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States v Federal Government is Another Civil War Brewing (6.4.21) Fulton Sheen

In the 1860s the US became divided based on race, slavery and white supremacy. France and England were actively influencing the narrative, hoping that what they couldn’t accomplish by a war could be accomplished by America destroying itself from within, after which they were posed to easily take over what remained. In the 2020s the same narrative and game plan is again attempting to divide America and just like 160 years ago the real goals and objectives are only being whispered. A growing number of states are resisting the narrative and a new civil war is brewing which may not evolve into a shooting war, but refusal to follow federal mandates and secession could happen just like it did before.

REFERENCES (States v Federal Govt)

Big Tech

Location Off Should Mean Location Off Google Hit With Lawsuit Over Data Collection Schemes (5.31.21)

DeSantis Signs Bill to Stop Big Tech Censorship of Floridians (5.24.21)

Six announcements from Google I/O (5.18.21)

Texas Senate Passes Bill That Would Block Social Media Companies From Banning Users for Their Political Views (4.1.21)

Texas Senate Passes Bill That Would Block Social Media Companies From Banning Users for Their Political Views (4.1.21)

Poland Stands Up To Big Tech With Huge Fines–We Could Too (2.27.21)

Twitter to Use Strike System to Take Down What They Consider Covid-19 Vaccine Misinformation (3.3.21)

Governor Big Fines Coming Against Big Tech Censorship (2.4.21) Facts Matter (Excellent)  

Antifa, BLM & Anarchy

Texas Gov. Abbott Signs Bills to Prevent Defunding the Police and Increase Penalties for Interfering With Police  (6.2.21)

Black Lives Matter St. Paul Founder Says He Resigned After Learning the Ugly Truth (5.31.21)

Refunding the Police Major Cities Backtrack on Police Budget Cuts After Crime Surges (5.25.21)

BLM Founder’s Video From 10 Years Ago Reveals Her Fondness of Mao’s Red Book (5.1.21)

Albuquerque police take defiant stand after leadership disciplines officer There is no morale (4.19.21)

LA County Sheriff Blames Defund the Police, Progressive Policies for Murder, Violent Crime Wave (4.18.21)

Florida Lawmakers Approve Anti-Riot Combating Public Disorder Bill (4.16.21)

Maryland Becomes 1st State to Repeal Police Bill of Rights (4.11.21)

Climate Control

Biden Sued by 12 States Over Climate Executive Order (3.8.21)

Louisiana Leads 10-State Lawsuit Against Biden’s Climate Order (4.23.21)


1,000 Lawyers & 10,000 Doctors File Lawsuit For Violations of Nuremberg Code (5.24.21)

Oklahoma Legislature Passes Bill Banning Mask Mandate, COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements in Schools (5.27.21)

Texas Records Zero COVID-19 Deaths for 1st Time Since March 2020 (5.1.21)

DeSantis Said Florida Won’t Cave to Pressure to Remove Ban on Vaccine Passports (5.17.21)

Missouri Governor Ends Federal Pandemic Unemployment Boost (5.12.21)

South Dakota’s Noem Bans Vaccine Passports (4.21.21)

Gov. DeSantis Says CCP Should Be Held Accountable for Abetting Pandemic (4.21.21)

House Lawmakers Call on South Carolina Governor to Ban Vaccine Passports (4.5.21)

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Bans Covid-19 Vaccine Passports Don’t Tread on Our Personal Freedoms (4.6.21)

Republican Lawmakers in Kansas Revoke Mask Mandate (4.2.21)

Virus Tolls Similar Despite Governors’ Contrasting Actions (3.13.21)

Multiple Governors Announce Significant Rollbacks of CCP Virus Restrictions (3.7.21)

Texas Governor Ends Statewide Mask Mandate, Allows All Businesses to Fully Reopen (3.2.21)

The New Covid Resistance (12.9.20) WSJ

2nd Amendment

Biden on the Second Amendment, No Amendment is Absolute (4.7.21) Fox News

Biden Targets Guns, States Push Back  (4.10.21) IFA

States Lead on Life, Race & Guns This Week (5.1.21) IFA

22 States Join Lawsuit Urging Federal Court to Rule Against California’s Large-Capacity Gun Magazine Ban (4.4.21)

Arizona Governor Signs Bill to Defy Any New Federal Gun Control Laws (4.7.21)

AZ Ducey Signs Second Amendment Sanctuary Bill (4.7.21)

Iowa Governor Signs Bill Into Law Letting Residents Buy, Carry Guns Without Permits (4.3.21)

South Dakota Governor Signs Bills to Protect Gun Rights (3.26.21)

Arkansas State Senate Passes Bill Banning Enforcement of Federal Gun Control Laws (3.2.21)

Iowa House Passes Bill to Let Residents Buy, Carry Guns Without Permits (3.18.21)

Election Reform

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Hopeful for Audit After Touring Arizona Election Review (6.3.21)

Wisconsin Lawmakers Advance Bill to Stop Election Workers From Fixing Mistakes on Ballots (6.2.21)

Democrats Label Voter ID Laws Evil & Racist But Ignore The Fact That 46 of 47 European Democracies Have Them (6.2.21)

Texas Senate Passes Major GOP-Backed Election Reform Bill (5.30.21)

Arizona Senate Considering Expansion of Maricopa County 2020 Election Audit (5.30.21)

Pennsylvania County Votes to Investigate Voting Machines Over Errors (5.28.21)

Wisconsin Nov. 3 Election Will Be Investigated by Retired Officers (5.27.21)

Arizona’s Top Elections Official Tells Maricopa County to Get New Election Machines (5.21.21)

Georgia Judge Decides to Unseal Absentee Ballots in Fulton County for Review (5.21.21)

New Hampshire Auditors Find Problem Scan Counted 28 Percent of Test Ballots for GOP Candidates (5.24.21)

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey Signs Law Banning Curbside Voting (5.27.21)

Michigan Judge Dismisses Antrim County Election Case (5.18.21)

Thank God H.R.1 is Dying in the Senate (5.20.21)

Wisconsin Authorizes Audit of 2020 Election (5.12.21)

Texas House Passes GOP-Backed Election Integrity Bill (5.7.21)

Tennessee Legislature Passes Bill Requiring Watermarks on Absentee Ballots (4.30.21)

Florida Passes New Elections Bill Adding Restrictions to Vote-by-Mail and Ballot Drop Boxes (4.30.21)

Montana Governor Signs 2 Election Integrity Bills; Democrats Sue, Claiming ‘Voter Suppression (4.22.21)

Major Corporations Coordinate to Fight GA-Type Election Laws–You Won’t Believe Why (4.13.21)

Raffensperger Refers 3 Counties for Investigation Over Ballot Drop Box Forms (4.9.21)

Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules State Shouldn’t Purge Thousands of Voters Who May Have Moved From Rolls (4.9.21)

Pennsylvania Forced to Remove 21,000 Dead People Off Its Voter Rolls (4.8.21)

Forensic Results in 9 Michigan Counties Found 66,104 Unregistered Ballots Secretary of State Stalls (4.11.21)

Executives From More Than 30 MI Companies Come Out Against Republicans Proposed Voting Changes (4.13.21)

CEO meeting Proves the Great Reset is Upon Us (4.14.21) The Blaze

Arizona Governor Signs Bill Banning Private Donations for Election Processes (4.12.21)

Antrim County the Thread That Unravels 2020 Election Theft (4.9.21) By Patrick Colbeck

It’s Long Past Time For Conservatives To Boycott Corporations That Hate Them (4.6.21)

Arizona Senate Hires 4 Firms to Audit 2.1 Million Ballots From 2020 Election (4.1.21)

Texas State Senate Passes Election Integrity Bill Targeting Mail-in Ballots (4.1.21)

Georgia Governor Signs Into Law Sweeping Election Reform Bill, Including Voter ID for Absentee Ballots (3.26.21)

State Election Integrity Bills Rapidly Developing Across The Nation (3.19.21) IFA

Twenty-Eight States Changed Voting Rules to Boost Mail-In Ballots (3.10.21)

Indiana AG Says HR 1 Makes Opportunities for Voter Fraud the Law of the Land (3.6.21)

20 State AGs Denounce Democrats’ HR 1 as Unconstitutional (3.2.21)


Ron DeSantis Tells NCAA, Woke Corporations Where They Can Shove Their Threats Over Transgender Sports Law (6.2.21)

Record Number Of State Bills Protecting Children From Transgender Laws (5.22.21)

Tennessee Governor Signs Bathroom Bill Protecting Access to Biological Sex (5.17.21)

States Lead on Life, Race & Guns This Week (5.1.21) IFA

Mandatory Masks and Vaccines Break the Nuremberg Code (4.28.21)

Leigh Dundas Moving Speech at the Tulsa Conference

Alabama Enacts Law Banning Transgender Athletes From Public School Sports (4.25.21)

Arkansas Becomes First State to Ban Gender Reassignment Surgeries in Children (4.6.21)

GOP States Expand School Choice as Lockdowns Boost Alternatives (4.5.21)

Tennessee Gov Signs Bill Banning Transgender Biological Males From Women’s Sports (3.27.21)

Judge Sides With Biden, Rules That Christian College Must Open Women’s Bedrooms And Showers To Biological Males​ (5.21.21)


Greg Abbott Toughens Texas Border Crossing Penalties They Came to the Wrong State (6.4.21)

Texas Counties Start Charging Illegal Aliens With Child Endangerment, Trespass (6.1.21)

SC Governor Blocks Biden Administration From Bringing Unaccompanied Children From Border (4.12.21)

Texas AG More Lawsuits Coming to Biden Administration Over Border Crisis (4.28.21)

Texas Counties Declare Disaster Over Border Crisis (4.27.21)

Texas Ranchers Dealing With Armed Smugglers on Land (4.15.21)

Texas State Representative Introduces Bill to Finish Border Wall Construction (3.7.21)


Black Lives Matter St. Paul Founder Says He Resigned After Learning the Ugly Truth (5.31.21)

States Banning Critical Race Theory in Government Add Up (5.27.21)

Tennessee Governor Signs Law Banning Critical Race Theory in Public Schools (5.26.21)

Texas Senate Passes Bill That Bans Critical Race Theory From Classrooms (5.22.21)

Judge Blocks Biden Administration From Doling Out Grants Based on Race, Gender (5.19.21)

Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Banning Critical Race Theory in Public Schools (5.8.21)

Candid Conversations On Racism And Justice–Don’t Miss This (5.6.21)

Farmers Sue Biden Administration Over Racist Covid Relief Plan (5.7.21)

Tennessee Legislature Bans Critical Race Theory in Public Schools (5.6.21)

BLM Founder’s Video From 10 Years Ago Reveals Her Fondness of Mao’s Red Book (5.1.21)

Segregation Survivor How to Counter BLM’s Race Lies  Bob Woodson Ep 106 (5.1.21)

Oklahoma House Votes to Ban Teaching of Critical Race Theory in Public Schools (4.30.21)

States Lead on Life, Race & Guns This Week (5.1.21) IFA

Idaho Stands Up To Radical Ideologies (4.10.21)  Idaho Freedom Foundation

South Carolina Considers Bill to Require Colleges and Universities to Teach America’s Founding Documents (4.6.21)

Republican States Push Back Against Critical Race Theory (3.31.21)

States Are Standing Up To Critical Race Theory (3.27.21) IFA

Critical Race Theory What It Is and How to Fight It (March 2021)–vX50nlUKZTjnIWDYTGCVCW16oyI40

Red v Blue State Economies

Taxpayers Fleeing California Take $8.8 Billion In Gross Income to Other States (6.4.21)

Red States Lead the Charge In Lowest Unemployment Rates (5.22.21)

Number of States Dropping Federal Jobless Boost Rises to 22 (5.20.21)

GOP Governors Slash Unemployment Benefits as Businesses Plead for Workers (5.9.21)

Red State Governors Speak Out (5.4.21)

US Census Hands More House Seats to Republican Strongholds Texas, Florida (4.26.21)

Red States Lead the Way in Economic Recovery and Employment (3.27.21)


Oregon Counties Vote to Secede Into Idaho (5.19.21)

Why Texans Want to Leave the Union (2.5.21) Interview with Daniel Miller – Crossroads

Texas Republicans Endorse Legislation to Allow Vote on Secession From US (2.5.21)


It’s Long Past Time For Conservatives To Boycott Corporations That Hate Them (4.6.21)

Biden Admin Halts Houston Highway Expansion, Citing Racial Injustice (4.6.21)

Biden Moves to Revive Obama Plan to Federalize Suburban Zoning Regulations (4.12.21)

DeSantis People Moving to Florida ‘Overwhelmingly’ Registering as Republicans, Including Democrats (5.27.21)

Losing Texas Candidate Issues Warning 2022 Could Be Major Setback for Democrats (5.4.21)