Latest Election Update (11.28.20)

Evidence, sworn testimony and concrete proof of US election compromise, manipulation, corruption and massive fraud have continued to mount. There is no way a senile Biden, who could never attract more than a small crowd (which was blamed on Covid and used as an excuse to keep him out of the public eye) could beat Donald Trump who attracted crowds of 25,000 to 50,000 everywhere he went.  There is little to no chance that Trump lost ground from 2016, as he has accomplished so much and his popularity grew overall, especially among minorities.  There is no chance that votes coming in the middle of the night in many battleground states were all of the sudden 85-100% for Biden.  There is no chance that various increases in the number of registered voters could outpace the increase in population in various states.  None of these things are statistically possible and have never happened before.   Major news networks and social media called the election for Biden, even though they have no authority to do so, and Google, Twitter and Facebook are censoring information that disputes their results.

Votes are still being counted and fraud is still being unveiled, and even though some states have certified their votes, no official decision will be final until the state legislators finish their investigations and hearings, and appoint the electors who will cast the electoral votes for their state on Dec 14.

On Nov 8th, Attorney General Barr issued a memo to US District Attorneys across the nation to investigate potential voter fraud.  Hundreds of certified poll watchers and election workers have signed sworn affidavits under oath and are testifying in court proceedings and state legislative hearings, to seeing many forms of corruption and being denied the ability to observe ballots being counted.  Pennsylvania’s legislative hearings were so compelling that the Pennsylvania legislature has begun the process of taking back its constitutional authority from the Secretary of State to both certify and appoint electors to cast electoral votes.

Simply recounting votes does not fix the problem, as they would simply be recounting the same fraudulent ballots again.  Thus, the only real answer for any state in which the results are in contention is a revote, not a recount.

Numerous suits have been filed by the Trump campaign, individual citizens, groups and organizations, but most have been or will be dismissed by Democratic controlled states and courts. To be clear, there was never an expectation that those suits would be won, however, suits must proceed through state courts, before they can appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Here are the official dates that have bearing on the election:

  • Dec 8: Electoral vote casters are appointed by state legislators
  • Dec 14: Electors cast their states electoral votes
  • Jan 5: Congress approves the electoral votes cast
  • Jan 15: If no decision has been made, the election is decided in the U.S. legislature with each state legislature casting one vote per state
  • Jan 21: The President is inaugurated

Where Do Things Stand?

  • Recounts, revotes and state legislative investigations & hearings are occurring
  • Multiple suits in multiple states have been filed by multiple parties, but the court process has to run its course in each state before decisions can be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court
  • There is a host of potential state legislature and court rulings, any one of which could change the election outcome
  • The Supreme Court, in just four disputed states of GA, MI, PA & WI, could rule to reject all votes after 8:00 PM, or reject mail-in ballots after 8:00 PM; in either case making Trump the winner.
  • If no decision is reached by Jan 15, it goes to the U.S. Legislature, where each state legislature gets one vote; Republican’s control 31 state legislatures and Democrats control 19, so again Trump wins
  • If Dominion Voting machines are found to have been tampered with hacked or exposed to foreign influence, this could not only void the election in the contested states and/or voting districts but could potentially void the entire election.
  • If it’s found that Dominion voting machines were compromised, it would then bring into question other elections in the past, including elections in other nations across the world that used the Dominion System.

The world is about to experience massive change, and those in control will determine how and what those changes will be.  These things will happen rapidly and the world will never be the same.  We all need to pay attention, watch and be as prepared and ready as we can be.


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