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Q-1 2022 Economic & Political Update

A lot happened in Q-1 and the first month of Q-2: Ukraine v Russia Conflict; Elon bought Twitter and turned a public company into a private company; Disney & Netflix stock took a freefall; Fauci said he is stepping down; the CDC, NIH, FDA, CIA, FBI and a number of other agencies have all admitted withholding information; Hillary Clinton & the DNC paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines to the FEC without complaint; Durham’s subpoenas have revealed massive amounts of information; the mainstream media discovered that Hunter Biden’s computer and all the information on it – exists; Joe Biden is shaking hands with the air and frequently has to be led off stage with white house staff clarifying what he said; inflation is eroding the buying power of the USD and the Feds raised interest rates for the first time since the 2008 crisis, with an additional half-percent hike planned in May. 

For the first time in over a century, there is a nation with a gold-backed currency and, for the first time ever, a major nation has replaced its paper currency with a national digital cryptocurrency.  US states have been banding together to deal with the southern border crisis and other areas of concern due to Federal inaction and\or mismanagement.  That’s a lot – if I were to fully address all of these issues this update would be over 100 pages, so I’ll attempt to be as succinct as possible and provide you with article and video links so you can dig deeper.

Twitter Accepts Elon Musk’s $44 Billion Takeover Bid (4.25.22)

Twitter Shares Rally as Reports Say Elon Musk’s Takeover Deal Close (4.25.22)

26 Governors Create Border Strike Force In the Absence of Federal Leadership (4.20.22)

Kash Patel: Durham Hits Clinton Campaign with Joint Venture Conspiracy; Sussmann Defense in Shambles (4.8.22)

Disney Stock Tumbles Amid Fallout From Florida Controversy (4.22.22)

Ukraine Russian Conflict

All wars are full of lies, in wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.”Winston Churchill

This conflict has affected every area normally covered by this update – central banks, currency, world markets and political unrest – so I will address this issue first.  Very little of what the mainstream media and political establishment have reported is true; there are many hidden agendas and unadvertised reasons everything has unfolded the way it has, and much history most people are unaware of.   John Pierpont Morgan said, “A man always has two reasons for doing anything: a good reason and the real reason.”  Let’s attempt to examine the real reasons for this conflict.

In the speech links below, Putin explains exactly why he’s in Ukraine.  He documents the mistruths, broken agreements and blatant encroachments on its borders and sovereignty by the US and NATO since 2014 and before.  Through a clear presentation of verifiable facts, Putin reveals how the US has been maliciously meddling in the sovereignty of Russia and other nations for their own benefit, as powerful nations have done through real or fabricated conflicts throughout history.  He details the massive corruption and failing economy in Ukraine, along with the outcry from its citizens for help, citizens in regions that used to be a part of Russia and who legally voted to be annexed back to Russia in 2014, due to the poor state of affairs in Ukraine.  But, as usual, corporate mainstream media and the current Administration aren’t interested in the truth, but only narratives that conceal their complicity and serve their own interests.  Watch Putin’s speeches in his own words and consider all the facts involved, as opposed to media claims of what is happening.  I’m not saying he’s right or good, but I am saying, much like Trump, the world leaders either respect him or hate him because he won’t fall in line with what the dominant interests want.  No one is in support of harming innocent people, but after the number of misleading, misappropriated, debunked, and/or staged pictures and video clips the media has dispersed in regard to this and countless other conflicts and socio-political issues, we should all use caution in discerning what really may or may not be going on.   

What they are not telling you:

  • Crimea and portions of Ukraine were taken from Russia after WWII and are comprised of 80% Russian people who, a decade ago, voted 80 % to be annexed by Russia – after the vote the people who wanted to be annexed began standing against the Ukrainian government and have been at civil war/unrest ever since
  • The Russian people in these areas claim severe persecution by Ukraine and were pleading for help, resulting in Putin’s decision to send in peacekeeping forces, as the US has done all over the world
  • After the breakup of the USSR, Russia kept its end of the bargain to withdraw from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet satellite nations on the condition that those nations did NOT become a part of NATO, however, 9 of the 13 nations were granted membership into NATO, clearly violating the agreement
  • George Soros wrote an op-ed that appeared in most of the major newspapers in support of Ukraine and against Russia… this alone should give us pause
  •  Hollywood and the media have been trying to demonize Russia for years, despite a lack of evidence or reasoning to do so; they worked hard to push the since debunked “Russia Collusion” conspiracy and to trash Trump and Putin and any relations with Russian whatsoever
  • No  nation and its  citizens in similar situations have been sanctioned and rejected like the Russian people have
  • Putin captured biological weapons labs that Ukraine and the US claimed did not exist
  • Under The Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on their Destruction Treaty the US, Europe and most of the  nations of the world agreed not to develop biological or chemical weapons; the US broke that international treaty by funding the Ukraine bio-weapon lab facilities, and then tried to cover it up
  • The US & EU overthrew the duly elected leader of Ukraine twice and inserted their own choice, current President Zelensky
  • Zelensky combined all of Ukraine’s TV stations into one channel under his control
  • Zelensky  banned 11 Political Parties and has used dictatorial executive power to crush descent and demonize and outlaw groups/parties that oppose him
  • The Russian Central Bank is the only independent central bank in the world; it is not owned by the banking cartel operated by the Rothschilds and other elite corporate  interests intent on maintaining their control of the world’s banking system and financial markets
  • Putin has made the Russian Ruble the world’s only gold-backed currency; all other leaders in the US and the world who have tried to stand against this cartel and separate from the federal reserve or world banking system, and back their currency by gold/precious assets, are no longer alive

There have been so many fabricated, mislabeled or staged pictures, videos, stories and false claims of Russian acts that the Epoch Times had to apologize for using some of other mainstream news sources, after discovering they were false. Pictures and stories like the Russian tank crushing a car when it was actually a Ukrainian tank, Zelensky with war gear which was a picture from years earlier, the ghost of Ukraine fighter pilot story, pictures of bombings from other wars/conflicts, and the list goes on.

The Biden Administration first denied the existence of any bio-weapons labs, then, less than a week later, the administration testified in a Senate hearing that they were concerned about Putin capturing the bio-labs that weren’t supposed to exist.  The US and Europe were flooding Ukraine with financial resources and military weaponry until Putin said any further military weaponry sent to Ukraine would be considered an act of war and he would attack and destroy further shipments. 

The facts coming to light are even causing military experts and analysts from the Department of National Intelligence (DNI) to question the narrative being presented.  Consortium News reported:

I know it’s hard … to swallow that the carnage and destruction could be much worse than it is,’ says the DIA analyst. ‘But that’s what the facts show. This suggests to me, at least, that Putin is not intentionally attacking civilians, that perhaps he is mindful that he needs to limit damage in order to leave an out for negotiations.’”  A second retired U.S. Air Force officer says:  “I’m frustrated by the current narrative—that Russia is intentionally targeting civilians, that it is demolishing cities, and that Putin doesn’t care.  Such a distorted view stands in the way of finding an end before true disaster hits or the war spreads to the rest of Europe. I know that the news keeps repeating that Putin is targeting civilians, but there is no evidence that Russia is intentionally doing so. In fact, I’d say that Russian could be killing thousands more civilians if it wanted to.”  These Pentagon sources confirm what Putin and the Russian Ministry of Defense have been saying all along: that instead of being “stalled,” Russia is executing a methodical war plan to encircle cities, opening humanitarian corridors for civilians, leaving civilian infrastructure like water, electricity, telephony and internet intact, and trying to avoid as many civilian casualties as possible. Until these Pentagon leaks it was difficult to confirm that Russia was entirely telling the truth and that corporate media were publishing fables cooked up by Ukraine’s publicity machine.” 

The US and Europe have applied the most extreme economic sanctions ever applied to a nation and its citizens, with woke companies, corporations, entertainment venues and nonprofit organizations penalizing any Russian company or individual operating inside or outside Russia.  These sanctions, however, have become a two-edged sword that will have some cutting repercussions for the US and EU.  The Epoch Times wrote:

The recent financial sanctions imposed on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine are threatening to weaken the dominance of the U.S. petrodollar as the world currency, said First Deputy Managing Director Gita Gopinath of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to The Financial Times. The sanctions may result in a more fragmented international monetary system, warned Gopinath.  She had previously said that the sanctions against Russia would not foreshadow the demise of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and that the Ukraine crisis would slow growth, but not cause a global recession. 

These sanctions have positioned Putin to do two things that the US & EU did not expect but fundamentally changed the international monetary system as we know it.  On March 28, Putin said all Russian exports will be paid in Rubles and on March 29, he backed the Ruble by gold.  Because the value of the Ruble had been artificially lowered by the sanctions, he now had enough gold to back the Ruble which has continued to rise ever since.   The result of Putin’s actions is that the Ruble, unlike any other world currency has a tangible backing and floor.  Every time the value of gold increases so does the Ruble and we all know what happens to gold in an economic crisis.  If that’s not enough, the only way that Europe, which desperately needs Russian goods (especially oil), can avoid the sanctions put on the Ruble is to purchase them with gold enlarging Russia’s gold holdings, double checkmate.  The day after Putin took these actions, India immediately aligned with Russia as did other countries around the world.

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Russia Says First Phase of War Over, Military Will Now Focus on Eastern Donbas (3.25.22)

Zelensky Combines Ukraine TV Stations Into One Channel Over Misinformation (3.21.22)

Zelensky Announces Ban on 11 Political Parties (3.20.22)

Putin Holds Massive Rally, Says Russia Will Prevail in Ukraine (3.18.22)

We Are at War With Russia (3.7.22)

Latin American Countries Divided Over Russian Invasion of Ukraine (3.12.22)

Banks & Central Banks

Russia’s backing of the Ruble by gold dwarfs any other news, as most other central banks of the world continue to print money and devalue their nation’s currencies,  making it more difficult for their citizens to make ends meet.  The Epoch Times wrote, “For the first time since 2018, the Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate by 25 basis points, increasing the target range for the rate to 0.25–0.5 percent.  The Fed completed its two-day Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) policy meeting on March 16, described by analysts as an important turning point for monetary policy.  Fed officials project six more rate increases for this year. The dot-plot, the main interest rate outlook by governors, shows a median short-term rate of 1.9 percent by the end of the year. It also estimates a median short-term rate of 2.8 percent in 2023 and 2024.”

CNBC reported, “Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell affirmed the central bank’s determination to bring down inflation and said Thursday that aggressive rate hikes are possible as soon as next month.  Powell said, 50 basis points will be on the table for the May meeting.  Hikes in interest rates will cause economic growth to slow and the economy to contract.”

“The European Central Bank will continue to lag behind the Federal Reserve in tightening monetary policy despite rising inflation,” said ECB President Christine Lagarde.  The WSJ went on to say, “That complicates the ECB’s task of removing pandemic-era stimulus measures to regain control over inflation without damaging the postpandemic recovery. Other major central banks, including the Fed, are moving ahead with plans for the most aggressive cycle of interest-rate increases in decades, with sweeping implications for global asset prices.”

Powell says taming inflation absolutely essential a 50 basis point hike possible for May (4.21.22)

Fed Paying Banks Not to Lend Has Cost $1.5 Billion in 4 Weeks (4.19.22)

ECB to Trail Fed in Tightening Monetary Policy Despite Rising Inflation (4.14.22) WSJ

Fed Raises Interest Rates for First Time Since 2018 to Fight Inflation (3.16.22)

Hard Currency & Cryptocurrency

Digital currency is coming soon to a country near you.  China went full digital Jan 1, 2022,   Australia and Canada both said they will go full digital between now and the end of 2024.  The UK introduced the digital pound which can now be used alongside the paper pound for the time being.  Reuters reported, “Biden signed an executive order requiring the government to assess the risks and benefits of creating a central bank digital dollar, as well as other cryptocurrency issues.

Many are looking forward to a digital currency while others have great concerns about a cashless society.  It’s important to understand there are currently over 7,800 different cryptocurrencies but they are dived into two main groups, government and non-government digital currencies.  Non-government cryptos, as long as they are peer-to-peer transactions and not exchanged on a platform or exchange, are not regulated; they are private and linked to no ledger or record of the transaction.  Government currencies are regulated and there will be a ledger and record of everything you buy or sell. Countries that replace their paper currency with a digital currency will eliminate banks as we know them because the Treasury or Finance Department of that country will now be your banker.  You will have no anonymity and little freedom with such a currency because the government would have the power to decide what you can buy and sell or if you’re allowed to buy and sell at the click of a button; this is the great concern in a cashless society.  In the absence of paper currency, it would be wise to have alternative assets with which to buy, sell or trade (i.e. gold, silver, commodities, non-governmental digital currency).

Digital & Cryptocurrency Basics (4.7.22)

Biden to Tax & Regulate Cryptocurrency (4.14.22)

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Trudeau Budget Says Market Risks Require Gov’t to Study Possible Central Bank Digital Currency (4.12.22)

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Great Britain Announces a Plan to Mint NFTs Through the Royal Mint in a Bid to Lead The Way In The Increasingly Digital Economy (4.4.22)

Biden’s Crypto EO Weighs Climate Change, Ponders Digital Dollar (3.10.22)

Australia is Eliminating Physical Currency, Expects To Become A Cashless Society by 2031 (3.8.22)

AMC to Accept Dodgecoin as Currency (4.20.22)

Bitcoin May Plummet to $30K as Tech Stocks Tank, Analysts Claim (4.12.22)

World Markets

Most stock markets dropped steadily in April due to a myriad of concerns including, supply chain issues, Ukraine Russia conflict, rising interest rates, inflation, increased regulation (which drives up the cost of doing business), lack of workers and shutting off of pipelines.  The WSJ wrote, “U.S. stocks fell, extending their April losses, as investors digested earnings reports from leading companies and weighed concerns about inflation and the spread of Covid-19 in China.” 

The Epoch Times reported, “Food shortages and skyrocketing food prices now appear inevitable. The global food price index hit its highest recorded level in March 2022, rising 12.6% in a single month. On average, food prices were one-third higher than in March 2021. In the U.S., food prices rose 9% in 2021, and are predicted to rise another 4.5% to 5% in the next 12 months.” 

Home prices continue to rise, but home sales are starting to drop.  The Washington Examiner wrote, The average price of existing U.S. homes hit a record $375,300 in March even as rising mortgage rates caused home sales to fall for the second month in a row.  Median housing prices are up a whopping 15% from last March, marking 121 consecutive months of year-over-year increases in the red-hot housing market, according to data released on Wednesday by the National Association of Realtors. While housing prices are at the highest they have been since the NAR began tracking the metric more than two decades ago, housing purchases declined 2.7% from February to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.77 million in March, and year-over-year sales fell 4.5%.”

Stocks Fall as Dow Drops More Than 800 Points (4.26.22) WSJ

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Housing Prices Hit Record As Sales Slow (4.20.22)

Biden Admin Renews Environmental Rules Rolled Back by Trump (4.18.22)

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VAERS Data Analysis Shows Numerous Health Problems Due to Vaccines & The Blatant Problems with Our Education Structure (4.8.22)

India to Buy Russian Oil at Discount Amid Ukraine War (3.16.22)

New York Set to Ban Natural Gas in New Buildings (4.4.22)

Shutting Canadian Pipeline Would Cost US Consumers $23.7 Billion More in Fuel Costs (3.26.22) 

Former Blackrock Portfolio Manager on Pfizer & FDA Fraud, Financial Collapse Imminent (2.16.22)

US Gas Prices Hit $4 per Gallon for First Time Since 2008 (3.6.22)

Shutting Canadian Pipeline Would Cost US Consumers $23.7 Billion More in Fuel Costs (3.26.22)

Political Unrest

This will be short and sweet as the greatest area of political unrest was already discussed; however, the Russia Ukraine situation is not the only political unrest in the world.  China is still the greatest problem internationally; in addition to China’s severe treatment of its citizens, and its draconian lockdowns and policies, they are bullying and coercing other nations as well.  The UN and current US Administration continue their attempts to impose radical, baseless climate agendas on the world, increasing regulations and taxes on individuals, driving up the cost of business and destroying jobs. 

Inside China’s Draconian Lockdowns & Tuidang, the Underground Movement That’s Disintegrating China’s Communist Party From Within (4.19.22)

Wuhan Lab Allowed to Destroy Secret Files Under Its Partnership with US National Lab, Agreement Shows (4.20.22)

US Ends Normal Trade Relations with Russia, Bans Russian Oil Imports (4.8.22)

UN Calls for Substantial Reduction in Fossil Fuels to Limit Climate Change (4.4.22)

CCP is Terminally Ill China’s Domestic Troubles Could Trigger Leadership Coup (2.9.22)

Biden admin invents Securities and Environment Commission out of thin air to force climate agenda on US businesses (3.28.22)

China’s Economic Coercion of Australia a ‘Wake-Up Call’ to World (1.21.22)