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Q-4 2021 World Economic & Political Update (1.21.21)

The era of procrastination, of half-measures, of soothing and baffling expedients, of delays, is coming to its close. In its place we are entering a period of consequences.”  – Winston Churchill

2021 was a year of fear-mongering, confusion, extreme polarization, international conflicts, threats, misinformation, lies from government officials, CEOs, and corporations, and mass censorship by Big Tech and mainstream media.  It was filled with corporate activism; attempts to increase government control and limit freedoms, massive world demonstrations against C-19 restrictions, supply chain interruptions, rapid inflation, radical market swings, and market manipulation.  The first three weeks of January have continued in this vein with the Dow losing 2,093 points (-6%), the NASDAQ losing 2,876 (17%), and other world markets experiencing similar volatility.  Cryptocurrencies, which had a great 2021, have also taken a dive in the last week.   

The propaganda and agendas of 2021 have left many asking what’s real and what’s not. Supposedly there is a worldwide supply chain problem – but is there?  Most red states don’t seem to be having that problem and their economies have returned to pre-pandemic levels, while New York & California are a mess.  Corporate insiders sold stock at record levels – why?   International Banking Officials gathered to partake in a global economic collapse simulation similar to the Agenda 21 Covid pandemic simulations in fall of 2019 – why?  We keep hearing about a “Great Reset.” Klaus Shwab, unelected head of the World Economic Forum, wrote a book about this Great Reset, explaining that by 2030, no one will own anything and they will be happy about it.  People should think very carefully about what that means and how it could become a reality.  We enter 2022 with far more questions than answers, but one thing seems clear, the volatility and uncertainty are increasing not diminishing.

Nasdaq, S&P 500 Suffer Worst Week Since Pandemic Onset (1.21.22) WSJ

International Banking Officials Simulate Global Economic Collapse (1.10.22)

Bitcoin Price Falls Below $37,000 in Tandem With Tech Selloff (1.21.22) WSJ

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Stocks End 2021 on a Down Note, But Close Within View of Record Highs (12.31.21) Yahoo Finance

Corporate Insiders Sold Record Level of Stock in 2021 (12.6.21)

Texas, Arizona Have Recovered All the Jobs Lost When Covid-19 Hit (1.18.22) WSJ

Red States Dominate Index of Fiscal, Regulatory & Personal Freedoms, While Blue States Are the Least Free (12.4.21)

Samsung Picks Texas City for $17 Billion Semiconductor Factory, to Create 2,000+ Jobs (11.25.21)

15 Republican Governors Launch ‘Operation Open Road’ to Fix Supply Chain Snarl (11.23.21)

All the Ways You’re Being Surveilled Due to C-19 (11.13.21)

Go Woke, Go Broke Americans Don’t Care For Corporate Activism (12.20.21) NYP

No Country for White Men as State Street Pushes Diversity (11.7.21) NYT

Central Banking & Banks

Central banks printed more money in 2020 and 2021 than any other two-year time period in history, causing inflation to rise to 20-30 year highs, with no end in sight.  The Federal Reserve expects to raise interest rates at least 3 times in 2022 and other nations are planning hikes as well.  2021 saw China’s largest bank, Evergrande, tottering on the brink of failure, which would not only create problems for China, but send ripple effects across the banking world.  The Blaze reported, “investors are warning that the possible collapse of a major Chinese real estate development company named Evergrande could trigger a liquidity crisis similar to the one that occurred in late 2008, leading to a multi-year global recession.”  Some major banks are also adding new social-political requirements to loan criteria related to climate control, racism, gender, etc.  Bloomberg reported, “Banks and asset managers representing 40% of the world’s financial assets have now pledged to meet the goals set out in the Paris climate agreement, as an alliance championed by former central banker Mark Carney swells under the gaze of a world increasingly alarmed by planetary warming.  More than 450 firms representing $130 trillion of assets now belong to the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero.” This is another example of corporate activism pushing their social-political worldview and agenda on their customers through economic corrosion.

Canada Inflation Reaches 30-Year High, Placing Spotlight on Central Bank (1.19.22) WSJ

Fed Speeds Up Tapering, Projecting 3 Rate Hikes in 2022 (12.15.21)

All-Knowing, All-Powerful Central Bank Throws in the Towel (11.2.21) SMC

Major Chinese real estate developer Evergrande totters on the brink; investors fear collapse, which could trigger another major financial liquidity crisis (12.23.21) The Blaze

Carney Unveils $130 Trillion in Climate Finance Commitments (11.2.21) Bloomberg$130%20Trillion%20in%20Climate%20Finance%20Commitments


Coinbase reported, In 2021, crypto officially entered the mainstream as Bitcoin and Ethereum (and many more) hit new all-time highs. Along the way, the acronym “NFT” rocketed from obscurity to Collins Dictionary’s Word of the Year, El Salvador became the first country to recognize Bitcoin as legal tender, and Elon Musk took his Dogecoin cheerleading from Twitter to Saturday Night Live — just months after Tesla added $1.5 billion worth of BTC to its balance sheet. This week, we’re taking a look back at the numbers that tell the story of crypto’s biggest, busiest year ever.  $3 trillion is the total value of the cryptocurrency market during November’s all-time high. At the time, Bitcoin’s price approached $69,000 and Ethereum came close to $4,900. This week, the market hovers closer to $2.2 trillion, but crypto remains one of the best-performing asset classes of 2021.  

Microsoft (Bill Gates being the major shareholder) is working on making cryptocurrency an internal cognitive bodily function by the insertion of various enhancements directly into the user’s body.  Bitcoin News reported, “Microsoft has patented a cryptocurrency mining system that leverages human activities, including brain waves and body heat, when performing online tasks such as using search engines, chatbots, and reading ads. “A user can solve the computationally difficult problem unconsciously,” the patent reads.” 

The Blockbuster Numbers Behind Crypto’s Record-Breaking Year (12.23.21) CoinBase

Microsoft Patents New Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data (10. .21)


Globally, nations are taking on debt, printing money, and acting like there is a limitless supply and no repercussions for their actions. The IMF has great concerns about the debt positions of many nations.  Yahoo News reported, “The IMF urged advanced economies in the G20 to extend and improve their debt relief initiative, warning that many countries face a dire crisis without the help.  “We may see economic collapse in some countries unless G20 creditors agree to accelerate debt restructurings and suspend debt service while the restructurings are being negotiated,” IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva said in a blog, adding that it is critical private creditors also offer relief. 

CBO estimates the “Build Back Better” bill would add $3 Trillion to the deficit, fortunately, it’s going nowhere in the Senate.  The Biden Administration raised Social Security payments 5.9% but raised Medicare premiums to help pay for it.  Inflation is increasing at alarming rates and making it harder for people to make ends meet.  Another great concern is that the Federal Reserve’s raising of interest rates will also raise the interest rate on the US $28 Trillion national debt.   

Glen Beck interviewed Carol Roth, a former investment banker and author of ‘The War on Small Businesses.  She told Glenn “the current driver of today’s skyrocketing inflation is monetary and fiscal policies from the last two years. Those in the power seat are treating the economy as if it has an on/off switch, and they failed to prepare for massive disruptions to the labor force and supply chain systems from the C-19 pandemic, she says. And, to make matters worse, the Federal Reserve printed and pumped trillions of dollars into our economy. So, what’s next? Roth predicts how inflation will continue to affect Americans, and she urges listeners to do the opposite of what far-left politicians hope you’ll do: ‘You need to take that playbook and flip it on its head — whatever they don’t want you to do, you need to do it…’”  

Simon Black laid out a great explanation of what’s going on with inflation and its effect on economies, currencies, and markets.   “In last week’s podcast — the first podcast episode we’ve published in a few years — Viktorija and I discussed how central banks engineer inflation… and why inflation is probably here to stay.  In this week’s episode, we dove even deeper into the topic to discuss a different type of inflation: ASSET price inflation.  Remember that inflation rises whenever the amount of money in an economy increases relative to the amount of services and products available to purchase.  And that even includes assets.  There are only 500 companies in the S&P 500, which essentially means there’s a fixed number of assets available for investors to purchase.  So whenever the central bank prints trillions of dollars, much of that money finds its way into the stock market, bidding up the stock prices of S&P 500 companies.  The bizarre part is that this increase in stock prices doesn’t mean that a company has become more successful.”

Economy Expert on What’s Coming Next & how to Prevent a Collapse (1.14.22) The Blaze

CBO Estimates Build Back Better Bill With No Sunsets Would Add $3 Trillion to Deficit (12.14.21)

IMF Warns of Economic Collapse Unless G20 Extends Debt Relief (12.2.21) Yahoo News

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World Markets

 WSJ reported, “U.S. stocks gave up early gains and turned lower, extending a recent stretch of losses that have pulled major indexes down to start the year.  The technology-heavy Nasdaq Composite shed 166.64 points, or 1.1%, to 14340.26. It finished the day 10.7% below its all-time closing high, set in November. A decline of greater than 10% is considered a correction for a stock index.  The S&P 500 fell 44.35 points, or 1%, to 4532.76. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 339.82 points, or 1%, to 35028.65.”  

The UK’s inflation rate has risen to 7.1%; Germany is experiencing rapid inflation, trading issues with China, and supply chain issues.  The WSJ wrote, “The softness in Germany, which represents close to one-third of the eurozone’s output, is weighing on the continent’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. It contrasts with muscular growth in the U.S. at the end of last year, according to estimates by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.” 

Labor challenges were one of the greatest impediments to employers in 2021 for a myriad of reasons including C-19 restrictions, increased government assistance and, largely, mandatory vaccination or mask and testing requirements. Glen Beck interviewed Andrew Crapuchettes who left the tech world to help people find jobs who have been fired due to refusing the jab.  He now helps freedom-loving Americans find employers that won’t discriminate based on social-political beliefs or vaccination status through, which is a job board website that connects employers who value freedom with employees who value it too.  “Conservatives no longer must fear losing a job based on their political beliefs,” he says, “it’s an opportunity to just be unapologetic about who you are and what you believe.” 

Another problem retail stores have had to deal with, especially in CA, is stealing and looting, which has caused many retailers to close stores.  This is partially a result of Soros-funded prosecuting attorneys who refuse to prosecute shoplifters, so now organized gangs are entering stores and taking everything they can carry.  The Epoch Times reported, “A growing number of U.S. retailers are ringing alarm bells on organized looting that is gripping many major urban markets across the country.  Best Buy reported decent third-quarter earnings (pdf), topping market estimates. The consumer electronics retail giant found more Americans upgraded their home technologies and kitchen appliances. But the company warned some of the challenges it faces moving forward, including “organized retail crime.” 

Nasdaq Falls More Than 1%, Entering Correction Territory (1.19.22) WSJ

Stocks Fall as Bond Yields Hit Two-Year High (1.18.22) WSJ

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Empty Grocery Shelves Return as Sick Employees, Supply Chain Delays Collide (1.9.22)

G20 Leaders Endorse Global Minimum Corporate Tax (10.30.21)

Political Unrest

Political unrest, both within nations, as well as in between them was rampant in 2021.  People all over the world demonstrated in groups of thousands and hundreds of thousands against C-19 restrictions and mandatory jabs of experimental drugs.  China wants to take over Taiwan, Russia will likely take over Ukraine, Korea continues to test guided missiles, Iran has just sent its first Satellite up in space, it is unclear whether Sudan and Ethiopian governments will survive, and Cuba just signed agreements with China.

Russia, China& Iran Hold Joint Naval Exercises (1.21.22)

Russian Military Buildup Triggers European Defense Anxieties (1.19.22) WSJ

Sudan Protesters Begin Strike as Conflict With Generals Worsens (1.18.22) WSJ

Ethiopian Government Repels Rebels, Pledges Peace Talks (1.12.22) WSJ

Cuba Signs Belt & Road Agreement With China (12.31.21)

Iran Launches Rocket Into Space, Claims it was Carrying Research Devices  (12.31.21)

China Warns US Will Face Unbearable Price on Taiwan 12.30.21)

China, Russia Condemn U.S. Military Moves Near Borders, Deepen ‘Unbreakable’ Cooperation (11.23.21)

Chinese Lies Deception & Criminal Actions

China has many agendas and is actively intimidating the rest of the world with no one to challenge them.  The US total failure in Afghanistan and inept handling of international affairs have emboldened China.  China continues to be mistrusted by the world and even their allies don’t trust them.  They have been fighting with India along the Himalayan border for all of 2021.  They are clearly attempting to take over major ports of the world and are expanding their military bases.  Everything that China does, especially the spying and information gathering of their technology companies, is used militarily.  AI is a perfect example of this. 

The Epoch Times reported, “The U.S. government recently accused China of developing “brain-control weaponry,” a type of technology that raises major ethical issues when adopted by a totalitarian, genocidal, and territorially aggressive regime.  The U.S. accusation, reported by the Financial Times, was part of the export blacklisting of China’s Academy of Military Medical Sciences, along with 11 affiliated biotechnology research institutes, for allegedly assisting the Chinese military in development of the weapons.  The Academy has reportedly researched “brain-machine interface” or “brain-computer interface” technologies, known as BCI, including through implantation of electrodes into the brains of live monkeys like macaques.” 

Although China attempts to hide any internal strife, it has major internal social-political and economic problems with the likely impending failure of their largest bank, which it is uncertain if they can bail out.  Their constant financial handouts, which operate as economic corrosion to whoever receives them, are draining their resources.  Politically, there are many in the CCP that do not agree with Xi or his dictatorial rule.  Epoch times reported, “China’s ruling party head Xi Jinping recently stressed the importance of “internal Party regulations” to maintain the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) absolute control over the country. Analysts believe that this indicates that the internal struggle in the CCP has intensified after the 19th plenary session of the 6th Central Committee.  Lu Tianming, a political commentator based outside of China, told The Epoch Times that these words are Xi Jinping’s attempt to sound the alarm to his political opponents.  “These gang rules will be imposed to punish opponents,” said Lu, adding that the Party’s internal struggle has become more intense after the sixth plenum, the CCP is seriously divided, and the regime is in chaos.  According to Lu, many public comments call the internal Party regulations “gang rule” since the CCP is regarded as “a gangster” since it always deems itself as being greater than the country and it places its internal discipline ahead of state law.

China’s Economic Coercion of Australia a ‘Wake-Up Call’ to World (1.21.22)

China Unveils AI News Anchor That’s Almost Indistinguishable From a Real Human (1.13.22)

China Expands Port & Military Base Network to Boost Commerce, Clout

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Nimble Chinese Satellite Grabs Hi-Res Images Of US City In Seconds (12.28.21)

Xi Jinping’s Emphasis on the Party’s Gang Rules Underscored CCP Escalated Infighting (12.25.21)

Microsoft Seizes 42 Websites Used by China-Based Hacking Group to Carry out Cyberattacks on US Organizations (12.7.21)

China Uses Mockups of US Ships as Target Practice (11.8.21) Reuters

China’s 200 ‘Well-Off Society Villages’ on Its Disputed Border With India Mean Border Domination (11.28.21)

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