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Elections, Political Upheaval & New Economics Create Uncertainty (3-18-18)

  • World markets are based far more on perception than they are on reality
  • There are many things going on which have never happened before
  • Elections are weakening the control of mainstream parties & globalists
  • Central banks are raising rates and beginning to unwind and/or slow their asset purchases
  • Immigration & Nationalism are dividing the EU & other nations
  • Anything could happen with Brexit and there could be more EU exits

This presentation was made at the 2018 International Christian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) EU Conference in London on March 18th.  World Markets can’t be sure of anything and still they are rising, but so are debt levels.  This presentation will discuss all these factors, as well as the potential cause and effect depending on the outcome.  In order to understand the times, we have to discern the political landscape, global markets, devise a plan, so as to be prepared and positioned strategically for such a time as this.
Here is a PDF containing the powerpoint slides for this presentation: (3.17.18) Elections, Political Upheaval & New Economics Create Uncertainty

World Political Change, International Economies & Markets:
There are many events which are creating a lot of uncertainty and volatility in both the political landscape and global market place.  Any one of these events would be sufficient to create reverberations, but put together, they are sure to create a roller coaster ride in 2017.  The UK triggered Article 50 and formally separated from the EU on March 29th, almost all the EU leaders are up for election in the next nine months with many Trump-like candidates leading in the polls, not to mention Donald Trump himself, shaking up the Hill and the world.  This presentation will give you a snap shot of where everything is at and discuss what’s next.
Here is a PDF containing the powerpoint slides for this presentation: World Political Change, International Economies & Markets Powerpoint Slides You will need to skip the slides that start playing short videos, or pause the youtube when you play those slides.

Preparing for & Navigating a Financial Crisis:
It’s happened before, it will happen again.  We are truly a world economy what happens in one nation has an effect on another; nations are no longer and island unto themselves.  It’s become increasingly difficult to follow the economic movements of the global market place, because of the technological complexities and sheer speed and volume of information which inundates us every day.  Never the less, we must be aware and have understanding of these things, so we can prepare, discern and be ready for what’s coming our way.
In this session, we discuss:

  • What has happened so far in 2017 in world economies and global markets?
  • Whats changed and what are some things which have never happened before?
  • What are negative interest rates and why are central bank QEs and stimulus failing?
  • What are some things that seem like 2008 & “deja vu all over again”?
  • How can we practically and tangibly prepare for these things?

Here is a PDF containing the powerpoint slides for this presentation. You can follow along by flipping through pages 1-46. The remaining pages go with the presentation below which is titled “What Can You Do To Personally Prepare for a Financial Crisis”: Preparing For & Navigating A Financial Crisis Powerpoint Slides 

What Can You Do To Personally Prepare for a Financial Crisis:
(Note: this is the second half of the presentation titled “Preparing for & Navigating a Financial Crisis”)

The focus of this presentation is:

  • How do you recognize a crisis?
  • What is the sequence of events, how might it unfold?
  • What can you do to prepare beforehand?
  • What do you do when you are in the middle of the crisis?
  • We also want to have a time to answer questions.

Those of you, who think through the events and what might happen beforehand, won’t be shocked when they begin to unfold.  Those of you actually come with your own plan will not only have clarity and peace, but may greatly benefit from any preparations you make.