to implement the UN sponsored Net-Zero Alliance.  Many states have divested their state pensions out of Black Rock, the largest financial institution and pension provider in the world.  This has caused WEF founding member Black Rock to lose massive amounts of capital, to be downgraded by USB, and to begin to backtrack on its socio-economic globalist agenda.

Corporate America Is Learning The Hard Way – Go Woke, Go Broke (10.13.22)

 BlackRock Downgraded by UBS Over Growing ESG Investing Risks (10.16.22)

BlackRock Profit Falls 16% (10.13.22) WSJ

Federal Reserve Announces Social Credit System Exercise To Ensure Banks Comply With Climate Models (10.3.22)

Federal Reserve Announcement 6 Large Banks Will Participate in Pilot Climate Scenario or Social Credit System (10.10.22)

19 States to Investigate Banks for ESG-Style Commitment to UN Alliance (10.19.22)

Musk Suggests Twitter Board Lied to Court; BlackRock’s ESG Agenda Begins to Crumble (11.1.22)

Insurers Flex Muscles Ahead of COP27 by Refusing to Finance Oil & Gas (10.27.22)

South Carolina to Divest $200 Million From Blackrock Over ‘Leftist World View’ (10.10.22)

Missouri Divests $500 Million From Blackrock In Latest Red-State ESG Pushback (10.18.22)

BlackRock, European Firms Face Texas Pension Ban Over Energy Policies (8.24.22) CNN

Exposing BlackRock’s ESG Hypocrisy This investment is Way riskier than fossil fuels (8.25.22)

The ESG Investing Backlash Arrives (8.15.22) WSJ

High ESG Scores Foreshadow Economic Decline (8.20.22)

States Warn BlackRock to Stop Pushing Political Agenda (8.17.22)


Epoch Times wrote: “The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said that central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) could potentially allow a government to control what people spend their hard-earned cash on. Speaking at the IMF-World Bank annual meeting on Oct. 15, Deputy Managing Director Bo Li said that a CBDC could improve “financial inclusion” through programmability.  “A CBDC can allow government agencies and private sector players to program, to create smart contracts, to allow targeted policy functions,” Li explained. “For example, welfare payments, for example, consumption coupons, for example, food stamps.”  “By programming CBDC, that money can be precisely targeted for what kind of people can own [CBDC] and for what kind of use this money can be utilized, for example for food.” In another quote by the Epoch Times, “Francis Hunt is a chartered market analyst with over 30 years of successful trading experience. He is an expert on global markets.  Hunt sees major trouble ahead as inflation destroys the value of government bonds. He says we’re already seeing this play out in Britain and Japan, and that it’s only a matter of time before it reaches the United States.  He predicts governments will react by introducing central bank digital currencies (CBDC). The International Monetary Fund recently confirmed CBDCs could be used to control exactly what people spend their money on.”

The US and the world are moving rapidly toward the establishment of national digital currencies.  In mid-September, the White House and Federal Reserve issued a regulatory structure for a US Digital dollar, and many other nations have issued similar statements and plans.  It is no coincidence that these regulatory frameworks have been put in place at this time, or that the IMF, World Bank, White House, Federal Reserve, and ECB are all actively moving toward CBDCs.  The question is not if, but when the US, and the world, will go fully digital.  Recognizing the possibility of a US CBDC, the current administration has developed policy objectives for such a  currency. At the end of March, EO 14067 was issued, instructing the Federal Reserve and US Treasury Department to research and report back on the pros & cons of going digital, and what would be required to make this transition.  In July, Chairman Powell reported back to the House and Senate that, in order for the US dollar to retain its supremacy, it would need to go digital.  On Sept 16, 2022, the White House released, “Framework for a Responsible Development of Digital Assets,” to guide this transition.  With this framework in place, the transition can be initiated anytime in the near future.  (For more information please refer to my Rumble presentations):

Digital Currency Basics (2021)

US Moving Toward Digital Currency (11.1.22)

Central Bank Digital Currencies Would Let Governments Control What People Spend Money On Says IMF Official (10.1.22)

 Inflation Crisis Clears Way for Central Bank Digital Currency (10.21.22)

White House Releases First-Ever Plan For Regulating Crypto (9.18.22) The Blaze

White House Releases First-Ever Comprehensive Framework for Responsible Development of Digital Assets (9.16.22)


The Epoch Times Reported: “America’s recessionary drums beat louder in August as a key economic gauge from the Conference Board dropped for the sixth month in a row, with a “major driver” being the Fed’s aggressive rate hikes.  The Leading Economic Index (LEI) for the United States, which is a forward-looking gauge made up of 10 individual indicators, fell by 0.3 percent in August, the Conference Board said on Sept. 22. The latest reading brings the total six-month drop to 2.7 percent in the LEI measure, which is designed to predict business cycle shifts including recessions.  “The US LEI declined for a sixth consecutive month potentially signaling a recession.” Just The News wrote, The key metric fell 329.60 points on Monday, marking a 1.11% decline, placing the index in bear market territory, per MarketWatch.  A bear market is traditionally defined as a 20% decline from a recent high.  On Friday, the Dow Jones plunged below 30,000, effectively erasing all of the stock market’s gains since President Joe Biden took office.  The S&P 500 also reached a low point for the year 2022, dropping 1.03% to 3,655.04, while the third major index, the Nasdaq Composite, dropped 0.6% to 10,802.92.  A major index officially plunging into a bear market adds pressure on the Biden administration, which has sought to redefine the formal definition of an economic recession following consecutive quarters of economic decline, the traditional benchmark.

Recession Signals Intensify as Key Economic Gauge Drops for 6th Straight Month (9.26.22)

US Debt Tops $31 Trillion for First Time Ever on Biden Admin Spending Spree (10.5.22)

Digital Dollars & 3 More Terrifying Economic Changes Happening Right Now (9.19.22)

Dow Officially Enters Bear Market (9.26.22)


The US economy is faltering with markets down over 20% and global economies and markets suffering even greater downward trajectories. Europe is, and will be, experiencing serious fuel shortages and price increases, crippling their factories and burdening citizens who can’t afford enough fuel to heat their homes or drive their cars.  Some governments have also passed regulations limiting the minimum and maximum temperatures allowed in homes and businesses. All of this is being carried out by design in the name of a manufactured and avoidable “energy crisis” caused by calculated actions for the purpose of forcing the world to accept a massive over-arching climate change control agenda; an authoritarian agenda that benefits only elite interests and will cause a domino effect of destruction and suffering across all spheres of society. 

The Epoch Times reported: “Eurozone inflation rose above 10 percent this month as economies across the 19-nation bloc begin to slow.  Rising prices throughout the continent have put immense pressure on countries throughout the region. Preliminary data from the European Union’s statistics agency showed inflation hitting an annual rate of 10.7 percent for October, for the highest monthly reading since the creation of the eurozone

The WSJ reported: “The only inflation that isn’t out there is inflated stock gains.  The numbers weren’t pretty for third-quarter performance of U.S.-stock mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, as the market absorbed the economy’s inflation troubles and the Federal Reserve’s attempts to corral the problem with interest-rate boosts.  The average U.S.-stock fund fell 4.5% in the quarter, according to Refinitiv Lipper data. The average fund is down 24.8% for the year to date. Only a handful of stock-fund managers have managed to stay in positive territory.” 

Gas prices have doubled in some places, real estate markets have slowed, credit default swaps and derivatives are back, interest rates are up, homes are less affordable, building is more costly, and layoffs more likely.  China’s economy and markets are in bad shape as well, due to their Covid regulations, depressed real estate markets, failing banks, and Orwellian controls over dissatisfied citizens. 

Stock Funds Down 24.8% in 2022 (10.7.22) WSJ

Inflation in the Eurozone Hits 10.7 Percent as Growth Sharply Declines (11.1.22)

Inside the Latest Supply Chain Crisis (10.18.22)

China’s Factory Activity Drops, Bogged Down by More Covid Controls (10.31.22)

China’s Property Market Has Slid Into Severe Depression, Real-Estate Giant Says (8.30.22) WSJ

Airline Ticket Prices Set to Soar Ahead of Holiday Season (10.12.22)

Energy Crisis Could Cut Europe’s Car Output Nearly 40% – S&P Global Mobility (10.12.22)

EU Energy Crisis Is Its Own Responsibility – Putin (10.12.22)—Putin-20221012-0019.html

Here Are All The Companies Fleeing Crime-Infested Chicago (10.6.22)

Almost All CEOs Are Preparing For A Recession, More Than Half Are Considering Layoffs (10.5.22)

Wall Street Banks Are Doubling Down on Risk by Selling Credit Default Swaps on their Risky Derivatives Counterparties (10.6.22)

OPEC Agrees to Sharply Cut Oil Output in Blow to Biden (10.5.22)

New York set to join California in banning new gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035 (10.3.22)

California First State To Ban Natural Gas Heaters & Furnaces (9.8.22)

Amazon to Close, Scrap Plans for Warehouses Across US Amid Slowing Sales Growth (9.4.22)

Scholz Announces a $65 Billion Relief Package in Germany (9.4.22)

Oil Industry Execs Lash Out At Botched Energy Transition (10.16.22)

This Energy Move Shows We Live Under Soft Authoritarianism (9.19.22) GB

Crippling Energy Bills Force Europe’s Factories to Go Dark (9.19.22)

Beyond Meat Sales Plummet, Considered Too ‘Woke’ For Consumers (9.26.22)

Jamie Dimon Says Stopping Oil & Gas Production Would be Road to Hell for US (9.22.22)

Germany Working on Historic Takeover of Three Gas Companies (9.1.22) WSJ

US Power Grid Needs Trillions in Upgrades to Accommodate Renewable Energy Demands (9.21.22)

8 Numbers Prove Our Economy & Energy Crisis Are Worsening in the US & EU (8.30.22) htps://

UK Energy Bills to Rise By 80% in October as Regulator Announces Hike (8.26.22) CNBC

Federal Government Imposes First-of-Its-Kind Fee on Greenhouse Gas Emissions (8.24.22)

Germany to Keep Last Three Nuclear-Power Plants Running in Policy U-Turn (8.16.22) WSJ

BBC Puts Hundreds of Jobs on the Chopping Block in Push to Go Digital (9.29.22)


I’ll keep my comments in this section brief due to the length of this update and all that’s happening in the world and you can check out the source links for more details.  Simon Black gives a great presentation in the podcast below, on the rise and fall of empires, definitely worth a listen.  Since the US media only tells you what the elite interests who own these outlets want you to know, the second article below will tell you about the massive demonstrations and unrest going on in the rest of the world.  The Ukraine/Russian crisis is ongoing, but after destroying the illegal biological labs and annexing the four Ukrainian territories which were taken from Russia after WWII, Putin has basically accomplished his stated goals and indicated he means only to maintain this ground and Russian sovereignty from the intrusion of the global elite and the agendas they’re forcing on the rest of the world.  The US, however, refuses to stop its continued involvement and now has boots on the ground in Ukraine in the form of inspectors (the same method by which the US first became involved in Vietnam). 

The EU is a mess because of its economy and position on Ukraine.  Their sanctions against Russia are the primary reason for their fuel and food shortages and inflated costs.  Putin has said, if the EU lifts its sanctions, Russia will be happy to provide them with all the fuel, food and other resources they need.  The EU is also trying to push price controls on oil-producing members to help non-producing members, creating further disunity within their union, and they’re also sanctioning their own members again. The new UK Prime Minister only lasted 6 weeks after Boris Johnson resigned, causing further internal instability, as well as diminishing their credibility in the eyes of other nations. 

Greece and Turkey are threatening each other.  China and India are still physically fighting each other in border battles, Iran is laying claim to Bahrain, Ethiopia continues to have internal conflict and China says it’s preparing to take back Taiwan.  Nicaragua’s government has broken ties with the Netherlands, pushed out the EU ambassador, and announced it will not accept Washington’s new representative in the country.  Needless to say, there are both wars and rumors of war throughout the world.     

The Rise of the Barbarian Kingdoms (9.9.22) SMC 

Has the Media Told You About the Massive Protests Happening All Over Europe Right Now (10.17.22)

Pentagon Confirms US Boots Are On The Ground In Ukraine (11.1.22)

Putin Announces Official Annexation of 4 Ukrainian Territories (9.30.22)

Europe Will Freeze This Winter & America Can’t Help Them (10.18.22) T

EU’s sanctions against conservative Hungary, Poland forgotten in midst of actions against Russia (10.10.22)

Truss Resigns as UK Prime Minister After Just 6 Weeks in Post (10.20.22)

French Government in Crisis Talks as Fuel Shortages Worsen (10.17.22)

People in Poland are burning garbage, and Romania is capping firewood prices as desperation grows amid Europe’s energy crisis (10.6.22)

Europeans are hoarding wood, cleaning chimneys, and mulling horse dung as winter looms in an energy crisis (10.822)

EU Fumes as US, Norway Energy Profits Put Solidarity to the Test (10.6.22)

Nord Stream Blasts as Not an Accident – Tucker Carlson (9.28.22)

Putin Hints at Culprits Behind Nord Stream Sabotage (10.11.22)

Terror on Crimea Bridge Forces Russia to Unleash Shock’n Awe (10.10.22)

Could Tensions Between Greece & Turkey Lead to a Second European War (10.17.22)

South Africa May Soon Take Land Without Compensation (10.9.22)

Saudi Arabia releases lengthy statement saying Biden asked for delay in oil production cut to November (1013.22)

Holding Ground, Losing War (9.22.22)

Fighting Erupts Again in Ethiopia, as U.S. Tries to Restart Peace Talks (10.13.22) WSJ

Rest of the World Thinks the U.S. Probably Sabotaged the Nord Stream Pipeline, But it Doesn’t Show Up in Our Media (10.3.22)

Retired Pentagon Advisor Says The U.S. Is The Most Likely to Destroy Nord Stream Pipelines (10.4.22)

Deliberate Destruction of Nord Stream Poses Huge Threats to World Peace, But Who Did It (10.4.22)

Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega Escalates Diplomatic Crisis with US & Europe (10.3.22)

EU Vows to Protect Energy Network After Sabotage of Russian Gas Pipeline (9.28.22)

Evidence That Nord Stream Was Intentionally Destroyed; Energy Crisis Sparks New Hostilities (10.3.22)

Biden Admin to Continue Draining Oil From Strategic Reserves Through Election Day (9.19.22)

South American Police Chief Warns Americans to Brace for a Terror Wave (9.27.22)

How Green Policies Led to Europe’s Energy Crisis Daniel Lacalle (9.28.22)

European Voters Are Rejecting the Failed Policies of Globalism From Italy to Sweden (9.26.22)

Is Italy’s Next Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, A ‘Fascist’? Hardly (9.26.22)

No, Italy’s New Prime Minister is Not a Fascist Here’s Why (9.26.22)

Conservative, anti-woke leader Giorgia Meloni wins Italian election (9.26.22)

Biden Administration Intentionally Weakening Military: Retired General (9.15.22)

Iran’s New Ploy to Disrupt the Mideast: Laying Claim to Bahrain (9.21.22)

Russia Floats Bioweapons Proposal (9.19.22)

Iran Unveils Missile it Says Can Strike All of Middle East & Parts of Europe (9.22.22)

Germany is committing national suicide (9.14.22)

Tremendous Concern Grips Israeli Officials as New Iran Nuclear Deal Inches Closer (9.13.22)

Iran & Russia Furious With Europe Over Nuclear Talks (9.14.22)

Protests Break Out in Wuhan, Residents Demand Lifting of Lockdowns (9.5.22)

70,000 take to the streets in Prague to protest Czech government, EU & NATO (9.5.22)

Taiwan Fires Warning Shots at Chinese Drone Near Offshore Island (8.30.22)

Growing Fears Over Food Security and Price Hikes as Severe Droughts Hit Crop Production Around Globe (8.24.22)

Biden Revives Biggest Offshore Oil and Gas Lease Sale in America’s History (8.18.22)

UK Average Electricity Cost Will Soar to $5,370 Per Year By 2023 (8.13.22)

UK Inflation Hits New 40-Year High Of 10.1% As Food And Energy Price Surge Continues (8.17.22) CNBC

Germany to Keep Last Three Nuclear Power Plants Running In Policy U-Turn (8.16.22)

The World’s Biggest Woke Investor Just Took Millions In Saudi Oil Money (8.16.22)

Senate Democrats use Inflation Reduction Act’ to pass climate change initiatives, IRS expansion (8.9.22)