Currency Wars, Fluctuations & Volatility Begin Again

On Tuesday the PBOC (China’s central bank) devalued their currency by almost 2%, and it has fallen almost 6% over the last three days.  This is having a rippling effect across world markets and many believe this will reignite the world currency wars, which is when a nation’s central bank purposely devalues their currencies to make their exports more affordable and attractive.  The following articles and interviews (most are 2-3 mins) will provide you with insight into the effects of these changes in world markets and economies.  Especially listen to the first interview and the head of Merrill Lynch Currency Research.

China’s Yuan Move It’s Just the Beginning (8-11-15) Bloomberg Video
Has China’s Yuan Move Put Global Rate Hikes on Hold? (8-11-15) Bloomberg Video
China Rattles Markets With Yuan Devaluation (8-10-15)
Second Day as Yuan Tumbles With Stocks (8-11-15)
Yuan Drops for Third Day After PBOC Reference Rate Declines 1.1% (8-12-15)
Yuan Tumble Tests China’s Free-Market Resolve as PBOC Intervenes (8-11-15)
Reignite Asian Currency Wars (8-11-15)
Currency Rout Goes Global as Jen Sees Risk of 50% Loss on China (8-11-15)

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