Currency Movement, Oil Price Free-Fall Effect, Inflation/Deflation & ECB QE

I don’t agree with everyone’s predictions, but the discussions of what’s taking place from a variety of opinions and viewpoints is very engaging and there is A LOT taking place.  Most of these are 1-2 pages or  2-3 minute videos.

The articles address very volatile currency movement, the effect of the free-fall in oil prices, inflation/deflation and ECB QE taking place in the last week.

The Commodity Markets Collapsing Beyond Oil (1-13-15) Bloomberg Video

Venezuela’s Credit Rating Cut to Caa3 by Moody’s (1-13-15) Bloomberg Video

Banks Oil Exposure Concerns Rise as Prices Tumble (1-13-15) Bloomberg Videos

World’s Best Forecaster Targets Euro for Dollar Parity (1-13-15) Bloomberg Video

U.K. Inflation Rate Drops to Lowest in Almost 15 Years (1-13-15) By Jennifer Ryan & Tom Beardsworth

Draghi Faces Legal Test on Bond Buys as ECB Readies QE Plan (1-13-15) By Stephanie Bodoni

Treasury Yields Rise from 2013 Low Before $21 Billion Auction (1-13-15) By Susanne Walker

Dollar Slips on Wages as Oil Drops; Chinese Stocks Drop (1-12-15) Fresh News U.K.- Bloomberg

ECB Weighs Bond Purchases Up to 500 Billion Euros to Juice Economy (1-10-15)  By Jana Randow

Venezuelans Throng Grocery Stores Under Military Protection (1-9-15) By Andrew Rosati & Noris Soto

Gross Says Wage Growth Isn’t Great Enough to Sustain U.S. Expansion (1-9-15) By Liz Capo McCormick |

Why the Fed Worry About Others (1-9-15) Mohamid El-Erian

World’s Best Forecaster Targets Euro-Dollar Parity Currencies (1-9-15) By Lucy Meakin

Things Are Going to Get Worse in Europe Eichengreen (1-8-15) Bloomberg Video

Pound to Gain Versus Euro on Rates Outlook: BNP Paribas (1-8-15) Bloomberg Video

The BRICs Will Be Cut to the ICs if Brazil & Russia Don’t Shape Up, Warns Phrasemaker O’Neill (1-8-15) By Bloomberg News|

Euro Drop a Turning Point for Central Bank Reserves (1-7-15) By Lananh Nguyen

HSBC Sees Destructive Potential Behind Strong Dollar (1-7-15) Bloomberg Video

Bill Gross Says Good Times Over as Markets Set to Fall (1-6-15) Bloomberg Video

Bill Gross Calls It 2015 Is Going to Be Terrible (1-6-15) By Ben Steverman

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