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Q-4 2022 Economic & Political Update

Mark Twain said, “Truth has no defense against a fool determined to believe a lie.”  Over the last month, Elon Musk has released Twitter Files, clearly showing that the FBI, CIA, NSA, Biden Administration, Fauci, and Big Pharma all conspired with Twitter to lie and cover up the science about COVID and the C-19 Vaccine, as well as the truth about the Ukraine war, and they absolutely did everything they could to influence both the 2020 and 2022 elections, destroy Donald Trump and censor anything that went against their narrative.  In short, everything declared as misinformation was the truth and everything they said was the truth was a lie.  Currently, Brunson v Adam is on the Supreme Court docket with a chosen date of Jan 6th to either rule or begin to adjudicate this case that could potentially remove 385 US Reps and 96 US Senators from office and prevent them from ever holding any political office ever again.

Is This The Supreme Court Case That Will Drain The Swamp (11.30.22)

The Twitter Files The Corporate Media Ignores The Biggest Story Of The Decade (12.12.22)

Matt Taibbi Reflects on Repulsive, Horrifying, Dystopian World Run By Anti-People (12.24.22)

Looking at the markets, the WSJ reported:

Investors suffered one of the worst years in recent history, with stocks and bonds falling in tandem.  U.S. stocks inched lower in the final trading session of 2022, closing out a punishing year with further losses.  2022 proved to be one of the worst years for markets in recent history. Stocks and bond prices both fell, exceptional volatility roiled currencies and commodities, and cryptocurrency prices cratered as a series of crises gripped the emerging industry, its biggest pullback since 2008.”  In retrospect the WSJ wrote, “Almost everyone on Wall Street and in Washington got 2022 wrong.  The Federal Reserve expected 2021’s inflation surge to be transitory. It wasn’t. Core inflation climbed to a four-decade high this fall, nearly tripling the Fed’s full-year forecast.  Top Wall Street analysts predicted markets would have a so-so year. They didn’t. With just a few trading days left in 2022, the S&P 500 is down 19% and on course for its biggest annual loss since the 2008 financial crisis. Bonds are headed for their worst year on record.”  As to the future, the Epoch Times reported, “The vast majority of economists at 23 large financial institutions surveyed by The Wall Street Journal predict that the United States will fall into the grips of a recession in 2023 and millions of Americans lose their jobs.  More than two-thirds of the nearly two dozen institutions—which include trading firms and investment banks that do business directly with the Federal Reserve—expect the U.S. economy to contract in 2023, according to the report.  Two of the 23 institutions expect the recession to come later—in 2024—while the following five believe the United States will manage to avoid a downturn altogether: Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, and Morgan Stanley.  

2023 Spells Big Trouble for US Economy, Majority of Big Banks Warn (1.2.23)

U.S. Auto Sales in 2022 Worst in Over a Decade (1.4.23) WSJ

Stocks Drop in Final Trading Day of Year (12.30.22) WSJ

Traders Are Dumping Everything (12.28.22)

Wall Street and Fed Flopped in Trying to Predict 2022 (12.26.22) WSJ

Here’s How Much US Home Prices Will Plunge In Current Market Bubble (12.2.22)

 Homeowners Should Brace for Property Price Drop: Data, Experts (11.27.22)

Housing Market Obliterated Pending Home Sales Post Record Drop As Deal Cancelations, Price Cuts Hit Record High (11.25.22)


Most Central Banks, with few exceptions, have been furiously printing money ever since the second quarter of 2020, devaluing their currencies and ballooning their balance sheets to levels beyond what most nations could ever hope to pay back.   Can a central bank become insolvent?  …Yes, but the best protection against this is sufficient gold reserves.  “The Governor of the Dutch central bank stated the gold revaluation account ensures the solvency of his central bank in an interview on television about prospective losses. The significance of this statement is that if any European central bank will cover losses by using its gold revaluation account in full, the ECB has to put a floor under the gold price. And if more losses need to be covered than the current gold revaluation accounts of European central banks allow, the ECB will need to revalue gold.” –  

Many central banks have added to their gold reserves in preparation for what they believe is coming.  Reuters wrote, “Central banks bought a record 399 tons of gold worth around $20 billion in the third quarter of 2022, helping to lift global demand for the metal, the World Gold Council (WGC) said on Tuesday.  Demand for gold was also strong from jewelers and buyers of gold bars and coins, the WGC said in its latest quarterly report, but exchange traded funds (ETFs) storing bullion for investors shrank.  Gold is typically seen as a safe asset for times of uncertainty or turmoil, but many financial investors sold shares in gold-backed ETFs as interest rates rose and pushed up returns on other assets.

Record Central Bank Buying Lifts Global Gold Demand, WGC Says (11.1.22)

Governor of Dutch Central Bank States Gold Revaluation Account Is Solvency Backstop (11.8.22)

BoJ Sparks Market Chaos With Huge Yield Curve Control Adjustment (12.20.22)

Bank of Canada Lifts Interest Rates by Half Point, Signals End of Tightening (12.7.22) WSJ

The Russian Central bank is one of the few exceptions; its currency’s stability has been strengthened and gained ground on every other central bank and currency in the world.  The reason their position is secure is because on March 30, 2022, the Russian Ruble was backed by Russian gold reserves, it has been rising ever since and is now more valuable than it was before the Ukraine conflict.  This is in spite of US and EU sanctions which have hurt the US, Britain, and the EU far more than Russia.  The use of the USD, Pound & Euro has been radically reduced causing even a greater inflation effect on these economies. 

According to Reuters; Russia’s finance ministry on Friday said the maximum possible share of Chinese yuan in its National Wealth Fund (NWF) had been doubled to 60% as it restructures its rainy-day fund to reduce dependency on currencies from so-called “unfriendly” nations.  The ministry said the permitted share of gold in the NWF would also be doubled, to 40%. It said balances in the British pound and Japanese yen had been reduced to zero.  Russia deems any country that has hit it with sanctions over its actions in Ukraine as “unfriendly” and has responded with counter-measures.  Zerohedge wrote that if this continues it could potentially devastate western banks. “Earlier this month former NY Fed repo guru Zoltan Pozar wrote one of his most important reports of 2022, in which he described how Putin could unleash hell on the Western financial system by demanding instead of dollars, that Russian oil exporters are paid in gold, effectively pegging oil to gold and launching Petrogold.  Such a move Zoltan said would lead to an immediate overnight banking crisis due to the synthetic gold short held by most western banks.”

Permitted Share of China’s Yuan in Russian Wealth Fund Doubled to 60% (12.30.22) Reuters

Dusk for the Petrodollar, Dawn for the Petroyuan  the Coming Commodity Rehypothecation (12.30.22)


We all need to understand the difference between crypto/digital currency and CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currency).  Cryptocurrency transactions are de-centralized, they show up on the blockchain, but the identity of those making the transactions are anonymous, not recorded, like a cash transaction.  CBDCs are digital, but they don’t show up on the blockchain, are highly centralized and there is no anonymity.  Once a country implements a CBDC, like China did a year ago, they will know everything you buy or sell, and they can stop or disallow any transaction you make.  They can control what car you buy, food you eat, donation you make; in other words they can control you.  If you want to get a better understanding of cryptocurrency and find out some ways to avoid governmental control over your assets you can listen to the digital currency presentations on my video channels.

Digital & Cryptocurrency Basics (12.2.22) Fulton Sheen


US Moving Toward Digital Currency (11.1.22)

The WSJ reported that, “India’s central bank will launch its first pilot of a digital rupee for individual users Thursday, putting it ahead of many major economies in the journey toward a sovereign virtual currency.  The Reserve Bank of India has said a digital rupee could provide Indians a safe alternative to risky private digital currencies.  Central banks globally have been exploring the possibility of issuing a central bank digital currency, or CBDC, as crypto currencies have gained favor with the public.  Many central banks, including the RBI, have long warned of the risk of unregulated cryptocurrencies, a concern exacerbated in recent days by the collapse of crypto exchange FTX, which counted on hundreds of mainstream investors and lenders.

The central bank of Nigeria not only wants to establish a digital currency, but they want to link it to a digital ID which would completely eliminate freedom and control virtually everything it’s citizens do.

India’s Central Bank to Launch Retail Pilot of Digital Rupee (11.30.22) WSJ

The Central Bank of Nigeria Wants to Link Its CBDC to a Digital ID System (12.3.22)

The United Kingdom (UK) will release a consultative report containing the next proposed steps for its potential government-controlled central bank digital currency (CBDC) by the end of 2022.  The report will be issued by the Bank of England, a UK government-owned central bank, and the UK Treasury, the government branch that develops and implements financial and economic policy.  The release of the report was announced by Sir Jon Cunliffe, the Bank of England’s Deputy Governor of Financial Stability, during a recent speech titled “Reflections on DeFi, digital currencies and regulation.”  Cunliffe said that the Bank of England and Treasury’s work on a digital pound was being driven by “the trends away from physical cash, which cannot be used in an increasingly digital economy, and, potentially, towards new forms of tokenised money.”  Cunliffe didn’t discuss any potential privacy implications or limits that would apply to a potential digital pound but said there will be a “framework in which risks are properly managed.” – (Reclaim The Net)

Bank of England to Release Step-By-Step Digital Currency Plan by Year’s End (11.23.22)


Nations have been amassing debt at a speed and level unlike any other time in history and this cannot be sustained for much longer.  Zerohedge reported: “For almost a year now we have been tracking several key data sets within to find the critical inflection point in this perhaps the most leading of economic indicators which will presage not only a crushing auto loan crisis, but also the arrival of a full-blown recession.  We believe this moment has arrived.” 

The Epoch Times quoted the WSJ, “One of the sharpest criticisms this year came from the Wall Street Journal editorial board, which wrote an op-ed titled “The Ugliest Omnibus Bill Ever” on Dec. 20 after Congressional leaders unveiled the $1.7 trillion spending package.  “This is no way to govern in a democracy, but here we are,” the editorial board wrote, calling the spending bill the “worst in history.”  

Zerohedge sums it up with this quote, “The world’s largest investment manager has gone all in and said the global recession is right around the corner.  What’s more the financial tricks supplied by the central banks won’t work this time.” 

The analysts give many reasons for this starting with the COVID crisis, but many now believe, like the false flag C-19, that the world financial crisis was contrived and purposeful.  Regardless, of the reason, the spending sprees will come to an end and many will default on their debt.  The only question is when?

The Government Thinks You’re Too Stupid to Notice This Tax Increase (1.3.22) SMC

Worst in History’: Critics Rip $1.7 Trillion Government Funding Bill (12.23.22)

Senate Passes $1.8 Trillion Spending Bill, Rejects Saving Title 42 (12.22.22)

Perfect Storm Arrives Massive Wave of Car Repossessions & Loan Defaults to Trigger Auto Market Disaster, Cripple US Economy (12.18.22)

Why the $290 Trillion Global Debt Splurge is Becoming Unsustainable (12.30.22) WSJ

The Coming Bonanza in Distressed Debt (12.12.22) SMC

BlackRock Prepare For Recession Unlike Any Other & What Worked Before Won’t Work Now (12.9.22)


CNBC reported, “India is set to overtake Japan and Germany to become the world’s third-largest economy, according to S&P Global and Morgan Stanley. S&P’s forecast is based on the projection that India’s annual nominal gross domestic product growth will average 6.3% through 2030. Similarly, Morgan Stanley estimates that India’s GDP is likely to more than double from current levels by 2031.  “India has the conditions in place for an economic boom fueled by offshoring, investment in manufacturing, the energy transition, and the country’s advanced digital infrastructure,” Morgan Stanley analysts led by Ridham Desai and Girish Acchipalia wrote in the report.  “These drivers will make [India] the world’s third-largest economy and stock market before the end of the decade.”

Most world economies and global markets have been very volatile and lost ground in 2022.  Analysts, brokerage companies, and banks are forecasting gloomy outlooks for 2023.  According to the Zerohedge article below, inflation is sky-high all around the world, “Geopolitical tensions are triggering high energy costs, while supply-side disruptions are also distorting consumer prices. The end result is that almost half of countries worldwide are seeing double-digit inflation rates or higher.As the table below shows, countless countries are navigating record-high levels of inflation. Some are even facing triple-digit inflation rates. Globally, Zimbabwe, Lebanon, and Venezuela have the highest rates in the world.

*Inflation rates based on the latest available data.

Mapped Which Countries Have The Highest Inflation Rate (12.12.22)  

U.S. Jobless Claims Edged Higher Last Week (12.29.22) WSJ

Corruption in global markets is rampant, Black Rock, Meta, Google, JP Morgan, the SEC Chairman, Vanguard, and many more have been fined, accused, questioned, or had action taken against them for their purchases, undue influence, affiliations, backroom deals, and application of ESG, to name just a few unscrupulous activities.  Many states are disinvesting their state pensions funds with these companies and their attorney generals are taking them to task.  The UN, the WEF, the US State Department, and various governments are trying to force global markets to comply with their agendas.

India may become the third largest economy by 2030, overtaking Japan and Germany (12.1.22) CNBC

Virgin Islands AG Fired Three Days After Suing JPMorgan Over Jeffrey Epstein (1.3.23)

FDA, Concerned About Safety, Explores Regulating CBD in Foods, Supplements (12.27.22)

NOTE: This means it works and big pharma want it stopped

SEC Chairman Gensler Scrubbed Evidence of Clinton, Soros And Pelosi Meetings FOIA Lawsuit (12.13.22)

BlackRock, State Street Admit Signing Net-Zero Pledges They Don’t Act On (12.29.22)

EU Announces Agreement to Reform Europe’s Carbon Market, Cap Natural Gas Prices (12.19.22)

State AGs Sound the Alarm About BlackRock, Vanguard Buying Large Stakes in Utilities (12.19.22)

 Arizona Treasurer Divests from BlackRock over Political Activism, ESG Advocacy(12.8.22)

Florida pulls $2 billion in state investments from BlackRock over concerns regarding social engineering & ESG initiatives (12.1.22)

Vanguard Quits Net Zero Climate Effort, Citing Need For Independence (12.7.22)

Companies Must Reduce Impact on Biodiversity Under New U.N. Rules (12.19.22) WSJ

Pope Francis Issues New Finance Rules for Foundations Linked to Holy See (12.6.22)

France’s Emmanuel Macron says Biden agenda could fragment the West (12.1.22)

Gioorgia Meloni to ReVoke Benefits From Italians Who Refuse a Job Offer (11.22.22)


The political corruption and attempts to control people, as well as markets, are also rampant internationally. “As Statista’s Martin Armstrong notes, Greek politician Eva Kaili, vice-president of the European Parliament, was charged with corruption in a case linked to Qatar and imprisoned on Sunday in Brussels, along with three other people.  The investigators’ suspicions relate to large sums of money allegedly paid by the 2022 World Cup host country to influence European politics.  Last spring, an average of 68 percent of respondents in an EU-wide survey said corruption was widespread in their country. So why should it be any different in Strasbourg or Brussels? As Statista’s infographic shows, Greece leads all EU countries in the perception of corruption.

Infographic: Is Corruption Widespread in the EU? | Statista

The unelected representatives of the United Nation and the EU continue to ignore national sovereignty and impose their own agenda and personal moral imperatives on the rest of the world.  Even 99-year-old Henry Kissinger has warned these groups to stop pressing their agendas and to negotiate an end to the Ukraine-Russia conflict, which Putin has said he is prepared to do.  China’s mismanagement and totalitarian handling of their own manufactured C-19 bio-weapon are causing great internal unrest and international concerns.  The unelected bureaucrats in Brussels are not only sanctioning Russia, but their own members for non-compliance.  Many national governments and international agencies are not in agreement with the citizens, to whom they are supposed to be subject.  Lines are being drawn and what will happen next is unclear.

Socialist EU Vice President Arrested, Accused of Taking Bribes From Arab State to Influence European Parliament (12.10.22)

A Corruption Scandal is Currently Rocking the European Union (12.16.22)

EU, G-7 Wait on Poland to Advance Russian Oil-Price Cap (12.2.22) WSJ

Kissinger It’s Time for Negotiated Peace In Ukraine to Avoid World War (12.18.22)

Netanyahu Despicable UN Vote Has No Bearing on Israel (1.1.22)

State Dept. Joins Globalist Movement on Internet Rules; New Programs Look to End Online Anonymity (10.24.22)

Russia Bans Sales of Oil to Countries Imposing Price Cap (12.27.22) WSJ

Russia’s Oil Ban Accelerates Shift in Global Energy Flows (12.30.22) WSJ

Putin Ready to Negotiate End to Ukraine War, But West Wants to Tear Apart Russia (12.26.22)

Indian and Chinese Forces Clash on Border, Indian Army Says (12.12.22) WSJ

Dutch Gov’t Attempts To Forcibly Close 3,000 Farms To Comply With Green Agenda (12.11.22)

South Africa President Ramaphosa is facing the threat of impeachment over Farmgate scandal (12.1.22)

London Mayor Unveils Crippling Vehicle Emission Charge For All Of London, Despite 80% Opposition (11.29.22)

Huge Protests Erupt in China’s Xinjiang Over Strict Zero-COVID Curbs (11.2.22)

EU Accuses Washington Of Making A Fortune From Ukraine War (11.27.22)

Dutch Gov’t Attempts To Forcibly Close 3,000 Farms To Comply With Green Agenda (12.11.22)

Blackmail EU Votes to freeze 11.5 Billion Euros in Aid To Hungary Over Pro-Family Policies (12.8.22)

Brussels Bailing Out Ukraine Will Ruin Europe For Generations, Hungary’s Orban Warns (12.8.22)

France’s Emmanuel Macron Says Biden Agenda Could Fragment the West (12.1.22)

It Was Never About Ukraine (11.26.22)

Ron Paul Washington’s Dangerous Ukraine Boondoggle Is Starting To Unravel (11.22.22)

Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity,

COVID Lockdown Protests Erupt In Beijing, Xinjiang After Deadly Fire (11.27.22)

What’s Next

Things are about to radically change in the state of MI and we need to think through, pray through, strategize and be ready for the changes that are coming. We need to clearly understand where we are, shift our focus and change what we were doing before to deal with the conditions we now live in.

Q-3 Economic & Political Update

At the end of September, I was sitting in a hotel breakfast room at 6:00 AM watching the Bloomberg channel.  The focus was on the current conditions of the US economy and markets and their analysis of those numbers – numbers are the one thing that they are forced to report accurately.  The analysis was completely negative with an outlook for worsening conditions. The US economy and markets are about to topple over that looming economic cliff, while many other nations have already begun their descent… but the mainstream US media is not reporting on it.  The tangible ramifications of these numbers and conditions on people’s lives is completely absent and disconnected from the media’s analysis.  The elite parties who are largely driving markets and economic activity do not want the world to know that their agendas, packaged as the friendly and just social and economic movements that will save the world, are actually causing this destruction and over-burdening struggling families by causing the cost of food, utilities, and other necessities to inflate. The world’s experts and analysis are lacking, because they lack spiritual understanding and discernment, and are guided by the information (or misinformation) fed to them by controlling interests, thus they can provide no answers or guidance.  So, financial planners and brokers simply repeat the mantra: “Don’t do anything, markets go up and down and if you just ride it out, you’ll be fine.”

In the 2008 crisis, the average person lost 57.5% of market invested funds, and it took most about seven years to get back to where they were.  Why would anyone choose that course?   All signs and sources are telling us that world economies and markets are not doing well and are expected to worsen.  Both sides of the continuum, Goldman Sachs, Chase Bank, Bloomberg and the WSJ, as well as Glenn Beck, the Epoch Times and other conservative and liberal economists are predicting a severe down turn on the horizon.  If you haven’t made a move based on what you believe is going to happen, you may want to act soon, as the markets are already down over 20% since January.

The Epoch Times reported: “In a dialogue kicking off the first in-person meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) since the pandemic, the chiefs of the two institutions warned of a series of compounding crises threatening livelihoods, including persistent inflation and a growing risk of a global recession.” 

Inflation in the US is at a four-decade high, mortgage rates are now over 7%, and home sales are tanking along with the financial markets.  The US and other world economies are being destroyed by irrational climate agendas and regulation, forced electric car buying, closed pipelines, banned oil drilling, and refusal to utilize environmentally clean, safe and cost-effective nuclear power.  Diesel fuel reserves are at the lowest point they have been in 71 years. Europe is already experiencing utility shortages and sky-rocketing prices, and the outlook for the rest of the world is not good; you may want to ensure you have some extra provisions on hand in the days ahead.

The Federal government’s mismanagement is glaring for everyone to see and is reflecting in the polls as we approach mid-term elections.   There are some states, however, like Florida and Texas that are bucking downward economic trends, while others like California and New York seem to be driving their economies off the proverbial cliff faster than the Federal government.  In fact, there is a striking difference between most red states and blue states in both current and future economic outlooks.  CA and NY have been the greatest exit states by individual and businesses for the last four years, as people flow into more economically friendly and stable states like TX.

Goldman, BofA See Worst Year Since 2008 For European Equities (10.24.22)–bofa-see-worst-year-since-2008-for-european-equities-70265.html

Fuel Company Issues Diesel Shortage Warning Says US Rapidly Devolving (10.30.22)

With Diesel Reserves At 71-Year Low, Lincoln Trucking Company is at Wit’s End (11.1.22)

US Has Only 25 Days of Diesel Supply; Shortage Could Cripple Economy (10.22.22)

Diesel Market to Stay Tight Into Winter Says Chevron Chairman (10.29.22)

Tucker Carlson the US is About to Run Out of Diesel Fuel (10.28.22)

IMF, World Bank Chiefs Issue Dire Warnings on Recession, Inflation (10.10.22)

Inflation Sits at 8.2% as Core Prices Hit Four-Decade High (1013.22) WSJ

Mortgage Rates Near an Astonishing 7% (9.28.22)

Fed Raises Interest Rates by 0.75 Percentage Point for Third Straight Meeting (9.21.22) WSJ

US Home Sales Tanking: Industry Leaders Weigh in on What’s Next (10.9.22)

Home Values Plunge in Some U.S. Cities as Mortgage Rates Rise (9.21.22)

Existing Home Sales Fall To A 10-Year Low In September, As Mortgage Rates Soar (10.20.22) CNBC

Dems’ Climate Bill Overrules Supreme Court, Expands EPA’s Control Over Energy Industry (8.24.22)

Red States Are Building a Nation Within a Nation (7.26.22)

Florida Has Recovered Over 960,000 of 1.3 Million Jobs Lost in Pandemic (8.25.21)

Florida’s Unemployment Rate Drops to Historic Low of 2.7% (8.22.22)

California Governor Signs ‘Most Aggressive’ Package of Green Laws (9.17.22)

Why Leaving California Is Rapidly Growing in Popularity (9.17.22)

California State Water Board Tells Ranchers to Stop Taking Water For Agriculture (8.24.22)

California Will Ban Sales of New Gas-Powered Cars by 2035 (8.24.22)


In September, the Epoch Times wrote: “The Bank of England (BOE) was forced to enact, de facto, a bailout of the pension funds of the United Kingdom.  On Sept. 28, around noon, the Bank of England stepped (back) into the gilt markets and started buying government bonds with longer maturities to stop the collapse in their value, which could have caused the financial system to become unhinged. Pension funds were faced with major margin calls, which threatened to cause a rapidly cascading run on their liabilities, as trust in their liquidity and solvency would have become questioned by a widening circle of investors and customers. In October, CNBC reported, “The Bank of England on Tuesday announced an expansion of its emergency bond-buying operation as it looks to restore order to the country’s chaotic bond market.  The central bank said it will widen its purchases of U.K. government bonds…  The move marks the second expansion of the Bank’s extraordinary rescue package in as many days, after it increased the limit for its daily gilt purchases on Monday ahead of the planned end of the purchase scheme on Friday.”

Central banks across the board have been intervening in the economies of their nations in an attempt to keep things afloat.  Unfortunately, most are coming up short, because they have printed too much money and taken on too much debt, and their currencies, along with national economies, are in a downward spiral.  Argentina’s central bank raised its interest rate to 75% in an attempt to curb its inflation which is nearing 100%.  Large international banks, the EU’s Deutche Bank, and China’s Evergrande Bank are teetering on insolvencies.  The UN demanded that central banks switch to price controls, which have never worked in any country that has enacted them.  IMF officials think governments should all have a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) to control what people spend their money on.  However, Central Banks, knowing what happens next in these conditions, are buying billions of pounds of gold and manipulating gold prices.  

The UN Demands All Central Banks Stop Rate Hikes And Switch To Price Controls Instead (10.5.22)

Central Bank Digital Currencies Would Let Governments Control What People Spend Money On Says IMF Official (10.1.22)

Central Bankers Are Secretly Hoarding Billions of Pounds of Gold; Bankers Caught Manipulating Price (9.15.22) Facts Matter

Bank of England intervenes in bond markets again, warns of ‘material risk’ to UK financial stability (10.11.22)

A Banking Crisis Looms (10.4.22)

Argentina to Hike Interest Rates to 75% as Inflation Nears 100% (9.15.22)

Reserve Bank of Australia Goes Bust After Losing A$44.9 Billion – Now It Has No Choice But to Print More Money

India’s Central Bank Calls Aggressive Monetary Policy a Shock to Global Economy (9.30.22)

Moody’s Drops China Evergrande Rating on Lack of Information (10.11.22)

China Evergrande’s Debt-Crisis Fallout: Losses, Layoffs and More Defaults(10.13.22) WSJ


ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) is a system used by authoritarian governments, multinational corporations, and global elites attempting to control the behaviors of their citizens, by rewarding or penalizing them for their actions.  China has fully integrated the ESG system and the people that follow their rules go to the best schools, get the best jobs, live in the nicest places, get the best vacations, etc.  Those who don’t follow the rules, don’t get home loans, can’t go to better schools, get better jobs, or have the same privileges and freedoms as compliant citizens for as long as they resist.  The UN, WEF, Facebook, Google, Bill Gates, George Soros, and unfortunately some US banks, insurance companies, financial institutions, and other large US companies are incorporating factors like climate change, vaccination, religious affiliation, race, and sexual preference, into their decision making.  This goes against the US Constitution and the freedom and equality America and many other nations desire to stand for. 

Lifesite News reported: “The Federal Reserve has taken a major step in the direction of facilitating an ESG compliant monetary network that effectively acts as a parallel system to that of the Chinese Communist Party’s infamous social credit scoring system.  The Fed said in a statement Thursday: Six of the nation’s largest banks will participate in a pilot climate scenario analysis exercise designed to enhance the ability of supervisors and firms to measure and manage climate-related financial risks. Scenario analysis—in which the resilience of financial institutions is assessed under different hypothetical climate scenarios—is an emerging tool to assess climate-related financial risks, and there will be no capital or supervisory implications from the pilot.  In other words, The Fed is working with the big banks to monitor their ability to comply with the ruling class’s preferred enviro statist technocratic tyranny.” 

The push for ESG scoring is starting to lose ground as individuals and states push back.  Attorney generals from 19 states have launched an investigation of major financial institutions and their attempt to implement the UN sponsored Net-Zero Alliance.  Many states have divested their state pensions out of Black Rock, the largest financial institution and pension provider in the world.  This has caused WEF founding member Black Rock to lose massive amounts of capital, to be downgraded by USB, and to begin to backtrack on its socio-economic globalist agenda.

Corporate America Is Learning The Hard Way – Go Woke, Go Broke (10.13.22)

 BlackRock Downgraded by UBS Over Growing ESG Investing Risks (10.16.22)

BlackRock Profit Falls 16% (10.13.22) WSJ

Federal Reserve Announces Social Credit System Exercise To Ensure Banks Comply With Climate Models (10.3.22)

Federal Reserve Announcement 6 Large Banks Will Participate in Pilot Climate Scenario or Social Credit System (10.10.22)

19 States to Investigate Banks for ESG-Style Commitment to UN Alliance (10.19.22)

Musk Suggests Twitter Board Lied to Court; BlackRock’s ESG Agenda Begins to Crumble (11.1.22)

Insurers Flex Muscles Ahead of COP27 by Refusing to Finance Oil & Gas (10.27.22)

South Carolina to Divest $200 Million From Blackrock Over ‘Leftist World View’ (10.10.22)

Missouri Divests $500 Million From Blackrock In Latest Red-State ESG Pushback (10.18.22)

BlackRock, European Firms Face Texas Pension Ban Over Energy Policies (8.24.22) CNN

Exposing BlackRock’s ESG Hypocrisy This investment is Way riskier than fossil fuels (8.25.22)

The ESG Investing Backlash Arrives (8.15.22) WSJ

High ESG Scores Foreshadow Economic Decline (8.20.22)

States Warn BlackRock to Stop Pushing Political Agenda (8.17.22)


Epoch Times wrote: “The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said that central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) could potentially allow a government to control what people spend their hard-earned cash on. Speaking at the IMF-World Bank annual meeting on Oct. 15, Deputy Managing Director Bo Li said that a CBDC could improve “financial inclusion” through programmability.  “A CBDC can allow government agencies and private sector players to program, to create smart contracts, to allow targeted policy functions,” Li explained. “For example, welfare payments, for example, consumption coupons, for example, food stamps.”  “By programming CBDC, that money can be precisely targeted for what kind of people can own [CBDC] and for what kind of use this money can be utilized, for example for food.” In another quote by the Epoch Times, “Francis Hunt is a chartered market analyst with over 30 years of successful trading experience. He is an expert on global markets.  Hunt sees major trouble ahead as inflation destroys the value of government bonds. He says we’re already seeing this play out in Britain and Japan, and that it’s only a matter of time before it reaches the United States.  He predicts governments will react by introducing central bank digital currencies (CBDC). The International Monetary Fund recently confirmed CBDCs could be used to control exactly what people spend their money on.”

The US and the world are moving rapidly toward the establishment of national digital currencies.  In mid-September, the White House and Federal Reserve issued a regulatory structure for a US Digital dollar, and many other nations have issued similar statements and plans.  It is no coincidence that these regulatory frameworks have been put in place at this time, or that the IMF, World Bank, White House, Federal Reserve, and ECB are all actively moving toward CBDCs.  The question is not if, but when the US, and the world, will go fully digital.  Recognizing the possibility of a US CBDC, the current administration has developed policy objectives for such a  currency. At the end of March, EO 14067 was issued, instructing the Federal Reserve and US Treasury Department to research and report back on the pros & cons of going digital, and what would be required to make this transition.  In July, Chairman Powell reported back to the House and Senate that, in order for the US dollar to retain its supremacy, it would need to go digital.  On Sept 16, 2022, the White House released, “Framework for a Responsible Development of Digital Assets,” to guide this transition.  With this framework in place, the transition can be initiated anytime in the near future.  (For more information please refer to my Rumble presentations):

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White House Releases First-Ever Plan For Regulating Crypto (9.18.22) The Blaze

White House Releases First-Ever Comprehensive Framework for Responsible Development of Digital Assets (9.16.22)


The Epoch Times Reported: “America’s recessionary drums beat louder in August as a key economic gauge from the Conference Board dropped for the sixth month in a row, with a “major driver” being the Fed’s aggressive rate hikes.  The Leading Economic Index (LEI) for the United States, which is a forward-looking gauge made up of 10 individual indicators, fell by 0.3 percent in August, the Conference Board said on Sept. 22. The latest reading brings the total six-month drop to 2.7 percent in the LEI measure, which is designed to predict business cycle shifts including recessions.  “The US LEI declined for a sixth consecutive month potentially signaling a recession.” Just The News wrote, The key metric fell 329.60 points on Monday, marking a 1.11% decline, placing the index in bear market territory, per MarketWatch.  A bear market is traditionally defined as a 20% decline from a recent high.  On Friday, the Dow Jones plunged below 30,000, effectively erasing all of the stock market’s gains since President Joe Biden took office.  The S&P 500 also reached a low point for the year 2022, dropping 1.03% to 3,655.04, while the third major index, the Nasdaq Composite, dropped 0.6% to 10,802.92.  A major index officially plunging into a bear market adds pressure on the Biden administration, which has sought to redefine the formal definition of an economic recession following consecutive quarters of economic decline, the traditional benchmark.

Recession Signals Intensify as Key Economic Gauge Drops for 6th Straight Month (9.26.22)

US Debt Tops $31 Trillion for First Time Ever on Biden Admin Spending Spree (10.5.22)

Digital Dollars & 3 More Terrifying Economic Changes Happening Right Now (9.19.22)

Dow Officially Enters Bear Market (9.26.22)


The US economy is faltering with markets down over 20% and global economies and markets suffering even greater downward trajectories. Europe is, and will be, experiencing serious fuel shortages and price increases, crippling their factories and burdening citizens who can’t afford enough fuel to heat their homes or drive their cars.  Some governments have also passed regulations limiting the minimum and maximum temperatures allowed in homes and businesses. All of this is being carried out by design in the name of a manufactured and avoidable “energy crisis” caused by calculated actions for the purpose of forcing the world to accept a massive over-arching climate change control agenda; an authoritarian agenda that benefits only elite interests and will cause a domino effect of destruction and suffering across all spheres of society. 

The Epoch Times reported: “Eurozone inflation rose above 10 percent this month as economies across the 19-nation bloc begin to slow.  Rising prices throughout the continent have put immense pressure on countries throughout the region. Preliminary data from the European Union’s statistics agency showed inflation hitting an annual rate of 10.7 percent for October, for the highest monthly reading since the creation of the eurozone

The WSJ reported: “The only inflation that isn’t out there is inflated stock gains.  The numbers weren’t pretty for third-quarter performance of U.S.-stock mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, as the market absorbed the economy’s inflation troubles and the Federal Reserve’s attempts to corral the problem with interest-rate boosts.  The average U.S.-stock fund fell 4.5% in the quarter, according to Refinitiv Lipper data. The average fund is down 24.8% for the year to date. Only a handful of stock-fund managers have managed to stay in positive territory.” 

Gas prices have doubled in some places, real estate markets have slowed, credit default swaps and derivatives are back, interest rates are up, homes are less affordable, building is more costly, and layoffs more likely.  China’s economy and markets are in bad shape as well, due to their Covid regulations, depressed real estate markets, failing banks, and Orwellian controls over dissatisfied citizens. 

Stock Funds Down 24.8% in 2022 (10.7.22) WSJ

Inflation in the Eurozone Hits 10.7 Percent as Growth Sharply Declines (11.1.22)

Inside the Latest Supply Chain Crisis (10.18.22)

China’s Factory Activity Drops, Bogged Down by More Covid Controls (10.31.22)

China’s Property Market Has Slid Into Severe Depression, Real-Estate Giant Says (8.30.22) WSJ

Airline Ticket Prices Set to Soar Ahead of Holiday Season (10.12.22)

Energy Crisis Could Cut Europe’s Car Output Nearly 40% – S&P Global Mobility (10.12.22)

EU Energy Crisis Is Its Own Responsibility – Putin (10.12.22)—Putin-20221012-0019.html

Here Are All The Companies Fleeing Crime-Infested Chicago (10.6.22)

Almost All CEOs Are Preparing For A Recession, More Than Half Are Considering Layoffs (10.5.22)

Wall Street Banks Are Doubling Down on Risk by Selling Credit Default Swaps on their Risky Derivatives Counterparties (10.6.22)

OPEC Agrees to Sharply Cut Oil Output in Blow to Biden (10.5.22)

New York set to join California in banning new gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035 (10.3.22)

California First State To Ban Natural Gas Heaters & Furnaces (9.8.22)

Amazon to Close, Scrap Plans for Warehouses Across US Amid Slowing Sales Growth (9.4.22)

Scholz Announces a $65 Billion Relief Package in Germany (9.4.22)

Oil Industry Execs Lash Out At Botched Energy Transition (10.16.22)

This Energy Move Shows We Live Under Soft Authoritarianism (9.19.22) GB

Crippling Energy Bills Force Europe’s Factories to Go Dark (9.19.22)

Beyond Meat Sales Plummet, Considered Too ‘Woke’ For Consumers (9.26.22)

Jamie Dimon Says Stopping Oil & Gas Production Would be Road to Hell for US (9.22.22)

Germany Working on Historic Takeover of Three Gas Companies (9.1.22) WSJ

US Power Grid Needs Trillions in Upgrades to Accommodate Renewable Energy Demands (9.21.22)

8 Numbers Prove Our Economy & Energy Crisis Are Worsening in the US & EU (8.30.22) htps://

UK Energy Bills to Rise By 80% in October as Regulator Announces Hike (8.26.22) CNBC

Federal Government Imposes First-of-Its-Kind Fee on Greenhouse Gas Emissions (8.24.22)

Germany to Keep Last Three Nuclear-Power Plants Running in Policy U-Turn (8.16.22) WSJ

BBC Puts Hundreds of Jobs on the Chopping Block in Push to Go Digital (9.29.22)


I’ll keep my comments in this section brief due to the length of this update and all that’s happening in the world and you can check out the source links for more details.  Simon Black gives a great presentation in the podcast below, on the rise and fall of empires, definitely worth a listen.  Since the US media only tells you what the elite interests who own these outlets want you to know, the second article below will tell you about the massive demonstrations and unrest going on in the rest of the world.  The Ukraine/Russian crisis is ongoing, but after destroying the illegal biological labs and annexing the four Ukrainian territories which were taken from Russia after WWII, Putin has basically accomplished his stated goals and indicated he means only to maintain this ground and Russian sovereignty from the intrusion of the global elite and the agendas they’re forcing on the rest of the world.  The US, however, refuses to stop its continued involvement and now has boots on the ground in Ukraine in the form of inspectors (the same method by which the US first became involved in Vietnam). 

The EU is a mess because of its economy and position on Ukraine.  Their sanctions against Russia are the primary reason for their fuel and food shortages and inflated costs.  Putin has said, if the EU lifts its sanctions, Russia will be happy to provide them with all the fuel, food and other resources they need.  The EU is also trying to push price controls on oil-producing members to help non-producing members, creating further disunity within their union, and they’re also sanctioning their own members again. The new UK Prime Minister only lasted 6 weeks after Boris Johnson resigned, causing further internal instability, as well as diminishing their credibility in the eyes of other nations. 

Greece and Turkey are threatening each other.  China and India are still physically fighting each other in border battles, Iran is laying claim to Bahrain, Ethiopia continues to have internal conflict and China says it’s preparing to take back Taiwan.  Nicaragua’s government has broken ties with the Netherlands, pushed out the EU ambassador, and announced it will not accept Washington’s new representative in the country.  Needless to say, there are both wars and rumors of war throughout the world.     

The Rise of the Barbarian Kingdoms (9.9.22) SMC 

Has the Media Told You About the Massive Protests Happening All Over Europe Right Now (10.17.22)

Pentagon Confirms US Boots Are On The Ground In Ukraine (11.1.22)

Putin Announces Official Annexation of 4 Ukrainian Territories (9.30.22)

Europe Will Freeze This Winter & America Can’t Help Them (10.18.22) T

EU’s sanctions against conservative Hungary, Poland forgotten in midst of actions against Russia (10.10.22)

Truss Resigns as UK Prime Minister After Just 6 Weeks in Post (10.20.22)

French Government in Crisis Talks as Fuel Shortages Worsen (10.17.22)

People in Poland are burning garbage, and Romania is capping firewood prices as desperation grows amid Europe’s energy crisis (10.6.22)

Europeans are hoarding wood, cleaning chimneys, and mulling horse dung as winter looms in an energy crisis (10.822)

EU Fumes as US, Norway Energy Profits Put Solidarity to the Test (10.6.22)

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South Africa May Soon Take Land Without Compensation (10.9.22)

Saudi Arabia releases lengthy statement saying Biden asked for delay in oil production cut to November (1013.22)

Holding Ground, Losing War (9.22.22)

Fighting Erupts Again in Ethiopia, as U.S. Tries to Restart Peace Talks (10.13.22) WSJ

Rest of the World Thinks the U.S. Probably Sabotaged the Nord Stream Pipeline, But it Doesn’t Show Up in Our Media (10.3.22)

Retired Pentagon Advisor Says The U.S. Is The Most Likely to Destroy Nord Stream Pipelines (10.4.22)

Deliberate Destruction of Nord Stream Poses Huge Threats to World Peace, But Who Did It (10.4.22)

Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega Escalates Diplomatic Crisis with US & Europe (10.3.22)

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Biden Admin to Continue Draining Oil From Strategic Reserves Through Election Day (9.19.22)

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Conservative, anti-woke leader Giorgia Meloni wins Italian election (9.26.22)

Biden Administration Intentionally Weakening Military: Retired General (9.15.22)

Iran’s New Ploy to Disrupt the Mideast: Laying Claim to Bahrain (9.21.22)

Russia Floats Bioweapons Proposal (9.19.22)

Iran Unveils Missile it Says Can Strike All of Middle East & Parts of Europe (9.22.22)

Germany is committing national suicide (9.14.22)

Tremendous Concern Grips Israeli Officials as New Iran Nuclear Deal Inches Closer (9.13.22)

Iran & Russia Furious With Europe Over Nuclear Talks (9.14.22)

Protests Break Out in Wuhan, Residents Demand Lifting of Lockdowns (9.5.22)

70,000 take to the streets in Prague to protest Czech government, EU & NATO (9.5.22)

Taiwan Fires Warning Shots at Chinese Drone Near Offshore Island (8.30.22)

Growing Fears Over Food Security and Price Hikes as Severe Droughts Hit Crop Production Around Globe (8.24.22)

Biden Revives Biggest Offshore Oil and Gas Lease Sale in America’s History (8.18.22)

UK Average Electricity Cost Will Soar to $5,370 Per Year By 2023 (8.13.22)

UK Inflation Hits New 40-Year High Of 10.1% As Food And Energy Price Surge Continues (8.17.22) CNBC

Germany to Keep Last Three Nuclear Power Plants Running In Policy U-Turn (8.16.22)

The World’s Biggest Woke Investor Just Took Millions In Saudi Oil Money (8.16.22)

Senate Democrats use Inflation Reduction Act’ to pass climate change initiatives, IRS expansion (8.9.22)

Q-2 Economic & Political Update

In less than two years the US has gone from a respected world superpower to a failing banana republic.  The supply chain, which has efficiently operated for 200 years, is purposely being dismantled, inflation is 9%, the price of gas has doubled, we’ve gone from an oil export nation to an oil-dependent nation, our military leadership has gone woke and, along with our president and vice-president, are no longer respected.  The US Stock market had the worst six-month performance since 1872, and after two consecutive quarters of a sinking economy (which is the definition of a Recession), US market analysts, economists, and even the media are voicing concerns.  The Biden Administration’s answer to the problem is to redefine the definition of recession and raise federal income taxes on its citizens. 

The WSJ wrote, “The U.S. economy shrank for a second quarter in a row—a common definition of recession—as businesses trimmed their inventories, the housing market buckled under rising interest rates, and high inflation took steam out of consumer spending.”  Simon Black wrote, “The Board of Trustees for Social Security released its annual report. And, once again, it was a scathing indictment of the program’s solvency.  Primarily, the report points out that, since 2008, the cost of Social Security has been “increasing much more rapidly than [its income] and is projected to continue to do so through about 2040.”  And at that rate, the trustees (who are the US Secretary of State, Secretary of Labor, and Secretary of Health and Human Services explain, “Trust Fund reserves become fully depleted in 2034”. 

The expectation for the second half of 2022 is bleak; the US stock market, housing market and economy will continue to falter and the USD will continue to devalue, while interest rates, inflation, unemployment and national debt will continue to rise.

Recession Fears Loom as U.S. GDP Falls for Second Quarter in a Row (7.28.22) WSJ

Democrats Massive Bill Will Affect Your Wallet (8.1.22)

Democrat Proposals Increase Taxes on Millions of Americans (7.30.22)

Uncharted Territory U.S. debt will nearly double GDP within 30 years, Feds say (7.28.22) WSJ

JPMorgan CEO Dimon Sums Up U.S. Economy In One Paragraph And It Sounds Bad  (7.14.22)

Inflation and a Probable Recession Are Eroding Americans’ Freedom (7.9.22)

June Inflation Hits 9.1 Percent, New 40-Year High (7.13.22)

Social Security is Still Insolvent, But You Can Do Something About It (7.18.22) SMC

Houses for Sale Are Staying on the Market Longer as Bidding Wars Fizzle, Demand Sinks (7.25.22)

Oil Billionaire Blasts Biden’s Gas Price Blame Game, Says Only One Thing Will Fix Inflation (6.27.22)

Biden Economic Adviser on High Gas Prices: “This Is About The Future Of The Liberal World Order” (6.30.22)

Ship of Fools 62% of Biden Officials Who Handle Economic Policy Have Zero Years Business Experience Per Report (7.13.22)

Banking & Central Banking

The Fed raised interest rates another .75% in an attempt to slow inflation, but Chairman Powell has repeatedly said rates will need to go much higher for these efforts to be successful.  Fed Vice-Chair Lael Brainerd is urging the US to move swiftly towards digitizing the US dollar.  Reuters wrote:

The development of an official digital version of the U.S. dollar could help safeguard its global dominance as other countries issue their own, Fed Chair Jerome Powell said on Friday, weighing in with generally positive remarks on a hot-button topic at the central bank that has left policymakers divided.  “A U.S. CBDC (central bank digital currency) could… potentially help maintain the dollar’s international standing,” Powell said in introductory remarks to a research conference held by the central bank on the international roles of the dollar.  The Fed has just finished a four-month public consultation period soliciting opinions on the idea of a digital dollar.  Fed Vice Chair Lael Brainard has emerged as a key supporter while Fed Governor Chris Waller has made the case against.  Ten countries have already launched central bank digital currencies and another 105 countries are exploring the option, according to the Atlantic Council, leading to fears the dollar could lose some of its dominance to China.”

Interest Rates Increased 0.75 Percentage Points (7.27.22) WSJ

Fed’s Powell a U.S. Digital Dollar Could Help Maintain International Primacy (6.17.22)

Currency & Digital Currency

Both the hard currency markets and the cryptocurrency markets had a very volatile Q-2 and that volatility has continued into Q-3.  The Euro fell to a 20-year low, then slipped below parity with the USD, a trend that will likely continue.  The one currency that’s rising against the USD as well as all the other global currencies, is the Russian Ruble, a trend that is also expected to continue (refer to my Q-1 update for the reasoning behind the Ruble’s success).  The cryptocurrency markets were very volatile and some of them crashed and burned, especially those platforms which relied upon algorithms rather than reality.  Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban’s reputation is now tarnished because his crypto brokerage venture failed.  Despite the volatility referenced above, the US as well as 105 other countries, are preparing to eliminate hard currency and create national digital currencies like China did last January.

From Brazil to Nigeria, Global Crypto Adoption is on the Rise Despite Market Uncertainty (8.3.22)

A 1,000 Year Old Idea is the Latest Cryptocurrency Trend (7.27.22) SMC  

Fed’s Powell a U.S. Digital Dollar Could Help Maintain International Primacy (6.17.22)

Euro Drops to 20-Year Low, Approaches Parity With Dollar (7.11.22)

Euro Slips Below Dollar as Europe’s Economic Fortunes Slump (7.14.22) WSJ

Bankrupt Crypto Entrepreneurs Nowhere To Be Found After Investors Come Knocking (7.12.22)

Dallas Mavericks fans fume at Mark Cuban over Voyager crypto bankruptcy (7.6.22)

World Markets & Economies

 The WSJ summed up Q-2 pretty well: “Global markets closed out their most bruising first half of a year in decades, leaving investors bracing for the prospect of further losses.  Accelerating inflation and rising interest rates fueled a months-long rout that left few markets unscathed. The S&P 500 fell 21% through Thursday, suffering its worst first half of a year since 1970, according to Dow Jones Market Data. Investment-grade bonds, as measured by the iShares Core U.S. Aggregate Bond exchange-traded fund, lost 11%—posting their worst start to a year in history. The blue-chip Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 15%.Growth at U.S. manufacturing companies was its weakest in two years in July, but inflationary pressures showed signs of cooling as commodity prices eased, according to surveys of purchasing managers released Monday.

There are many reasons for the deteriorating US economy, and they almost all stem from the Biden Administration’s agenda-driven policies including purposeful attacks against US manufacturers, coal and oil producers, closures of pipelines, foreign policy and trade blunders, and misguided use of sanctions, which has backfired against the US and most of the world.  America is not the only country where agenda-driven policies are destroying the economy, international trade, and leaving citizens to suffer the consequences and pay the bill.  Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the European Union, the Netherlands, and UK all seem to be following the same script, which is discussed and formed at such gatherings as the World Economic Forum in Davos.  Even BlackRock suffered huge losses as reported by the WSJ and Epoch Times, “BlackRock, the world’s largest investment management firm with about $8.49 trillion in assets, recorded a $1.7 trillion loss in the first half of 2022, according to the company.  This was the biggest sum of money ever lost by a single company in a 6-month span, according to Marc Rubenstein, a Bloomberg analyst.  In the company’s second-quarter earnings report, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink attributed the immense decline to the collapse in the financial markets, blaming an environment of rampant price inflation, rising interest rates, and market carnage.”

Some bright spots in the US are many of the Red states whose economies are not heading south like many Blue states.  The Epoch Times reported, “Amidst predictions of a political “red wave” in the upcoming mid-term elections, an economic wave has been building for years with no end in sight as companies flood out of blue states and into red states. And as a result of its political divisions, America appears to now be dividing itself into prosperous, high-growth states and states that are suffering a chronic decline. But Democrat-run states believe their abortion policies could be a key factor in attracting companies back.  Caterpillar and Citadel, which in June announced their exit out of Illinois, are only the latest firms to leave high-tax, high-regulation states. Tesla, Hewlett Packard, Oracle, and Remington are also among the hundreds of companies flocking out of California, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey to business-friendly places like Texas, Florida, Arizona, and Tennessee. Relocating companies have spanned industries including tech, finance, media, heavy manufacturing, autos, and firearms.

More Companies Join the ‘Great Migration’ to Red States (7.2.22)

Stock Markets Post Worst First Half of a Year in Over Five Decades (7.11.22) WSJ

U.S. Factory Growth Slowed in July on Decline in Orders (8.1.22) WSJ

Big Cities Can’t Get Workers Back to the Office (7.27.22) WSJ

BlackRock, World’s Largest Asset Manager, Lost $1.7 Trillion in Clients’ Money This Year (7.22.22)

BlackRock Profit Falls 22% (7.15.22)

Australia Spent $2 Billion on Covid Camps That Will Likely Never Be Used (7.18.22)

Manufacturers Brace for Nord Stream Repairs, Fearing Pipeline Won’t Reopen (7.9.22)

China Set to Post the Slowest Growth in Two Years on Zero-Covid Policy (7.14.22) WSJ

Green Energy’s Dirty Secret Its Hunger for African Resources (6.30.22)

Political Unrest

The Biden Administration’s failed handling of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, combined with Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, have created the greatest chance for a WWIII, since WWII.  The RT News reported, “The Ukrainian leader said that helping his country should be more important for Americans than domestic concerns. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has told British broadcaster Piers Morgan that inflation and coronavirus are “nothing” compared to Ukraine’s struggle, and Americans should support aid for Kiev “until we win.””  Zelensky has already received over $50 Billion in American tax dollars along with weapons and other aid, which is far more than a country in which the US has no strategic interest should ever have received, especially in such a controversial and historically complex conflict. 

The Biden Administration has been forced to finish parts of the border wall Trump had built, as illegal immigrants continue to pour into the US at record levels.  The administration is also losing ground in their battle to perpetuate Covid hysteria and restrictions, but with mid-term elections only 3 months away and a lack of facts and science to support their position, Monkeypox is now being declared the new world health emergency, New York, Los Angeles and Illinois have also proclaimed Monkeypox health emergencies.

The Epoch Times wrote: “The WHO now views the outbreak as a significant enough threat to global health that a coordinated international response is needed to prevent the virus from spreading further and potentially escalating into a pandemic,” Vallely said. Monkeypox is a disease primarily transmitted through the sexual activity of gay and bisexual men.  “I have decided that the global monkeypox outbreak represents a public health emergency of international concern,” WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in a July 23 statement.  Beware of this politically driven global organization that is funded by the global elite,” warned the article.

EU nations like Germany, France, Italy, and the Netherlands have also made some very poor choices in alignment with the aforementioned script these nations all seem to be following, which is causing double-digit inflation, as well as natural gas, oil, and food shortages.  Many of Europe’s leaders, including Boris Johnson (UK) and Mario Draghi (Italy), have been forced to resign, and long-time Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, is stepping down as well.  The Blaze reported:

 “Some of Germany’s biggest cities are preparing for an energy crunch this winter by shutting off warm water, limiting heat, and switching off lighting.  The German city of Hanover is attempting to reduce its energy consumption by 15%.  Between Oct. 1 and March 31, Hanover’s municipal buildings will not be allowed to be heated to a temperature over 68F. The city has banned the use of mobile air conditioning units and fan heaters.  The citizens of Hanover will be forced to take cold showers at city-run facilities. The German city will cut off hot water in public buildings, swimming pools, and gyms.”   

China’s economy has many issues, their largest bank is insolvent, they have overspent and printed too much money and are selling US treasuries, not only to hurt the US, but also to keep themselves afloat.  The WSJ reported that China posted its slowest growth rate in two years, which means it’s probably much worse.  Couple that with internal problems including Chinese leaders becoming disenchanted with and challenging Xi, and China appears to have some volatile times ahead.

UN, World Economic Forum Behind Global War on Farmers (7.27.22)

World Economic Forum Gas Prices Must Go Even Higher to Save Democracy (7.11.22)

5 War Possibilities for China, Taiwan, & U.S. Involvement (8.2.22)

They Are Right on Our Predicted Schedule Retired US Generals Issue Warning About New Pandemic Declaration (7.28.22)

SF, NY Declare Health Emergencies Over Monkeypox Outbreak (7.29.22)

Zelensky Tells Americans to Make Sacrifices for Ukraine (7.27.22)

Germany’s Biggest Cities Prepare For Looming Energy Crisis By Shutting Off Warm Water, Limiting Heat, And Switching Off Lighting (7.30.22)

Wheat Prices Surge Indicate Worse Food Crisis Ahead (7.25.22)

Netherlands Partnered with WEF to Subvert Global Food Ahead of Farm Bans; Bill Gates Involved (7.11.22)

On the Ground With the Farmers Blockade; True Reason Why Elites Plan to Confiscate Land | Facts Matter (7.11.22)

Dutch Farmers and the Globalist Agenda (7.12.22)

Dutch PM Slams ‘Life-Threatening’ Farmer Protests (7.28.22)

Alex Newman Explains UN Agenda 2030 Behind Farming Restrictions (7.20.22)

China holdings of U.S. debt fall below $1 trillion for the first time since 2010 (7.18.22)

China Set to Post the Slowest Growth in Two Years on Zero-Covid Policy (7.14.22) WSJ

Argentina’s Government Collapsing, People Refuse to Work Amid Major Subsidy Cuts (7.27.22)

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi Says He Will Resign (7.14.22) WSJ

Boris Johnson Announces Resignation as UK Prime Minister (7.7.22)

The Planned Gas Collapse; Panama Shutdown Signals Beginning of International Unrest (7.19.22)

Time Is Not on Kyiv’s Side Training, Weapons, and Attrition in Ukraine (6.28.22)

Russia’s Jan-April Current Account Surplus More Than Triples to $96 Billion (5.16.22) Reuters

Here’s How Team Biden is Fueling Food Inflation (5.10.22) NYP

India Bans Wheat Exports as Food Security Comes Under Threat (5.13.22) Bloomberg

Q-1 2022 Economic & Political Update

A lot happened in Q-1 and the first month of Q-2: Ukraine v Russia Conflict; Elon bought Twitter and turned a public company into a private company; Disney & Netflix stock took a freefall; Fauci said he is stepping down; the CDC, NIH, FDA, CIA, FBI and a number of other agencies have all admitted withholding information; Hillary Clinton & the DNC paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines to the FEC without complaint; Durham’s subpoenas have revealed massive amounts of information; the mainstream media discovered that Hunter Biden’s computer and all the information on it – exists; Joe Biden is shaking hands with the air and frequently has to be led off stage with white house staff clarifying what he said; inflation is eroding the buying power of the USD and the Feds raised interest rates for the first time since the 2008 crisis, with an additional half-percent hike planned in May. 

For the first time in over a century, there is a nation with a gold-backed currency and, for the first time ever, a major nation has replaced its paper currency with a national digital cryptocurrency.  US states have been banding together to deal with the southern border crisis and other areas of concern due to Federal inaction and\or mismanagement.  That’s a lot – if I were to fully address all of these issues this update would be over 100 pages, so I’ll attempt to be as succinct as possible and provide you with article and video links so you can dig deeper.

Twitter Accepts Elon Musk’s $44 Billion Takeover Bid (4.25.22)

Twitter Shares Rally as Reports Say Elon Musk’s Takeover Deal Close (4.25.22)

26 Governors Create Border Strike Force In the Absence of Federal Leadership (4.20.22)

Kash Patel: Durham Hits Clinton Campaign with Joint Venture Conspiracy; Sussmann Defense in Shambles (4.8.22)

Disney Stock Tumbles Amid Fallout From Florida Controversy (4.22.22)

Ukraine Russian Conflict

All wars are full of lies, in wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.”Winston Churchill

This conflict has affected every area normally covered by this update – central banks, currency, world markets and political unrest – so I will address this issue first.  Very little of what the mainstream media and political establishment have reported is true; there are many hidden agendas and unadvertised reasons everything has unfolded the way it has, and much history most people are unaware of.   John Pierpont Morgan said, “A man always has two reasons for doing anything: a good reason and the real reason.”  Let’s attempt to examine the real reasons for this conflict.

In the speech links below, Putin explains exactly why he’s in Ukraine.  He documents the mistruths, broken agreements and blatant encroachments on its borders and sovereignty by the US and NATO since 2014 and before.  Through a clear presentation of verifiable facts, Putin reveals how the US has been maliciously meddling in the sovereignty of Russia and other nations for their own benefit, as powerful nations have done through real or fabricated conflicts throughout history.  He details the massive corruption and failing economy in Ukraine, along with the outcry from its citizens for help, citizens in regions that used to be a part of Russia and who legally voted to be annexed back to Russia in 2014, due to the poor state of affairs in Ukraine.  But, as usual, corporate mainstream media and the current Administration aren’t interested in the truth, but only narratives that conceal their complicity and serve their own interests.  Watch Putin’s speeches in his own words and consider all the facts involved, as opposed to media claims of what is happening.  I’m not saying he’s right or good, but I am saying, much like Trump, the world leaders either respect him or hate him because he won’t fall in line with what the dominant interests want.  No one is in support of harming innocent people, but after the number of misleading, misappropriated, debunked, and/or staged pictures and video clips the media has dispersed in regard to this and countless other conflicts and socio-political issues, we should all use caution in discerning what really may or may not be going on.   

What they are not telling you:

  • Crimea and portions of Ukraine were taken from Russia after WWII and are comprised of 80% Russian people who, a decade ago, voted 80 % to be annexed by Russia – after the vote the people who wanted to be annexed began standing against the Ukrainian government and have been at civil war/unrest ever since
  • The Russian people in these areas claim severe persecution by Ukraine and were pleading for help, resulting in Putin’s decision to send in peacekeeping forces, as the US has done all over the world
  • After the breakup of the USSR, Russia kept its end of the bargain to withdraw from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet satellite nations on the condition that those nations did NOT become a part of NATO, however, 9 of the 13 nations were granted membership into NATO, clearly violating the agreement
  • George Soros wrote an op-ed that appeared in most of the major newspapers in support of Ukraine and against Russia… this alone should give us pause
  •  Hollywood and the media have been trying to demonize Russia for years, despite a lack of evidence or reasoning to do so; they worked hard to push the since debunked “Russia Collusion” conspiracy and to trash Trump and Putin and any relations with Russian whatsoever
  • No  nation and its  citizens in similar situations have been sanctioned and rejected like the Russian people have
  • Putin captured biological weapons labs that Ukraine and the US claimed did not exist
  • Under The Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on their Destruction Treaty the US, Europe and most of the  nations of the world agreed not to develop biological or chemical weapons; the US broke that international treaty by funding the Ukraine bio-weapon lab facilities, and then tried to cover it up
  • The US & EU overthrew the duly elected leader of Ukraine twice and inserted their own choice, current President Zelensky
  • Zelensky combined all of Ukraine’s TV stations into one channel under his control
  • Zelensky  banned 11 Political Parties and has used dictatorial executive power to crush descent and demonize and outlaw groups/parties that oppose him
  • The Russian Central Bank is the only independent central bank in the world; it is not owned by the banking cartel operated by the Rothschilds and other elite corporate  interests intent on maintaining their control of the world’s banking system and financial markets
  • Putin has made the Russian Ruble the world’s only gold-backed currency; all other leaders in the US and the world who have tried to stand against this cartel and separate from the federal reserve or world banking system, and back their currency by gold/precious assets, are no longer alive

There have been so many fabricated, mislabeled or staged pictures, videos, stories and false claims of Russian acts that the Epoch Times had to apologize for using some of other mainstream news sources, after discovering they were false. Pictures and stories like the Russian tank crushing a car when it was actually a Ukrainian tank, Zelensky with war gear which was a picture from years earlier, the ghost of Ukraine fighter pilot story, pictures of bombings from other wars/conflicts, and the list goes on.

The Biden Administration first denied the existence of any bio-weapons labs, then, less than a week later, the administration testified in a Senate hearing that they were concerned about Putin capturing the bio-labs that weren’t supposed to exist.  The US and Europe were flooding Ukraine with financial resources and military weaponry until Putin said any further military weaponry sent to Ukraine would be considered an act of war and he would attack and destroy further shipments. 

The facts coming to light are even causing military experts and analysts from the Department of National Intelligence (DNI) to question the narrative being presented.  Consortium News reported:

I know it’s hard … to swallow that the carnage and destruction could be much worse than it is,’ says the DIA analyst. ‘But that’s what the facts show. This suggests to me, at least, that Putin is not intentionally attacking civilians, that perhaps he is mindful that he needs to limit damage in order to leave an out for negotiations.’”  A second retired U.S. Air Force officer says:  “I’m frustrated by the current narrative—that Russia is intentionally targeting civilians, that it is demolishing cities, and that Putin doesn’t care.  Such a distorted view stands in the way of finding an end before true disaster hits or the war spreads to the rest of Europe. I know that the news keeps repeating that Putin is targeting civilians, but there is no evidence that Russia is intentionally doing so. In fact, I’d say that Russian could be killing thousands more civilians if it wanted to.”  These Pentagon sources confirm what Putin and the Russian Ministry of Defense have been saying all along: that instead of being “stalled,” Russia is executing a methodical war plan to encircle cities, opening humanitarian corridors for civilians, leaving civilian infrastructure like water, electricity, telephony and internet intact, and trying to avoid as many civilian casualties as possible. Until these Pentagon leaks it was difficult to confirm that Russia was entirely telling the truth and that corporate media were publishing fables cooked up by Ukraine’s publicity machine.” 

The US and Europe have applied the most extreme economic sanctions ever applied to a nation and its citizens, with woke companies, corporations, entertainment venues and nonprofit organizations penalizing any Russian company or individual operating inside or outside Russia.  These sanctions, however, have become a two-edged sword that will have some cutting repercussions for the US and EU.  The Epoch Times wrote:

The recent financial sanctions imposed on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine are threatening to weaken the dominance of the U.S. petrodollar as the world currency, said First Deputy Managing Director Gita Gopinath of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to The Financial Times. The sanctions may result in a more fragmented international monetary system, warned Gopinath.  She had previously said that the sanctions against Russia would not foreshadow the demise of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and that the Ukraine crisis would slow growth, but not cause a global recession. 

These sanctions have positioned Putin to do two things that the US & EU did not expect but fundamentally changed the international monetary system as we know it.  On March 28, Putin said all Russian exports will be paid in Rubles and on March 29, he backed the Ruble by gold.  Because the value of the Ruble had been artificially lowered by the sanctions, he now had enough gold to back the Ruble which has continued to rise ever since.   The result of Putin’s actions is that the Ruble, unlike any other world currency has a tangible backing and floor.  Every time the value of gold increases so does the Ruble and we all know what happens to gold in an economic crisis.  If that’s not enough, the only way that Europe, which desperately needs Russian goods (especially oil), can avoid the sanctions put on the Ruble is to purchase them with gold enlarging Russia’s gold holdings, double checkmate.  The day after Putin took these actions, India immediately aligned with Russia as did other countries around the world.

Vladimir Putin’s Speech on Ukraine, US Foreign Policy & NATO (2.24.22)  

Vladimir Putin’s Speech on Ukraine, and Recognition of Donbass (2.21.22)

Ukraine Demands Everyone Else Boycott Russia While Making Billions From Russian Gas (4.4.22)

US Officials Jeopardized US National Security by Helping to Destabilize Ukraine, Damage Relations With Russia (3.8.22) Truth Over News

India ready to bypass dollar in trade with Russia (3.28.22)

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Got Gold or Rubles Russia Just Broke the Back of the West (3.28.22)

It’s Official Russia Central Bank Announces Ruble Bound to Gold, 5000 Rubles per Gram (3.27.22)

The Disinformation Most Harmful to the US Public Isn’t Russian, its 100% Homegrown (3.23.22)

India ready to bypass dollar in trade with Russia (3.28.22)

Pentagon Drops Truth Bombs to Stave off War with Russia (3.23.22)

IMF Warns That Sanctions Against Russia Threaten to Weaken the Dominance of the Dollar (3.31.22)

Russia Says First Phase of War Over, Military Will Now Focus on Eastern Donbas (3.25.22)

Zelensky Combines Ukraine TV Stations Into One Channel Over Misinformation (3.21.22)

Zelensky Announces Ban on 11 Political Parties (3.20.22)

Putin Holds Massive Rally, Says Russia Will Prevail in Ukraine (3.18.22)

We Are at War With Russia (3.7.22)

Latin American Countries Divided Over Russian Invasion of Ukraine (3.12.22)

Banks & Central Banks

Russia’s backing of the Ruble by gold dwarfs any other news, as most other central banks of the world continue to print money and devalue their nation’s currencies,  making it more difficult for their citizens to make ends meet.  The Epoch Times wrote, “For the first time since 2018, the Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate by 25 basis points, increasing the target range for the rate to 0.25–0.5 percent.  The Fed completed its two-day Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) policy meeting on March 16, described by analysts as an important turning point for monetary policy.  Fed officials project six more rate increases for this year. The dot-plot, the main interest rate outlook by governors, shows a median short-term rate of 1.9 percent by the end of the year. It also estimates a median short-term rate of 2.8 percent in 2023 and 2024.”

CNBC reported, “Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell affirmed the central bank’s determination to bring down inflation and said Thursday that aggressive rate hikes are possible as soon as next month.  Powell said, 50 basis points will be on the table for the May meeting.  Hikes in interest rates will cause economic growth to slow and the economy to contract.”

“The European Central Bank will continue to lag behind the Federal Reserve in tightening monetary policy despite rising inflation,” said ECB President Christine Lagarde.  The WSJ went on to say, “That complicates the ECB’s task of removing pandemic-era stimulus measures to regain control over inflation without damaging the postpandemic recovery. Other major central banks, including the Fed, are moving ahead with plans for the most aggressive cycle of interest-rate increases in decades, with sweeping implications for global asset prices.”

Powell says taming inflation absolutely essential a 50 basis point hike possible for May (4.21.22)

Fed Paying Banks Not to Lend Has Cost $1.5 Billion in 4 Weeks (4.19.22)

ECB to Trail Fed in Tightening Monetary Policy Despite Rising Inflation (4.14.22) WSJ

Fed Raises Interest Rates for First Time Since 2018 to Fight Inflation (3.16.22)

Hard Currency & Cryptocurrency

Digital currency is coming soon to a country near you.  China went full digital Jan 1, 2022,   Australia and Canada both said they will go full digital between now and the end of 2024.  The UK introduced the digital pound which can now be used alongside the paper pound for the time being.  Reuters reported, “Biden signed an executive order requiring the government to assess the risks and benefits of creating a central bank digital dollar, as well as other cryptocurrency issues.

Many are looking forward to a digital currency while others have great concerns about a cashless society.  It’s important to understand there are currently over 7,800 different cryptocurrencies but they are dived into two main groups, government and non-government digital currencies.  Non-government cryptos, as long as they are peer-to-peer transactions and not exchanged on a platform or exchange, are not regulated; they are private and linked to no ledger or record of the transaction.  Government currencies are regulated and there will be a ledger and record of everything you buy or sell. Countries that replace their paper currency with a digital currency will eliminate banks as we know them because the Treasury or Finance Department of that country will now be your banker.  You will have no anonymity and little freedom with such a currency because the government would have the power to decide what you can buy and sell or if you’re allowed to buy and sell at the click of a button; this is the great concern in a cashless society.  In the absence of paper currency, it would be wise to have alternative assets with which to buy, sell or trade (i.e. gold, silver, commodities, non-governmental digital currency).

Digital & Cryptocurrency Basics (4.7.22)

Biden to Tax & Regulate Cryptocurrency (4.14.22)

Biden Orders Government to Study Digital Dollar, Other Cryptocurrency Risks (3.9.22)

Trudeau Budget Says Market Risks Require Gov’t to Study Possible Central Bank Digital Currency (4.12.22)

Cashless societies will almost certainly encourage gov’t abuses of power (4.7.22)

Great Britain Announces a Plan to Mint NFTs Through the Royal Mint in a Bid to Lead The Way In The Increasingly Digital Economy (4.4.22)

Biden’s Crypto EO Weighs Climate Change, Ponders Digital Dollar (3.10.22)

Australia is Eliminating Physical Currency, Expects To Become A Cashless Society by 2031 (3.8.22)

AMC to Accept Dodgecoin as Currency (4.20.22)

Bitcoin May Plummet to $30K as Tech Stocks Tank, Analysts Claim (4.12.22)

World Markets

Most stock markets dropped steadily in April due to a myriad of concerns including, supply chain issues, Ukraine Russia conflict, rising interest rates, inflation, increased regulation (which drives up the cost of doing business), lack of workers and shutting off of pipelines.  The WSJ wrote, “U.S. stocks fell, extending their April losses, as investors digested earnings reports from leading companies and weighed concerns about inflation and the spread of Covid-19 in China.” 

The Epoch Times reported, “Food shortages and skyrocketing food prices now appear inevitable. The global food price index hit its highest recorded level in March 2022, rising 12.6% in a single month. On average, food prices were one-third higher than in March 2021. In the U.S., food prices rose 9% in 2021, and are predicted to rise another 4.5% to 5% in the next 12 months.” 

Home prices continue to rise, but home sales are starting to drop.  The Washington Examiner wrote, The average price of existing U.S. homes hit a record $375,300 in March even as rising mortgage rates caused home sales to fall for the second month in a row.  Median housing prices are up a whopping 15% from last March, marking 121 consecutive months of year-over-year increases in the red-hot housing market, according to data released on Wednesday by the National Association of Realtors. While housing prices are at the highest they have been since the NAR began tracking the metric more than two decades ago, housing purchases declined 2.7% from February to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.77 million in March, and year-over-year sales fell 4.5%.”

Stocks Fall as Dow Drops More Than 800 Points (4.26.22) WSJ

Why Food Prices Are Expected to Skyrocket (4.18.22)

Housing Prices Hit Record As Sales Slow (4.20.22)

Biden Admin Renews Environmental Rules Rolled Back by Trump (4.18.22)

US Resumes Oil, Gas Drilling on Federal Lands, With Increased Oil Royalty Rate (4.16.22)

VAERS Data Analysis Shows Numerous Health Problems Due to Vaccines & The Blatant Problems with Our Education Structure (4.8.22)

India to Buy Russian Oil at Discount Amid Ukraine War (3.16.22)

New York Set to Ban Natural Gas in New Buildings (4.4.22)

Shutting Canadian Pipeline Would Cost US Consumers $23.7 Billion More in Fuel Costs (3.26.22) 

Former Blackrock Portfolio Manager on Pfizer & FDA Fraud, Financial Collapse Imminent (2.16.22)

US Gas Prices Hit $4 per Gallon for First Time Since 2008 (3.6.22)

Shutting Canadian Pipeline Would Cost US Consumers $23.7 Billion More in Fuel Costs (3.26.22)

Political Unrest

This will be short and sweet as the greatest area of political unrest was already discussed; however, the Russia Ukraine situation is not the only political unrest in the world.  China is still the greatest problem internationally; in addition to China’s severe treatment of its citizens, and its draconian lockdowns and policies, they are bullying and coercing other nations as well.  The UN and current US Administration continue their attempts to impose radical, baseless climate agendas on the world, increasing regulations and taxes on individuals, driving up the cost of business and destroying jobs. 

Inside China’s Draconian Lockdowns & Tuidang, the Underground Movement That’s Disintegrating China’s Communist Party From Within (4.19.22)

Wuhan Lab Allowed to Destroy Secret Files Under Its Partnership with US National Lab, Agreement Shows (4.20.22)

US Ends Normal Trade Relations with Russia, Bans Russian Oil Imports (4.8.22)

UN Calls for Substantial Reduction in Fossil Fuels to Limit Climate Change (4.4.22)

CCP is Terminally Ill China’s Domestic Troubles Could Trigger Leadership Coup (2.9.22)

Biden admin invents Securities and Environment Commission out of thin air to force climate agenda on US businesses (3.28.22)

China’s Economic Coercion of Australia a ‘Wake-Up Call’ to World (1.21.22)

Q-4 2021 World Economic & Political Update (1.21.21)

The era of procrastination, of half-measures, of soothing and baffling expedients, of delays, is coming to its close. In its place we are entering a period of consequences.”  – Winston Churchill

2021 was a year of fear-mongering, confusion, extreme polarization, international conflicts, threats, misinformation, lies from government officials, CEOs, and corporations, and mass censorship by Big Tech and mainstream media.  It was filled with corporate activism; attempts to increase government control and limit freedoms, massive world demonstrations against C-19 restrictions, supply chain interruptions, rapid inflation, radical market swings, and market manipulation.  The first three weeks of January have continued in this vein with the Dow losing 2,093 points (-6%), the NASDAQ losing 2,876 (17%), and other world markets experiencing similar volatility.  Cryptocurrencies, which had a great 2021, have also taken a dive in the last week.   

The propaganda and agendas of 2021 have left many asking what’s real and what’s not. Supposedly there is a worldwide supply chain problem – but is there?  Most red states don’t seem to be having that problem and their economies have returned to pre-pandemic levels, while New York & California are a mess.  Corporate insiders sold stock at record levels – why?   International Banking Officials gathered to partake in a global economic collapse simulation similar to the Agenda 21 Covid pandemic simulations in fall of 2019 – why?  We keep hearing about a “Great Reset.” Klaus Shwab, unelected head of the World Economic Forum, wrote a book about this Great Reset, explaining that by 2030, no one will own anything and they will be happy about it.  People should think very carefully about what that means and how it could become a reality.  We enter 2022 with far more questions than answers, but one thing seems clear, the volatility and uncertainty are increasing not diminishing.

Nasdaq, S&P 500 Suffer Worst Week Since Pandemic Onset (1.21.22) WSJ

International Banking Officials Simulate Global Economic Collapse (1.10.22)

Bitcoin Price Falls Below $37,000 in Tandem With Tech Selloff (1.21.22) WSJ

There’s One Way to Stop The Great Reset & These States Have Already Begun (1.19.22)

The Great Reset Joe Biden & the Rise of 21st-Century Fascism (1.19.22)

The Great Reset is Placing the World Under Control of Invisible Bureaucrats (1.14.22)

Stocks End 2021 on a Down Note, But Close Within View of Record Highs (12.31.21) Yahoo Finance

Corporate Insiders Sold Record Level of Stock in 2021 (12.6.21)

Texas, Arizona Have Recovered All the Jobs Lost When Covid-19 Hit (1.18.22) WSJ

Red States Dominate Index of Fiscal, Regulatory & Personal Freedoms, While Blue States Are the Least Free (12.4.21)

Samsung Picks Texas City for $17 Billion Semiconductor Factory, to Create 2,000+ Jobs (11.25.21)

15 Republican Governors Launch ‘Operation Open Road’ to Fix Supply Chain Snarl (11.23.21)

All the Ways You’re Being Surveilled Due to C-19 (11.13.21)

Go Woke, Go Broke Americans Don’t Care For Corporate Activism (12.20.21) NYP

No Country for White Men as State Street Pushes Diversity (11.7.21) NYT

Central Banking & Banks

Central banks printed more money in 2020 and 2021 than any other two-year time period in history, causing inflation to rise to 20-30 year highs, with no end in sight.  The Federal Reserve expects to raise interest rates at least 3 times in 2022 and other nations are planning hikes as well.  2021 saw China’s largest bank, Evergrande, tottering on the brink of failure, which would not only create problems for China, but send ripple effects across the banking world.  The Blaze reported, “investors are warning that the possible collapse of a major Chinese real estate development company named Evergrande could trigger a liquidity crisis similar to the one that occurred in late 2008, leading to a multi-year global recession.”  Some major banks are also adding new social-political requirements to loan criteria related to climate control, racism, gender, etc.  Bloomberg reported, “Banks and asset managers representing 40% of the world’s financial assets have now pledged to meet the goals set out in the Paris climate agreement, as an alliance championed by former central banker Mark Carney swells under the gaze of a world increasingly alarmed by planetary warming.  More than 450 firms representing $130 trillion of assets now belong to the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero.” This is another example of corporate activism pushing their social-political worldview and agenda on their customers through economic corrosion.

Canada Inflation Reaches 30-Year High, Placing Spotlight on Central Bank (1.19.22) WSJ

Fed Speeds Up Tapering, Projecting 3 Rate Hikes in 2022 (12.15.21)

All-Knowing, All-Powerful Central Bank Throws in the Towel (11.2.21) SMC

Major Chinese real estate developer Evergrande totters on the brink; investors fear collapse, which could trigger another major financial liquidity crisis (12.23.21) The Blaze

Carney Unveils $130 Trillion in Climate Finance Commitments (11.2.21) Bloomberg$130%20Trillion%20in%20Climate%20Finance%20Commitments


Coinbase reported, In 2021, crypto officially entered the mainstream as Bitcoin and Ethereum (and many more) hit new all-time highs. Along the way, the acronym “NFT” rocketed from obscurity to Collins Dictionary’s Word of the Year, El Salvador became the first country to recognize Bitcoin as legal tender, and Elon Musk took his Dogecoin cheerleading from Twitter to Saturday Night Live — just months after Tesla added $1.5 billion worth of BTC to its balance sheet. This week, we’re taking a look back at the numbers that tell the story of crypto’s biggest, busiest year ever.  $3 trillion is the total value of the cryptocurrency market during November’s all-time high. At the time, Bitcoin’s price approached $69,000 and Ethereum came close to $4,900. This week, the market hovers closer to $2.2 trillion, but crypto remains one of the best-performing asset classes of 2021.  

Microsoft (Bill Gates being the major shareholder) is working on making cryptocurrency an internal cognitive bodily function by the insertion of various enhancements directly into the user’s body.  Bitcoin News reported, “Microsoft has patented a cryptocurrency mining system that leverages human activities, including brain waves and body heat, when performing online tasks such as using search engines, chatbots, and reading ads. “A user can solve the computationally difficult problem unconsciously,” the patent reads.” 

The Blockbuster Numbers Behind Crypto’s Record-Breaking Year (12.23.21) CoinBase

Microsoft Patents New Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data (10. .21)


Globally, nations are taking on debt, printing money, and acting like there is a limitless supply and no repercussions for their actions. The IMF has great concerns about the debt positions of many nations.  Yahoo News reported, “The IMF urged advanced economies in the G20 to extend and improve their debt relief initiative, warning that many countries face a dire crisis without the help.  “We may see economic collapse in some countries unless G20 creditors agree to accelerate debt restructurings and suspend debt service while the restructurings are being negotiated,” IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva said in a blog, adding that it is critical private creditors also offer relief. 

CBO estimates the “Build Back Better” bill would add $3 Trillion to the deficit, fortunately, it’s going nowhere in the Senate.  The Biden Administration raised Social Security payments 5.9% but raised Medicare premiums to help pay for it.  Inflation is increasing at alarming rates and making it harder for people to make ends meet.  Another great concern is that the Federal Reserve’s raising of interest rates will also raise the interest rate on the US $28 Trillion national debt.   

Glen Beck interviewed Carol Roth, a former investment banker and author of ‘The War on Small Businesses.  She told Glenn “the current driver of today’s skyrocketing inflation is monetary and fiscal policies from the last two years. Those in the power seat are treating the economy as if it has an on/off switch, and they failed to prepare for massive disruptions to the labor force and supply chain systems from the C-19 pandemic, she says. And, to make matters worse, the Federal Reserve printed and pumped trillions of dollars into our economy. So, what’s next? Roth predicts how inflation will continue to affect Americans, and she urges listeners to do the opposite of what far-left politicians hope you’ll do: ‘You need to take that playbook and flip it on its head — whatever they don’t want you to do, you need to do it…’”  

Simon Black laid out a great explanation of what’s going on with inflation and its effect on economies, currencies, and markets.   “In last week’s podcast — the first podcast episode we’ve published in a few years — Viktorija and I discussed how central banks engineer inflation… and why inflation is probably here to stay.  In this week’s episode, we dove even deeper into the topic to discuss a different type of inflation: ASSET price inflation.  Remember that inflation rises whenever the amount of money in an economy increases relative to the amount of services and products available to purchase.  And that even includes assets.  There are only 500 companies in the S&P 500, which essentially means there’s a fixed number of assets available for investors to purchase.  So whenever the central bank prints trillions of dollars, much of that money finds its way into the stock market, bidding up the stock prices of S&P 500 companies.  The bizarre part is that this increase in stock prices doesn’t mean that a company has become more successful.”

Economy Expert on What’s Coming Next & how to Prevent a Collapse (1.14.22) The Blaze

CBO Estimates Build Back Better Bill With No Sunsets Would Add $3 Trillion to Deficit (12.14.21)

IMF Warns of Economic Collapse Unless G20 Extends Debt Relief (12.2.21) Yahoo News

Why the Make America Worse Bill Will Lead to Higher Inflation (11.23.21) SMC

Biden Administration Hikes Medicare Premiums, Blames Drug Costs & Pandemic (11.13. 21)

4,000+ Years Later And They Still Haven’t Figured It Out (11.8.21) SMC

A Deep Dive Into What’s Really Driving Inflation (2021) Ep-1

Asset Price Inflation (2021) Episode 2

World Markets

 WSJ reported, “U.S. stocks gave up early gains and turned lower, extending a recent stretch of losses that have pulled major indexes down to start the year.  The technology-heavy Nasdaq Composite shed 166.64 points, or 1.1%, to 14340.26. It finished the day 10.7% below its all-time closing high, set in November. A decline of greater than 10% is considered a correction for a stock index.  The S&P 500 fell 44.35 points, or 1%, to 4532.76. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 339.82 points, or 1%, to 35028.65.”  

The UK’s inflation rate has risen to 7.1%; Germany is experiencing rapid inflation, trading issues with China, and supply chain issues.  The WSJ wrote, “The softness in Germany, which represents close to one-third of the eurozone’s output, is weighing on the continent’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. It contrasts with muscular growth in the U.S. at the end of last year, according to estimates by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.” 

Labor challenges were one of the greatest impediments to employers in 2021 for a myriad of reasons including C-19 restrictions, increased government assistance and, largely, mandatory vaccination or mask and testing requirements. Glen Beck interviewed Andrew Crapuchettes who left the tech world to help people find jobs who have been fired due to refusing the jab.  He now helps freedom-loving Americans find employers that won’t discriminate based on social-political beliefs or vaccination status through, which is a job board website that connects employers who value freedom with employees who value it too.  “Conservatives no longer must fear losing a job based on their political beliefs,” he says, “it’s an opportunity to just be unapologetic about who you are and what you believe.” 

Another problem retail stores have had to deal with, especially in CA, is stealing and looting, which has caused many retailers to close stores.  This is partially a result of Soros-funded prosecuting attorneys who refuse to prosecute shoplifters, so now organized gangs are entering stores and taking everything they can carry.  The Epoch Times reported, “A growing number of U.S. retailers are ringing alarm bells on organized looting that is gripping many major urban markets across the country.  Best Buy reported decent third-quarter earnings (pdf), topping market estimates. The consumer electronics retail giant found more Americans upgraded their home technologies and kitchen appliances. But the company warned some of the challenges it faces moving forward, including “organized retail crime.” 

Nasdaq Falls More Than 1%, Entering Correction Territory (1.19.22) WSJ

Stocks Fall as Bond Yields Hit Two-Year High (1.18.22) WSJ

German Slowdown Sends Global Warning Signs on Supply Chains, China (1.14.22) WSJ

US Inflation at Nearly Four-Decade High: Here’s What is Getting Most Expensive (12.12.22)

UK Inflation Soars to 30-Year High as Food Prices Surge (1.19.22)

Historic Number of Workers Quit Jobs to Become Their Own Bosses Amid C-19 Pandemic (12.1.21)

Some Common Sense Advice From Two Billionaires (12.13.21) SMC

This CEO Left the Tech World to Help Conservatives Find Jobs (11.26.21)

Retailers Under Pressure as ‘Organized Looting’ Eats Into Profits (11.25.21)

The Mother of All Supply Shocks Lurks in China’s Covid Crackdowns (1.12.22)

Empty Grocery Shelves Return as Sick Employees, Supply Chain Delays Collide (1.9.22)

G20 Leaders Endorse Global Minimum Corporate Tax (10.30.21)

Political Unrest

Political unrest, both within nations, as well as in between them was rampant in 2021.  People all over the world demonstrated in groups of thousands and hundreds of thousands against C-19 restrictions and mandatory jabs of experimental drugs.  China wants to take over Taiwan, Russia will likely take over Ukraine, Korea continues to test guided missiles, Iran has just sent its first Satellite up in space, it is unclear whether Sudan and Ethiopian governments will survive, and Cuba just signed agreements with China.

Russia, China& Iran Hold Joint Naval Exercises (1.21.22)

Russian Military Buildup Triggers European Defense Anxieties (1.19.22) WSJ

Sudan Protesters Begin Strike as Conflict With Generals Worsens (1.18.22) WSJ

Ethiopian Government Repels Rebels, Pledges Peace Talks (1.12.22) WSJ

Cuba Signs Belt & Road Agreement With China (12.31.21)

Iran Launches Rocket Into Space, Claims it was Carrying Research Devices  (12.31.21)

China Warns US Will Face Unbearable Price on Taiwan 12.30.21)

China, Russia Condemn U.S. Military Moves Near Borders, Deepen ‘Unbreakable’ Cooperation (11.23.21)

Chinese Lies Deception & Criminal Actions

China has many agendas and is actively intimidating the rest of the world with no one to challenge them.  The US total failure in Afghanistan and inept handling of international affairs have emboldened China.  China continues to be mistrusted by the world and even their allies don’t trust them.  They have been fighting with India along the Himalayan border for all of 2021.  They are clearly attempting to take over major ports of the world and are expanding their military bases.  Everything that China does, especially the spying and information gathering of their technology companies, is used militarily.  AI is a perfect example of this. 

The Epoch Times reported, “The U.S. government recently accused China of developing “brain-control weaponry,” a type of technology that raises major ethical issues when adopted by a totalitarian, genocidal, and territorially aggressive regime.  The U.S. accusation, reported by the Financial Times, was part of the export blacklisting of China’s Academy of Military Medical Sciences, along with 11 affiliated biotechnology research institutes, for allegedly assisting the Chinese military in development of the weapons.  The Academy has reportedly researched “brain-machine interface” or “brain-computer interface” technologies, known as BCI, including through implantation of electrodes into the brains of live monkeys like macaques.” 

Although China attempts to hide any internal strife, it has major internal social-political and economic problems with the likely impending failure of their largest bank, which it is uncertain if they can bail out.  Their constant financial handouts, which operate as economic corrosion to whoever receives them, are draining their resources.  Politically, there are many in the CCP that do not agree with Xi or his dictatorial rule.  Epoch times reported, “China’s ruling party head Xi Jinping recently stressed the importance of “internal Party regulations” to maintain the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) absolute control over the country. Analysts believe that this indicates that the internal struggle in the CCP has intensified after the 19th plenary session of the 6th Central Committee.  Lu Tianming, a political commentator based outside of China, told The Epoch Times that these words are Xi Jinping’s attempt to sound the alarm to his political opponents.  “These gang rules will be imposed to punish opponents,” said Lu, adding that the Party’s internal struggle has become more intense after the sixth plenum, the CCP is seriously divided, and the regime is in chaos.  According to Lu, many public comments call the internal Party regulations “gang rule” since the CCP is regarded as “a gangster” since it always deems itself as being greater than the country and it places its internal discipline ahead of state law.

China’s Economic Coercion of Australia a ‘Wake-Up Call’ to World (1.21.22)

China Unveils AI News Anchor That’s Almost Indistinguishable From a Real Human (1.13.22)

China Expands Port & Military Base Network to Boost Commerce, Clout

China Weaponizing Americans Personal Data (1.12.22)

Nimble Chinese Satellite Grabs Hi-Res Images Of US City In Seconds (12.28.21)

Xi Jinping’s Emphasis on the Party’s Gang Rules Underscored CCP Escalated Infighting (12.25.21)

Microsoft Seizes 42 Websites Used by China-Based Hacking Group to Carry out Cyberattacks on US Organizations (12.7.21)

China Uses Mockups of US Ships as Target Practice (11.8.21) Reuters

China’s 200 ‘Well-Off Society Villages’ on Its Disputed Border With India Mean Border Domination (11.28.21)

Other Articles of Interest

Corporations seek to rebuild bridges with GOP objectors ahead of midterms (1.5.22)

Buttigieg Asks AT&T, Verizon to Delay 5G Over Aviation Concerns (12.31.21) Bloomberg

CEOs From Major US Airlines Warn 5G Technology Could Ground Planes (1.18.22)

This is a Leading Indicator of a Civilization in Decline (11.30.21) SMC

Can Building a Second Internet For Free Speech Be Done (11.26.21)

Plot of Digital Land in the Metaverse Sells For Record $2.43 Million (11.25.21)

Q-3 World Economic & Political Update 

To quote a Steppenwolf song from the 1960s and the Matrix movie, in keeping with the rest of 2021, the third quarter has been a magic carpet ride into the blue-pill dimension.  Decisions are not being made based on national or international economies, markets or historical trends; everything is being played out according to political agendas.  Discerning what’s real and what’s not is extremely difficult because everything is based on perception, not reality.  The son of JP Morgan, Pierpont Morgan, said over a hundred years ago, “A man has two reasons for doing anything: a good reason and the real reason.”  That sums up what’s going on today. If only Paul Harvey was alive to give us “the rest of the story.”  In the last week of October Southwest Airlines CEO expressed some of this frustration when he told Fox News, it “makes no sense” to fire employees for not being vaccinated and he’s not going to do it. 

The current blue-pill administration in DC has managed in less than 10 months, to spend more money than any other administration in the history of our nation, which has created the sharpest rise in inflation in 40 years.  They have increased regulations and are proposing additional regulatory increases making it more costly to do business and making America less competitive internationally.  They have taken us from energy independence to being dependent on other nations for our power.  They have made extremely poor military decisions in Afghanistan, casting doubt on American resolve and credibility internationally.  They have passed, and are attempting to pass, a $3.5 Trillion budget and spending proposals which economically and mathematically have no connection to reality.  And they have completely ignored rule of law and the US Constitution all along the way.  Fortunately, their programs and legislation have been so radical that, in the 50 to 50 divided US Senate, they can’t even get their own members to pass them.

Makes No Sense Southwest Airlines Says It Won’t Fire Workers Who Don’t Get C-19  Vaccine (10.24.21)

Yellen Backs Down on IRS Snooping on Americans Bank Accounts (10.19.21)

Democrats Reach Agreement to Raise $600 Cap for Biden’s Proposal on IRS Reporting, Surveillance (9.28.21)

Biden’s $600 IRS Taxpayer Reporting Proposal ‘Massive Invasion of Financial Privacy’ Bank Association Exec (10.9.21)

Social Security Announces Largest Benefits Increase Since 1982 (10.13.21)

Budget bill would fine companies up to $700,000 for not complying with Biden’s vaccine mandate (10.1.21)

Dems Hide Draconian Vaccine Fines In Massive Spending Package (9.30.21)

Central Banks & Banks

 As in the previous two quarters, central banks are continuing to keep interest rates artificially low and printing money to keep their nation’s economies afloat.  “[The] U.S. dollar’s status as global reserve currency at risk, amid CCP-backed IMF plan to boost global liquidity by funneling $650 billion to governments and pharmaceutical interests.  A controversial plan to boost global liquidity means the days of the U.S. dollar being the undisputed king of the international monetary system may be coming to a close,” experts told The Epoch Times.

They went on to say, “The Biden administration-backed International Monetary Fund (IMF) proposal to issue an unprecedented $650 billion U.S. dollars’ worth of new “Special Drawing Rights” (SDRs) this year alone will also help re-shape the international financial system.  That is more than twice the total amount of SDRs created by the IMF throughout its entire history.  The SDR is a sort of proto-global currency, based on a basket of leading currencies, dubbed an “international reserve asset” by the IMF. Each government receives an amount of SDRs proportional to its stake in the international organization. 

Central Banks and the world banking system are facing some other serious challenges, such as fraud and illegal manipulation by their managing directors, resulting in resignations and investigations as well as the likely default of Evergrande, one of China’s largest banks.  The Federal Reserve came up with its own blue-pill initiatives when they announced changes to their $500B loan program, added climate change as a factor in issuing bank loans, and said they would stop publishing GDP forecasts, most likely to hide the economic downturn they see coming.  Yahoo News reported, “A new White House report released Friday morning says climate change poses “systemic risks” to the U.S. financial system, and presents a “roadmap” to building a “climate-resilient” economy.  Top aides emphasized that framing to promote wide-ranging moves that will weave climate risk into many agencies’ new policies and regulations.

In other words, climate change will now be a factor in loaning money to businesses, so even if a business has a great history of business performance and loan repayment, they could be denied a loan if they don’t comply with certain climate change standards or initiatives.  

Evergrande’s $2.6 bln unit stake sale fails as Chinese officials seek to calm nerves (10.20.21) Reuters

Evergrande Risks Are Controllable, China’s Central Bank Says Amid Growing Fears (10.15.21)

White House Vows to Treat Climate Change as Systemic Financial Risk (10.15.21) Yahoo News

Economic Tailspin This May be Why The Fed Stopped Publishing GDP Reports (9.14.21) Glenn Beck

Federal Reserve Changes its $500 Billion Loan Program for Banks Explained (9.7.21) Glenn Beck  

Concerns Surround IMF Plan to Flood World With Liquidity (7.13.21)

World Bank Leaders, Including Now-IMF Chief, Pressured Staff to Boost China’s Ranking in Report, Investigation Finds (9.17.21) ,

2 Top Fed Officials Step Down After Backlash Over Trades (9.27 21)

Get Ready for the Left’s Climate-Change Emergency Lockdowns (9.12.21)


Cryptocurrency is growing in global appeal and use, as it officially became legal tender in El Salvador, Bhutan and Nigeria, but was outlawed in China, even though they have no ability to halt peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange.  WSJ reported that Janet Yellen had concerns about stablecoins being a source of liquidity the Fed can’t control. “Stablecoins, digital currencies pegged to national currencies like the U.S. dollar, are increasingly seen as a potential risk not just to crypto markets, but to the capital markets as well.  Stablecoins are a key source of liquidity for cryptocurrency exchanges, their largest users, which need to process trades 24 hours a day. In the derivatives and decentralized finance markets, stablecoins are used by traders and speculators as collateral, and many contracts pay out in stablecoins.”

Bitcoin Climbs Back Above $63,000 (10.25.21)

Nigeria to Launch Digital Currency Monday to Enhance Payments (10.23.21)

Bitcoin Launch Sparks Wave of Crypto Speculation in El Salvador (10.4.21)

Bhutan’s Crypto Ngultrum Launch Gets the Blockchain Right (9.28.21)

China Declares Cryptocurrency Transactions Illegal; Bitcoin Price Falls (9.24.21)

Risks of Crypto Stablecoins Attract Attention of Yellen, Fed and SEC  (7.17.21) WSJ


As the world sinks deeper and deeper into debt, the question is: how much deeper can we go before we hit bottom and the world revisits the global liquidity crisis of 2008, or worse?  The US House and Senate’s perennial answer to not enough revenue is to raise the US debt ceiling.  Raising the debt ceiling, like increasing the credit limit on your credit card, doesn’t solve the problem; it makes it worse and could cause them to default on their debt.  Signs of an impending crisis are beginning to show as we are experiencing inflation, a 67% surge in foreclosures on Covid bailouts, and reports of Social Security & Medicare insolvency.  The Blaze reported, “JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon revealed Tuesday the multinational investment bank is preparing for the “potentially catastrophic” event that the United States defaults on its debt.  The eyebrow-raising comments were made as Democrats seek to pass a $3.5 trillion spending bill, which they claim “costs zero dollars.” Unfortunately, the Congressional Budget Office has not yet scored the bill, but some analyses indicate the bill, if it becomes law, could add more than $4 trillion to the national debt.  Dimon told Reuters that JPMorgan Chase is preparing for how to conduct business if the U.S. defaults on its credit, a possibility that would cripple the U.S. economy.”

Senate Leaders Announce Short-Term Deal to Raise Debt Ceiling (10.7.21)

Foreclosures are Surging now that Covid Mortgage Bailouts are Ending, but They’re Still at Low Levels (10.14.21)

JPMorgan Chase CEO warns his bank is preparing for ‘potentially catastrophic’ US credit default (9.28.21) The Blaze

Officials Agree Social Security, Medicare Are in Deep Trouble, but Solutions Mean Tough Choices (9.2.21)

Accounting Critic Says Biggest Problem Facing Social Security, Medicare Is Trillions in Unfunded Debts (9.2.21)

World Economy

The Epoch Times reported: “The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has slashed its growth forecast for the United States by one full percentage point, blaming supply chain disruptions and weaker consumption, while warning of growing economic risks to the world economy.  In its most recent World Economic Outlook, released on Oct. 12, the IMF cut the growth forecast for the United States from 7.0 percent in July—a level that would have been the strongest pace since 1984—down to 6.0 percent. At the same time, the IMF raised the U.S. growth forecast for 2022 by 0.3 of a percentage point to 5.2 percent.  The sharp downgrade was blamed on large inventory drawdowns in the second quarter, partly driven by supply chain chaos, as well as softening consumption in the third quarter.  U.S. growth could shrink further, the IMF said, because its forecasts assume that a deeply divided Congress will approve President Joe Biden’s proposed infrastructure and social spending package worth around $4 trillion over a decade.”

In other world news, the NY Times reported that “More than 130 countries agreed to set a minimum tax rate of 15% as governments look to end a race to the bottom on corporate taxation.  The low tax countries were threatened that if they did not join the new accord, their access to dollar and euro payments systems could be cut off.”  That said, each of those countries will have to get their legislatures and parliaments to ratify the agreement, which will be quite the feat. 

The world is experiencing supply chain problems, supposedly because it lacks containers, workers to unload them, and products to be shipped.  In a free economy, these should not be insurmountable problems, somebody starts making more containers, increasing the wages for people to load and unload them, and manufacturing what is in short supply.  This is what America has done for over 200 years, until the last election.  The answer to the clogged ports was offered by Gov. DeSantis, who invited the ships to come to Florida, “We’ve got capacity, and all of our ports can offer these businesses good incentives if they reroute their ships,” he said during an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. “We’ve already had some ships rerouted. We expect to have more, but if you’re going to sit off the coast for days on end, you might as well just bring it to Florida. We’ve got great logistics on the ground that can get it to market.

The Epoch Times reported, “Consumer prices rose by more than expected in September as food and energy costs surged, new government data show.  According to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data, the annual inflation rate climbed to a 13-year high of 5.4 percent in September, coming in higher than the median estimate of 5.3 percent.”  Food, gas, utility rates and other products are increasing in price, as many currencies are decreasing in value, due to the massive quantitative easing  C-19 handouts, restrictions and mandatory vaccination requirements, are also needlessly driving up the cost of living and creating employee shortages, which in turn create production shortages.  You would think the most pro-abortion administration in history, would be able to connect the “my body, my choice” mantra to something else other than abortions.

DeSantis Offers Florida Ports to Alleviate Supply Chain Pinch (10.23.21)

One of World’s Largest Port Operators Warns Global Supply Chain ‘Crisis’ Will Last Longer Than


Record Number of Container Ships Waiting Off Ports of Long Beach (10.19.21)

Vaccine Mandate Threatens Major Trucking Disruption, Industry Insiders Say (10.25.21)

IMF Cuts US Growth Forecast Due to Supply Chain Chaos, Weaker Spending (10.12.21)

Global Deal to End Tax Havens Moves Ahead as Nations Back 15% Rate (10.8.21) NYT

American Household Heating Bills Are Expected to Spike This Winter Says Federal Agency (10.14.21)

US Consumer Prices Surge Higher Than Expected, Hit 13-Year High (10.13.21)

Food Prices Hit Highest Level in a Decade (10.12.21)

US Gas Prices Rise to New 7-Year-High With No Drop in Sight (10.11.21)

Three Bizarre Reasons Why Inflation Is Here To Stay (10.11.21) SMC

NYC Restaurateurs Business Down 40 to 60 Percent Due to Vaccine Mandate (10.1.21)

World Bank Warns of Tragic Reversals in Developing Countries Due to C-19 (10.11.21)

World Economic Forum Publishes Shocking Great Reset Strategy (9.15.21)

Great Reset Leaders Admit Your Way of Life Doesn’t Matter (9.15.21) GB

The Unholy Alliance of Big Government, Big Business & Woke Dogma (9.14.21)


China is the biggest problem-nation in the world today.  Not a day goes by that China isn’t being chastised by another nation or people inside their nation.  China rejects every accusation and never takes responsibility for anything it says or does, normally shifting the blame to the group or nation accusing them.  No one trusts them and most fear them, but since Trump left the White House in January, few dare to openly challenge them.  China bullies and threatens the world while trying to appear invincible, but they are not.  China has massive internal problems.  They have widespread shortages of everything, their largest bank is about to default and their economy is faltering.  The Epoch Times reported, ‘The Chinese economy is on the path of a sharp slowdown in the coming years as Beijing wrestles with the Evergrande debt crisis, an economic analyst warned, adding that the coming slump should serve as an awakening to the other parts of the globe.”  In spite of brutal tactics and human rights violations against their people, Chinese citizens are starting to push back against this dictatorial, totalitarian regime.  You can only push people so hard before living under such a regime becomes worse than death.  At which point they have nothing to lose and that regime begins to lose control.  More and more Chinese people are moving in this direction, and there are far more of them than there are soldiers. 

Evergrande: The End of China’s Economic Growth (10.25.21)

Inside China’s Evergrande Crisis, the Buildup Against Taiwan, and the Inner Workings of China’s Financial System (10.24.21)

China’s Top Planner May Intervene in Market to Tackle Irrational Coal Price Increases (10.20.21)

Evergrande Crisis Portends a ‘Dramatically’ Slowing Chinese Economy, Economist Says (10.19.21)

China to US Freight Cost Soared Tenfold Due to Container Shortage (10.4.21)

Evergrande Risks Are Controllable, China’s Central Bank Says Amid Growing Fears (10.15.21)

Workers Who Maintain Supply Chains Warn of Worldwide System Collapse (9.29.21)

Evergrande Crisis Escalates as Protests Break Out in China (9.13.21) Bloomberg News

What is Behind China’s Power Crunch (9.2.21)

Is China Heading Towards Economic Collapse (9.17.21) The Blaze–gD4K4&t=802s

Political Unrest

In light of China’s actions, central bank decisions, covid-19 related mandates and restrictions, political and social unrest is rampant throughout the world.  The WSJ reported, “European Union leaders urged Brussels to act cautiously in an escalating fight with Poland’s nationalist government over its judiciary as the bloc’s heads of government gathered Thursday for a summit.  The latest fight centers on a ruling by Poland’s constitutional tribunal two weeks ago that EU treaty law has become incompatible with Polish law—an unprecedented ruling from a national court. The ruling was delivered in response to a legal question posed by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.”

The EU continues to pressure all the sovereign nations of Europe to conform to its mold, hence its warning to Brussels to tread carefully.  Like many nations in Europe, US and Australia are extremely divided within their federal governments and among their states.  International relations and agreements are also causing divisions and shifting alliances.  France recalled their ambassadors from the U.S. because they were left out of an agreement between the US, Australia, Canada and the UK.  The one unifying factor seems to be standing together against China because no one wants to stand alone.  China’s open aggression, spying and infiltration are happening everywhere and many nations realize that if they don’t stand together against China, they are vulnerable.  China is demanding that Taiwan become part of China under its rule, and made many provocative moves in that direction, so much so that the US, Canada, the UK and Australia have sent military assistance to Taiwan for the first since the 1970s.

European Leaders Urge Caution in EU Clash With Poland (10.20.21) WSJ

Warfares Doctrine Underpins CCP’s Sprawling Campaign to Infiltrate the West (9.28.21)

China’s Escalating Military Pressure on Taiwan Poses Challenge to Democracies Everywhere Say Experts (

Taiwan Calls on Beijing to Abandon Its Provocations After Xi Vows ‘Reunification (10.9.21)

China’s Xi Inspects Secret Space Base, Asks the Military to Prepare for War (9.24.21)

Beijing Responsible for Largest Transnational Crackdown in the World to Muzzle Diaspora, Report Finds (9.26.21)