G-20 Summit & 2.5 Hour Meeting with Putin (7.10.17)

Contrary to most media reports, the G-20 Summit on Friday and Saturday was a great success.  Previous to the meeting most US media posted articles expressing fear that Trump would be taken advantage of by Putin, but the results and an EU body language expert point to an opposite conclusion.  Trump doesn’t get intimidated by anyone, especially the media.  Apparently, the G-20 Summit participants were intimidated by Trump, as he was able to change the G-20 member positons:

  • Trump persuaded them to ‘agree to disagree’ on climate issues and soften the trade language associated with it
  • He also helped protect the US steel industry from illegal and unfair trade practices of various nations, like China dumping steel and under cutting the rest of the world

His scheduled 30 minute meeting with Putin lasted 2.5 hours, and apparently the press has no idea what they talked about or you would be hearing about it.  The one thing we do know is that Trump and Putin in two hours did what the rest of the world hasn’t been able to do in two years, which was to establish a Syrian cease fire.  I have no doubt that much more will come from that 2.5 hour meeting.


In my July 1, 2017 Economic Update I wrote:

“The US House and Senate are focused on Russian conspiracies and alleged collisions, they can’t seem to get anything done and Russia and the rest of the world are laughing, not at Trump, but at Washington.  At the same time, whether deserved or undeserved, most of the western world is demonizing Putin and the last thing anybody wants is for Trump and Putin to meet face to face.  Although they don’t agree on everything, they both are disrupters and are not part of the global leader good old boy club.  The other G-20 leaders are very afraid of what could happen if two of the most powerful nations and leaders got together and started resisting their agenda. July 7-8, the G-20 nations will gather in Hamburg Germany and Trump and Putin will finally meet face to face, just like Obama & Bush did.  This certainly will be the most significant meeting in the G-20 gathering.”

It looks like that’s exactly what happened.


Body Language Expert Shows Who Dominated the Putin Trump Meeting (7.7.17) TheBlaze


Jobs, Climate and Steel Highlight Trump’s Effect on the G-20 (7-8-17) Bloomberg


G-20 Leaders Find Trade Compromises but Are Split on Climate (7-8-17) WSJ


Trump, Putin Spar on Hacks, Act on Syria (7-8-17) WSJ


G-20 Forges Trade Compromise as US Tariff Threat Lingers (7-8-17) Bloomberg


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