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Q-1 Economic & Political Update (5.7.23)

NOTE: This update is longer than usual because of the banking crisis, July US CBDC launch, and a large number of world events unfolding at a rapid pace. There will be more articles and videos than commentary.

The last four months have changed the political, economic and social structures in which the world has operated for 150 years and that trend is only going to continue.  The current US administration has done everything it could to destroy America, its principles, constitutional rights, rule of law, economy, military, and its reputation in the eyes of the world.  It is remarkable how quickly the US has descended into a failing world power in light of these actions. America is no longer feared or respected and nations are re-aligning their interests because they can no longer rely upon the US, nor trust their judgment. 

US freedoms are being eroded and lost, succumbing to increasingly dictatorial totalitarian federal and state governments, whose agenda is to control every aspect of life.  The international community is rejecting US policy in Ukraine, moving away from the US dollar, and increasingly using other currencies, as many nations move away from the US and toward China and Russia.

There are many changes in play, but most Americans are not aware of what is really going on, largely due to government and big tech censorship, and a completely manipulated mainstream media.  This update will attempt to highlight some of these changes and potential changes, and how they could fundamentally change life in America.

The US House has refused to raise the debt ceiling without a reduction of spending.  Thus, the annual game of chicken between the Republicans and Democrats is being played again.  Will it be different this time? Will they allow the US to default by not raising the debt ceiling? Probably not, because nobody wants to be responsible for the consequences.  A managed default would be better than an unmanaged one, but managed or unmanaged, a US default is looking inevitable.  Although it has nothing to do with the debt crisis, interested parties will likely find a way to propose replacing the USD with a digital currency as some sort of solution to this issue.  Crisis are always used to push dangerous agendas that further degrade freedom and autonomy, and a completely controlled Federal Reserve digital currency would only make things worse.

Let’s take a look at some specific actions by the current US administration.  The Epoch Times reported:

“The Biden administration will soon punish Americans with high credit ratings to pay more for their mortgages to subsidize loans for homebuyers with lower scores.  Starting May 1, Americans purchasing a new home or are refinancing their existing mortgages will have to pay higher mortgage rates and monthly fees if they have a higher credit score, The Washington Times reported on April 18.  Consumers with lower credit scores and less money for a down payment will be given better mortgage rates than they otherwise would have in a form of wealth redistribution by adjusting the fees on loan-level price adjustments.  Experts said that borrowers with a credit score of about 680 would pay more than $40 per month on a $400,000 mortgage, due to new rules issued by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA).   

The principles of discipline and hard work have become racist, unfair and despised by the anti-American progressive leftist administration in DC.

The IRS is planning to expand audits and investigations on US tax payers, hiring massive amounts of employees, as well as purchasing over $10M in firearms, ammunition and tactical gear over the past 3 years.  On 3/28 Simon Black wrote:

The top 1% of US taxpayers paid 48% of total US income taxes.  And that’s just at the federal level, not even counting how much of the local and state taxes the wealthy paid. Further, the top 10% paid nearly 72% of total income taxes.  Meanwhile, the bottom 40% of US income tax filers paid no net income tax at all. And the next group, those making between $30-$50,000 per year, paid an effective rate of just 1.9%.   (Again, this is not some wild conspiracy theory; these numbers are directly from IRS data.)  But the fact that 10% of the taxpayers foot nearly three-fourths of the tax bill still isn’t enough for the progressive mob. They want even more.

McCarthy’s New Bill Stuns White House (4.2.23)

The Fed is Coming for Our Money (3.31.23)

Housing Agency Rules Will Force Homeowners With Good Credit to Subsidize High-Risk Borrowers (4.20.23)

Biden To Punish Good-Credit Homebuyers To Subsidize High-Risk Mortgages (4.20.23)

IRS to Prioritize Enforcement Including Criminal Investigation for Certain Assets (4.8.23)

In The Last 3 Years Alone, IRS Has Dropped $10 Million On Weapons, Ammo & Tactical Gear (5.2.23)

New IRS Report Provides Fascinating Glimpse into Your Fair Share (3.28.23) SMC

Fed Chair Powell Says Long Way to Go in Inflation Fight, Calls US Debt Unsustainable (2.7.23)

NYT Finally Admits “the International Community” Does Not Stand With US on Ukraine (2.23.23)

The totalitarian agenda of the present White House seems to leave no industry, group, or individual citizen untouched in the name of climate change, equity, ESG, and other Progressive drivel as the articles below attest.

In Big Climate Move, EPA Set To Unveil Tough Limits on Auto Emissions (4.9.23)

Half of America’s Top-Selling Beers Have Gone Woke (4.9.23)

Bill Gates Says It’s OK For Him To Use Private Jets Because He’s “The Solution” To Climate Change (2.9.23)

Dr. Malone Shares Dire Warning Mrna Vaccines Are Being Injected Into Our Food Supply (1.12.23)

WSJ Shreds Vaccine Makers, Biden Admin Over “Deceptive” Booster Campaign (1.22.23)


It took only 48 hours for Silicon Valley Bank to become the nation’s second-largest bank failure. The company’s problems started on Wednesday when the financial institution informed investors that it needed to generate $2.25 billion to cover an unexpected decline in deposits and improve its balance sheet and overall financial position.  On Friday the Treasury announced that New York State regulators were shuttering Signature Bank, a major New York bank, now both banks have been declared insolvent. The Government promised to cover the loss and pronounced the banking crisis over, which of course was not true. The FDIC did not have enough to cover Silicon Valley, and the Federal Reserve isn’t capable of covering the losses either. 

In the last week of April, First Republic Bank, the 14th largest bank in the US, was declared insolvent and JP Morgan is now purchasing it.  Americans have little faith in the US banking

system, as depositors are withdrawing their cash at record levels and banks are putting restrictions on how much people can withdraw in one day. One of the only reasons many more banks are not becoming insolvent is that larger banks and financial institutions are making deposits into them to keep them afloat.  On top of this, in the first week of May, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates another quarter percent.  The Epoch Times reported:

“The month of March witnessed the fastest withdrawal of funds from commercial banks in U.S. history.  According to data released by the Federal Reserve, a staggering $360 billion was withdrawn from banks across the country in the past month alone. To put this into context, not a single monthly decline in 2008 exceeded $100 billion. The recent withdrawals have dwarfed those of the past, bringing total bank deposits down by almost $1 trillion since the highs in April 2022.  Central Banks are very concerned about this and are buying massive amounts of gold to protect themselves.” 

Stanford Professor Warns Thousands Of US Banks Are Potentially Insolvent (5.6.23)

Central Banks Double Down On Gold Buying (4.6.23)

US Banks Lost Nearly $1 Trillion in Deposits Since Recent Peak (4.3.23)

Massive Retail Money Market Inflows Suggest Bank Deposit Run Accelerating (5.4.23)

The Great Bank Nationalization Era is Upon Us (5.4.23)

Troubled California Bank PacWest Craters 60% On Report It Is Seeking Buyers Or Capital Raise (5.4.23)

Regional Bank Crisis Spreads to Big Banks as PacWest, US Bancorp Tumble, Stocks Dump Amid Widespread Liquidations (5.4.23)

Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rates by 25 Basis Points, Opens Door to Pause (5.4.23)

State Street, Schwab See Deposits Drop (4.17.23) WSJ

JPMorgan Buys First Republic, After Regulators Seize Beleaguered Bank (5.123)

JPMorgan, PNC to Buy First Republic After FDIC Seizure First Leaves Taxpayers Holding The Toxic Stuff (4.29.23)

First Republic Bank Reignites U.S. Banking Concerns (4.28.23)

America’s Biggest Banks See Surge in Deposit Withdrawals (4.3.23)


Another significant concern is de-dollarization, which is the movement by the rest of the world to stop using the USD in financial transactions.  When Trump was President 72% of all international transactions were conducted in dollars, today that number has fallen to 52%.  Some say the USD will not be replaced because no other banking system has such liquidity and depth, however, many nations continue to move away from the USD despite these factors.  ZeroHege reported:

The BRICS coalition has become the hottest ticket in geopolitics. Argentina, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mexico, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Egypt have either applied to join or expressed an interest in doing so. And new bilateral trade deals that bypass the dollar are being discussed all over the place. Combine the land mass, population, and natural resources of the BRICS countries with those of the potential new members and the result is more or less half the world. And now things are getting real.  Global Times wrote, “The US dollar has stepped down from the altar, and now people can see it more clearly.  If we look at the structure of trade between China and Russia, more than 70 percent of bilateral trade is settled in yuan or ruble, Anton Siluanov, Russian Minister of Finance, was quoted by Tass Russia News Agency as saying recently. When asked if the ruble or yuan could replace the US dollar, he replied: “We are already looking at this.”

De-Dollarization Inevitable as Dollar Steps Down From Altar (4.26.23)

De-Dollarization Just Got Real (3.29.23)

De-Dollarization More Countries Seek Alternatives to the U.S. Dollar (4.26.23)

Argentina to Pay for Chinese Imports in Yuan Instead of Dollars (4.27.23)

Brazil’s Lula Supports Trading Currency for BRICS Countries (4.26.23)

The dollar falls behind the yuan for the first time in Chinese cross-border transactions (4.26.23)

China, Malaysia to Discuss Asian Monetary Fund to Reduce Dependence on US Dollar (4.4.23)

Iraq To Drop Dollar For Yuan In Trade With China (2.23.23)

Southeast Asia, Too, Is Losing Patience With King Dollar’s Clout (1.20.23) Bloomberg

It’s a Defund-The-Global-Police Moment, De-Dollarization is Happening at a Stunning Pace (4.24.23)

The De-Dollarization Fairytale (4.20.23)

Will BRICS New Currency Overtake the US Dollar Dominance (4.20.23)

US Dollar’s Influence Seen Eroding (4.10.23)

Deutsche Bank Hammered Amid Banking Fears (3.24.23)

Small Banks See Record Drop in Deposits After SVB Collapse (3.25.23)

Bank of England Lifts Rates by Quarter Point, Following Fed (3.23.23) WSJ

Fed Raises Rates but Nods to Greater Uncertainty After Banking Stress (3.22.23) WSJ

Deutsche Bank Shares Tank, Fueling Banking Crisis Fears (3.24.23)

Credit Suisse Shares Crash to Record Low After Emergency Takeover (3.20.23) .

Federal Reserve Pauses Tightening as Emergency Lending Hits $300 Billion (3.17.23)

UBS Seeks $6 Billion Government Backstop as it Rushes to Finalize Credit Suisse Takeover (3.18.23)

Jerome Powell Says Fed Is Prepared to Speed Up Interest-Rate Rises (3.7.23) WSJ 

Macron Says Europe Should Reduce Dependence on US Dollar, Seek Strategic Autonomy (4.9.23)

Glenn Explains This is How Silicon Valley Bank Collapsed (3.13.23)(Very good explanation)

Silicon Valley Bank’s Collapse Proves the US is in Obvious Decline (3.17.23) SMC

Big Banks Agree to Historic $30 Billion Unsecured Deposit Injection in First Republic Bank (3.18.23)

The Federal Reserve Just Hijacked American Democracy (3.16.23) SMC

In addition to the failure of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and First Republic, the banks under Moody’s downgrade review include Comerica Inc, UMB Financial Corp., Zions Bancorp., Western Alliance Bancorp., and Intrust Financial Corp

Moody’s Places 6 US Banks on Review for Downgrade (3.15.23)

If SVB Is Insolvent, So Is Everyone Else (3.13.23) SMC

Too-Big-To-Fail Banks Flooded With Deposits as Bank Run Drains Small Bank of Cash (3.14.23)

Fed Chair Powell Says Long Way to Go in Inflation Fight, Calls US Debt Unsustainable (2.7.23)

 Why Russia & China Are Stockpiling Gold; Central Banks Quietly Buying Gold at Fastest Pace in 55 Years |(2.28.23) Facts Matter


Coincidently, the announcement of the first major step in rolling out a US Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) came on the same day that Silicon Valley Bank collapsed.  “The Federal Reserve on Wednesday announced a July launch of its FedNow service, which will enable all U.S. banks to offer instant payments 24/7, and will constitute the infrastructure of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) by linking each banking node directly to the Federal Reserve, according to financial experts …  Cointelegraph pointed out that FedNow could “stand in place of a central-bank-issued digital currency.”  – Epoch Times

The FedNow website is already online: and citizens are being encouraged to “Get on board!”  As the Federal Reserve looks to gain complete control of US citizens’ cash, the current totalitarian administration is attempting to make it more difficult to avoid this control by increasing regulations on private cryptocurrency.

Many Americans and states are pushing back against this move to control the US monetary system.  LifeSiteNews reported, “Governor Ron DeSantis thinks CBDCs should be banned.  Addressing a press conference from behind a podium that had the words “Big Brother’s Digital Dollar” attached to it, DeSantis repeated what critics of the CBDC push keep saying.  And that is, that the centralized form of digital money controlled by governments is basically a powerful surveillance tool, and that this, rather than any convenience it might offer, could be the key reason it is getting so much support from some high places.  But according to the Florida governor, who is rumored to be considering running for president, CBDCs are “all about surveilling Americans and controlling behavior of Americans.” 

According to Zerohedge, even the IMF is jumping on the CBDC bandwagon: “A new global currency just launched, but 99 percent of the global population has no idea what just happened.   The “Universal Monetary Unit”, also known as “Unicoin”, is an “international central bank digital currency” that has been designed to work in conjunction with all existing national currencies.

IMF Unveils New Global Currency Known as The Universal Monetary Unit to Transform World Economy (4.16.23)

White House Targets Cryptocurrencies, Calls for Stronger Enforcement by Regulators (1.29.23)

Federal Reserve announces July launch of central bank digital currency infrastructure (3.17.23)

DeSantis moves to ban central bank digital currencies in Florida: ‘All about surveilling Americans’

Kristi Noem Vetoes Central Bank Digital Currency Bill, Warns It’s a Threat to Our Freedom (3.14.23)

North Carolina House Unanimously Votes to Ban Digital Dollar Payments to the State (5.4.23)

 Decentralized Cryptocurrency Markets Threaten U.S. Security, Treasury Says (4.6.23)

Now is the Time to Defend Your Financial Freedom Against CBDCs (4.24.23)

Texas Considers a Gold-Backed Digital Currency (4.12.23)

Texas Bill Would Create Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency as Pushback Against CBDCs (4.12.23)

Florida Lawmakers File Legislation To Reject Central Bank Digital Currencies (4.10.23)

CBDC Will be Used for Control, ECB President Admits in vid Chat With Fake Zelensky (4.7.23)

CBDCs Grease the Slippery Slope to Financial Slavery and Political Tyranny Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (4.7.23)

BRICS Creating New Currency Backed by Gold, Soil, Rare-Earth Elements (4.6.23) Facts Matter

China, Russia Leading Push to Replace US Dollar as World’s Reserve Currency (4.2.23)

Along with the IMF, many other nations are moving to digitize.  “While plans to usher in centralized, government-controlled money are receiving some pushback in the U.S., the consensus in Europe seems to be in favor of introducing a central bank digital currency (CBDC), i.e., the digital euro.  And now the question is how exactly to proceed, including by determining strategic objectives. In the eurozone – made up of the 20 (out of 27) EU members that have adopted the euro – merchants might find themselves under obligation to accept a future European Central Bank (ECB) digital currency. –  (Reclaim The Net)

EU Proposes New Regulations Forcing Acceptance of Centralized Digital Euro (3.23.23)

Inundated With Requests Digital Currency Firms Look to Swiss Banks After Crypto-Friendly Lenders Fail (3.21.23)

Here’s Why We Should All Avoid Central Bank Digital Currencies (2.11.23)

Canadian Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) 

Former US Official Warns Tucker That Gov’t-Issued Digital Currencies Are Forms of Financial Control (2.2.23)

Global South Gold-Backed Currencies to Replace the US Dollar (1.19.23)


Simon Black provided a great step-by-step collapse of the economy due to unsustainable spending and resulting debt: “The inevitable consequence of the current Global Debt Bubble will be the Bankruptcy of the financial system and many of its participants.  The one Swiss and three US banks that just went under is just a foretaste of what is to come.  As the US and European banking systems come under pressure, The Everything Collapse will cause a collapse in financial markets of a magnitude that has never before been seen in history. Since the global financial system is a mesh which reaches every financial player in the world, from sovereigns to private individuals, no-one will be able to escape the The Everything Collapse. The Everything Collapse is primarily a debt crisis. Global debt has trebled in this century and if we include derivatives (a major part of which will become debt), we are looking at up to $3 quadrillion. This is 20 times global GDP and obviously of a magnitude that will cause major harm to the world.  What will rapidly follow is: 

  • Currency Debasement Leading To Collapse
  • High Inflation Leading To Hyperinflation
  • Food And Energy Shortages
  • Debt Defaults Leading To Debt Collapse
  • Implosion Of Bubble Assets (Stocks, Bonds, Property) In Real Terms – Gold
  • Failure Of Financial System
  • Political & Social Turmoil – Civil Unrest
  • Geopolitical  Problems 
  • The Fall Of The West And Rise Of The East And South 

First Gradually, Then Suddenly, the Everything Collapse (4.18.23)

Echoes of New Century’s Collapse Amid Sudden Firesale of Real Estate Loans as Morgan Stanley Sees 40% Downside (4.9.23)

Social Security Cuts May Be Coming Soon Here’s Who Will Be Affected (4.4.23)

Debt Deflation the Adjustment to Reality is Likely More Violent Than Anything Seen in the ’70s (4.4.23)

JPMorgan Chase Warns US Is Past the Point of No Return (3.22.23)

World Economies & Global Markets

Global economies and markets are reeling under the relentless wars, shortages, debt and overall bad news.  The IMF has continued to lower economic expectations on a quarterly basis.  The US continues to push toward number one in the failing economy category by issuing crippling regulations and rules in the name of climate control and saving the environment, as well as other social engineering agenda items like ESG, censorship, gun control, education, sexual preference, etc.  China, Canada and the EU are also destroying their economies with high taxes, crippling regulations, reduction of farming and food production, closing coal mines and nuclear power plants during an energy shortage, 15 minute cities, and so much more.  The question people should be asking is: “Why are they doing this?”  The only sane thing they are doing is pulling away from China, a little too late unfortunately as most nations are leaving the western nations and forming new alignments with the growing BRICs nations.  There are, however, individual states and nations bucking the Federal government and EU overlords by passing legislation in direct opposition to their policies.  

Global Investors Pull $3.17 Billion Out of China in 5 Days (5.2.23)

IMF Warns of Disorderly House Price Corrections in Europe as Interest Rates Move Higher (4.28.23) 

California, New York, Illinois Biggest Losers Amid Exodus to Low-Tax States Says IRS (4.30.23)

15-Minute Cities Are ‘Complete Impoverishment and Enslavement of All the People’: EU Lawmaker (4.30.23)

US Unveils Toughest-Ever Car Emissions Rule in Bid to Force Surge in EV Purchases (4.12.23)

Top IMF Official Warns Global Growth Expected to Be Under 3% in 2023 (4.10.23)

China’s Currency Could Create ‘Risk’ For Financial System, IMF Says (4.11.23)

Share of Yuan in Russia’s FX Market Hits Record Amid Worldwide De-Dollarization Push (4.11.23)

Half of America’s Top-Selling Beers Have Gone Woke (4.9.23)

Canadians To Get Hit With Multiple Tax Hikes as Trudeau Gets Another Raise (3.31.23)

Oil Surges in Early Trading After OPEC & Surprise ‘Unipolar World’-Challenging Production Cut (4.3.23)

Kentucky bans ESG investing for public pensions (3.28.23)

Texas Blacklists HSBC Over ‘Boycott’ of Fossil Fuels (3.20.23)

Thousands of Dutch farmers protest forthcoming climate restrictions in lead-up to pivotal elections (3.13.23)

Here are the 14 states fighting ESG, Is Yours (3.9.23)

First-Time Homebuyers Are Absolutely Screwed Right Now (3.4.23)

Another European country just dealt a devastating blow to the transgender movement (3.13.23)

Norway joins Finland, Sweden, and the UK in denouncing puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and ‘sex changes’ surgeries for minors with confusion about their gender.

Gas Stove Ban Is Latest ‘Right-Wing Conspiracy’ Proven True (2.27.23)

Electric Vehicle Companies See Fall in Demand (3.2.23)

$11 Billion Shifts Out of China Within 3 Months (2.23.23) 

Blackstone BREIT Redemption Requests Surge to $4.5 Billion, Only $666 Million Granted (4.4.23)  

The Comex is in Far Worse Shape Than SVB if the Run on Physical Accelerates (3.20.23)

Subprime Auto Lender & Used Car Retailer Collapses as Distress Cycle Finally Arrives (2.23.23)

Wall Street has Purchased Hundreds of Thousands Single-Family Homes Since the Great Recession (2.21.23)

U.S. Home Sales Post 12th Straight Monthly Decline; House Price Inflation Cools (2.21.23)

Thousands of Chip Companies in China Closed in 2022 (2.20.23)

European Parliament Approves Plan To Phase Out Gas Cars by 2035 (2.16.23)

Egg Prices Soar Over 70% as Inflation Report Shocks in Some Food Categories (2.15.23)

Alphabet Loses Over $110 Billion Market Cap After AI ChatBot ‘Glitch (2.8.23)

We Just Witnessed An Economic Sign That Hasn’t Happened Since The Peak Of The Great Depression In 1932 (2.1.23)

Jordan Peterson Sets Up Pro-Human Alternative to Globalist-Corporatist World Economic Forum (1.30.23)

25 States Sue Biden Admin Over Rule Allowing 401(k) Managers to Put Savings Into ESG Funds (1.27.23)

Momentum To Axe Income Tax Mounts In State Legislatures (12.28.22)

Millions of Earners, Businesses to See State Tax Cuts Beginning on Jan. 1 (12.30.22)


Like in the US, leftists in Israel are rioting and destroying cities because that’s what the left does when it can’t legitimately control society.  However, unlike in the US, the leftist government that has controlled Israel for the majority of history since its inception has lost control.  At 22% in the last election, they barely scraped together enough seats to be a recognized party.   Many judicial and other reforms will soon be enacted as the conservative electorate continues to grow through continued immigration and believing Jews refusing to abort their children.

Sudan is the latest nation to implode.  Other nations are attempting to remove their citizens as fast as possible, but much like with Afghanistan, the US is failing to act as swiftly as other nations, again putting US citizens in harm’s way. 

As discussed in the above global markets category, foolish and purposeful policies are causing energy, food and other shortages.  Hundreds of thousands of citizens are demonstrating, but the mainstream media is not reporting on it. A new order is being shaped by both the actions and the inactions of the US.  Zerohedge reported:

“More important are the broader implications of the two ‘dear friends’ pledging to shape a new world order and signing multiple pacts on economic, technological, and strategic cooperation. These were the words captured in a Reuters headline Wednesday… “China’s President Xi Jinping and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin set their sights on shaping a new world order as

the Chinese leader left Moscow, having made no direct support for Putin’s war in Ukraine during his two-day visit.” Arguably the most important exchange came during the sendoff before Xi’s entourage headed to the airport, and was captured by (or rather intended for) the cameras… Xi Jinping: “Change is coming that hasn’t happened in 100 years and we are driving this change together.”  Putin: “I agree.”

Trapped Americans in Sudan Shocked & Disgusted Left by Biden to Fend for Themselves (4.28.23)

US Begins First Mass Evacuation Effort of Citizens From Sudan (4.30.23)

The Israeli Left Is Doomed (5.6.23)

Manufactured Food Crisis: 3,000 Farms to Be Shut Down in the Netherlands (4.7.23) Facts Matter

French Pension Protesters Storm Paris BlackRock Headquarters (4.6.23)

Saudi Arabia takes step to join China-led security bloc, as ties with Beijing strengthen (3.29.23) CNBC

US Strongly Urges Compromise as Massive Protests Erupt Across Israel After Anti-Judicial-Reform Minister Fired (3.26.23)

China Gives US Advice on Ukraine After Xi, Putin Pledge to Shape New World Order (3.22.23)

What Xi’s 3-Day Moscow Visit Means – Analysts (3.20.23)

China’s New DNA-Based Bioweapons Target Specific Ethnic Groups, Races (3.20.23) Facts Matter

Putin’s Staff Ordered to Stop Using iPhones (3.20.23)

Arch-Rivals Iran & Saudi Arabia Agree to Revive Ties, Reopen Embassies in China-Brokered Deal (3.10.23)

France Burns After Macron Skips Parliament Vote to Ram Through Hated Pension Reform (3.18.23)

European Farmers Fed Up With Climate Policies Shock Political Establishment (2.17.23)

Russia is fighting for its very existence Says Putin (3.14.23)

China ‘Sanction Proofing’ its Economy From US (3.15.23)

NBC Reporter Goes To Crimea, Shocks Viewers By Telling The Truth (3.3.23)

Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán is the lone Western voice against prolonging the war in Ukraine (3.2.23)

NATO chief says Ukraine will ‘become a member of our alliance’ in the long term (2.28.23)

Brazilian President & WEF Member Lula Da Silva Pressures Population Into Total C-19 Vaccination (2.28.23)

US Sending Troops to Taiwan; Global Alliances Form Over US and Ukraine (2.28.23)

Western Leaders Privately Admit Ukraine Can’t Win The War (2.27.23)

War Game Simulation China Loses in War Over Taiwan (12.27.23)

US Sending Hundreds of Troops to Taiwan as China Threatens Invasion (2.23.23)

US General China Is Biggest Space Threat (2.22.23)

Netanyahu: Military action against Iran is harder the longer one waits (2.21.23)

US Envoy Nides Israel Can Do Whatever They Need’ On Iran, And We’ve Got Their Back (2.19.23)

Israel, 84% Enrichment Means It’s Now or Never to Stop Iran (2.20.23)

What Would War With China Look Like for Australia? Part 1 (2.14.23)

Whitney, a US-Led ‘Coalition of the Willing’ Foreshadows the Splintering of NATO (2.20.23)

Hungary is on a Collision Course With the EU Over Transgender Ideology (2.15.23)

South Africa to Host ‘Strange’ Naval Drills With Warships From China, Russia (2.15.23)

Dutch Forum Takes Aim at Worrying AI Uses in War (2.15.23)

European Union Approves Effective Ban On Sales Of Gas Cars By 2035, Requiring 100% Reduction in CO2 (2.15.23)

New EU Initiative Could Force Same-Sex ‘Marriage,’ Surrogacy on all Member States (2.13.23)

Former US Marine Corps Intelligence Officer Scott Ritter Prays for a Russian Victory (2.14.23) Very Good

This Time its Different (1.26.23)

Nord Stream Sabotage Was CIA, US Navy Covert Op Seymour Hersh Bombshell Prompts White House Response (2.8.23)

Italy’s Internet Restored After Nationwide Outage; Reports of Global Ransomware Attack (2.5.23)

US Firms Investing Billions of Dollars in China’s AI Sector (2.3.23)

Iran Reveals Bizarre New AI-Powered Miniature Tank Robots (2.3.23)

US Water Resources Under Foreign Control Increasing Amid Security Concerns (1.19.23)

Israel Strikes Iranian Munitions (1.31.23)

Macgregor This Time It’s Different (1.30.23)

Russia Readies Robotic Response To ‘Secret Armor-Less’ Abrams Tanks In Donbas (1.28.23)

George Soros Urged Use of Eastern European Soldiers to Reduce the Risk of Body-Bags For NATO Countries in New World Order Article  (1.124.23)

New Missile Barrage Pummels Ukraine As Russia Vows US-Made Tanks Will Burn (1.26.23)

Russia, South Africa & a Redesigned Global Order the Kremlin’s Hearts & Minds Machine Is Steaming Ahead (1.26.23)

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Resigning (1.18.23)


Everything You Need to Know About Blackrock, the Company That Owns the World (4.12.23)

Humanity is on the Cusp of a Giant (6x) Leap Forward (4.11.23) SMC

If We’re Being Honest… This is the REAL State of the Union (2.8.23) SMC

America is Becoming Too Broke to Fight (5.2.23) SMC

Challenge & Response Historical Parallels to Rome (1.13.23) SMC