US House & Senate Make Grave Mistake – US Will Suffer for their Foolishness

The House and Senate have foolishly and purposely made it almost impossible for the US to have any credibility in the eyes of the rest of the world. By passing new Russian sanctions with a veto proof majority, they have at least at the moment, completely eliminated any chance for the US and Russia to be able to work together to stop North Korea and China, and have severely damaged Trump’s ability to be commander-in-chief. They have ignored the century long strategy of balancing of the super powers, which has always been to side with Russia against China or China against Russia, but never allow Russia and China against the US. We have already begun to enter a trade war against China which is going to get very nasty, not to mention our differences with them in the South China Sea. I didn’t think it possible for any US House and Senate to be worse than during the Obama years, but I was wrong. I have never seen a more foolish, inept, ineffective and damaging House and Senate than the one we have today. Their conduct and actions over the last seven months have made the US the laughing stock of the world.

Russia warned that if the US passed sanctions and did not stop all this foolishness there would be consequences and unlike the US, these are not empty threats. They have now expelled 700-1000 US diplomats and seized US compounds and I guarantee you this is only the beginning. Russia is devastatingly better at intelligence gathering, espionage, negotiation and military strategy than the US. This move may very well go down as one of the worst mistakes the US House and Senate have ever made and hopefully will not lead to even greater consequences. The damage is not irreparable, however the whole politically motivated, meaningless and baseless Russian collusion investigation needs to cease, or the US will continue to descend into greater dysfunction and irrelevance at home and abroad.

Russia to Cut 755 U.S. Diplomats, Staff Amid New Sanctions (7-30-17) WSJ
Vladimir Putin Expels More Than 700 U.S. Diplomats From Russia, Seizes U.S. Compounds (7-30-17)
China Parades New Missile in Warning to Rivals Abroad and at Home (7-30-17) WSJ
Russia and China Hold First Joint Naval Exercises in Baltic Sea (7-25-17) Bloomberg
Russian Scientists Design Stormtrooper Uniform for Military (7-1-17) Blaze
Is Putin the Preeminent Statesman of Our Times (3-31-17) American Conservative – Patrick Buchanan

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